Tamanna 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara, Deepak and Baa waking up Saroj and wishing her happy birthday. Saroj gets glad. Deepak takes Saroj out and says Dhara said we should not go home till 12. They later come home. Dhara asks Saroj to sit and have food made by her. Dhara asks her fav dish. Saroj says I like everything. Dhara insists. Saroj tells the three things she does not like, and mentions. Dhara gets shocked and runs. Baa says Dhara made all this, as I told her that you liked these things when Dhara was in your womb. Saroj says I used to has strange choice that time and used to eat those dishes, I will talk to Dhara. She tells Dhara that she loves these three things, she was fooling her, Deepak told this surprise on the way. Dhara runs to beat Deepak.

A man comes and wishes Saroj happy birthday.

Deepak makes him have sweets. The man shows the tickets for Saroj and Deepak. They get surprised. Dhara says you both will go alone, Baa and I won’t come. Saroj and Deepak get glad. Later, Deepak and Dhara make a poster. He tells her about sportsman spirit, to make opposition lose and appreciate the victory if opposition wins. He explains her that sportsman spirit should always be there. He says I will play a song, wait. She smiles. He dances as well on the song Papa kehte hai………. Dhara and Deepak dance a lot. They sit down.

Deepak says even I have a dream, that one day I cut your photo from newspaper and paste in scrap book, but just dreaming is not enough, you need to practice a lot. She says we will practice. They start practicing. He asks her to keep foot right and balance ahead, don’t cross the bat, play now. She hits on the opposite wickets. He asks her to play well, else she will be run out. She plays well. He says good shot. He plays cricket commentary audio, to get that cricket stadium feel.

Grown up Tamanna is shown, playing cricket in the ground and getting victory for her team. Deepak cuts Dhara’s photo from newspaper and pastes it in scrapbook. He is over excited and tells Saroj about Dhara’s achievements, she made our name shine, she is in headlines, I will eat lots of sheera. Saroj says I m making sheera. He asks her to see the photo. She says Baa has gone to temple, to show Dhara’s photo to Lord, calm down, you are getting breathless. Dhara tells someone about Dhara’s photo, she has hit century, she is in under 19 team, she has gone to another city alone, I was worried thinking she will be nervous, she will be coming next week, she has another match, she is diamond, she plays cricket well and cooks good. He coughs and holds his chest. Saroj asks what happened to you. He falls down. She shouts Baa, and cries asking him to open eyes. Baa comes home and drops the aarti plate in shock. She runs to Deepak.

Saroj and Baa rush Deepak to hospital. Saroj cries and asks Baa will Deepak get fine. Baa says yes, calm down. Dhara tries calling home and says its first time they are not receiving my call, this can’t happen. She gets worried. She calls Pitti to go her home and make anyone talk to her. Pitti runs and asks her not to worry. Doctor tells Baa and Saroj that Deepak’s lungs had water, so operation is needed, I told this before to Deepak, don’t worry, sign on papers and give at reception. Saroj says I did not know this Baa. They get worried. The ward boy asks them to sign consent form.

Dhara asks Saroj to make her talk to Deepak, else she will leave the match. She comes home and worries seeing so many people leaving. She shouts Papa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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