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The Episode starts with Dhara says everything is fine. She shows the bat gifted by Mihir, it feels good when husband encourages you. Lavanya says you are a lucky woman, I m going Muscat, do you want anything except dates. Dhara says something for Deepak. Lavanya says its sold here too. Dhara says where, tell me, I will get it. Lavanya says I will get it, you concentrate on cricket. She leaves.

Dhara takes Vaishaili to the chair and makes her sit. Vaishaili has foot sprain, and Dhara relieves her. Vaishaili thanks Dhara and asks how do you do all this. Dhara tells Kulkarni its all okay. Kulkarni asks her to come. Dhara says I will just come. She says I learnt this while playing cricket. Vaishaili thanks her. Kulkarni tells Roy that Dhara bats well, like Kavita. Roy asks who is Kavita. Kulkarni says

Kavita, poem, which gives peace to mind. Roy says just like Kavita ends soon, Dhara’s batting will end too, don’t get habitual.

Intern asks Mihir about Dhara. Mihir scolds him and says you feel I share my personal things with you, why, are you my friend, reason is simple, you are my subordinate, my work is to make you do my work, your work is to do my work, your imp work is to lie to my wife, whenever I say, don’t waste time, lets talk about work now. He says new boss is coming, I want all info about his likes and working style. He asks him to work till 11 pm or late, smile now, don’t have these expressions.

Kulkarni and Roy talk about Dhara, woman’s cricket has many phases, just enjoy her game for some time, don’t have hope from her cricket, she is playing by tackling problems. Kulkarni says we should do something, she is great cricketer, we should explain her husband. Roy says he is the problem, he is a big player, he manipulates, he brings Dhara and picks her, inturn he is asking Dhara’s lifetime slavery, this is his trap, Dhara does not know she is trapped, Mihir is clever and Dhara is very innocent. Kulkarni says it means we can’t do anything. Roy says we can do, but we can’t ask Dhara to see Mihir’s lies and leave him. Kulkarni says maybe this girl can take women’s cricket higher. Roy says you know, she said she is just playing for her hobby, I will try, I got her from village and I will see what I can do, I don’t think I can do something more, its her fight, she has to decide, if she fights, we are with her, else she will go, we will just miss her playing then, what can we think, it not in our hands, I trust Lord, he will find some way out. Kulkarni says yes, her talent should not get waste.

Its night, Dhara tells Mihir that mummy says working silently increases stress. Mihir says hmm, did you mum not say that you should not disturb anyone working. Dhara asks him to talk. He says new boss is coming, I have to work hard. She says mummy ji called and said you did not talk to her since 3 days. He says I will talk. She says she was asking about me, I did not say anything. He says don’t say. She asks how long will I lie, it does not look good, everyone knows at my home, your family does not know anything, I m lying so much, after marriage, both families are one. He says you know why we lied, stop talking nonsense, don’t waste my time. She says I don’t like lying. He says either lie or leave cricket, let me work.

Dhara calls Saroj and says I feel I m cheating mummy ji, if I get selected, I have to tell her everything. Saroj says yes, if you say truth now, what will happen. Dhara says maybe I have to leave cricket. Saroj asks her to sleep, sleep is best medicine, we will talk tomorrow. Dhara ends call. Baa asks what happened, its not good to hide from inlaws. Saroj says but Mihir knows everything and supporting everything. Baa says yes, but mum in law and dad in law should know everything, don’t know how did Roy got Dhara’s number, I think Deepak gave number. Saroj says I gave number Baa. Baa says great, you did not hide this big thing from me, but this is serious, its good Dhara knows what she is doing, its big thing that her inner soul is not agreeing, I think Dhara should tell her inlaws.

Dhara gets a call and talks to Deepak. He says Saroj told me everything, don’t think much, Mihir is with you. Dhara goes out of room to talk. Mihir gets up and tries to hear her conversation. Deepak asks her to focus on husband and cricket. She says fine, I m getting sleep, will talk later. She ends call and goes back to room. Mihir acts like sleeping. She switches off lights and rests. Mihir thinks she slept and checks her phone. Dhara sees this and switches on lights. She asks what are you doing, checking my phone, it means you doubt on me. He says are you mad, I m boring man and checking beautiful wife’s phone is not called doubt, but lots of love. He turns to sleep and she smiles. She sleeps. He opens eyes…

Dhara says I spoke to mummy ji and said I play cricket. He says I asked you not to say. She says I got to know why you refused me, mummy ji told me you don’t like me playing cricket.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tamanna serial is getting intresting day by day.I like dhara character and her confidence in playing cricket.

    1. Same for me.

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