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The Episode starts with Dhara and Deepak praying at temple. He says I asked that you win as the coach and your team gets selected. They leave from temple. Dhara asks him to take Shubhangi. She says Shubhangi runs seeing toys. Deepak says I will buy new toys for her. Dhara says no need, she has many toys at home, I don’t earn much to give her luxurious toys. Deepak asks why are you thinking this, my everything is yours. She says Shubhangi will ask me things, can I give her, I can’t, I will not like it if I fail to give her anything. Deepak says you have grown up. They go home. Dhara says I m making halwa which Baa taught me. Deepak laughs and says I remember the first time you made it. Mridula comes and gives the parcel. Dhara and Deepak see the parcel from Mihir. They open the box and see it.


gets a note inside. Shubhangi says it’s a train. Dhara says yes. Deepak says he told me he will send parcel, what does he want to do doing this. Dhara says don’t worry. Mridula takes Shubhangi with her. Deepak says I thought he is just saying, if he does anything, I will not leave her, he sent court notice that we don’t let him meet Shubhangi, when he has permission from court. Dhara says let him meet. Deepak says I don’t want him to meet Shubhangi. Dhara says I know my daughter, she knows right and wrong, she will not go for any greed, he can’t take Shubhangi, he will not come every week. Deepak says if he comes really. She says then we will know how low can he fall.

Shubhangi plays with the train. She goes to the old man. He says tell your mummy that I got new cotton and will fill mattress in one or two days. He goes. Shubhangi goes out. Sanjay brings her home and tells Dhara that Shubhangi was alone on road, manage her. Dhara scolds Shubhangi. Mridula says its not her mistake, I was busy in kitchen work. Dhara gets angry. Shubhangi cries. Deepak asks whats the need to scold so much. Dhara explains calmly and says I will take you out if you say. Deepak consoles Shubhangi and tells about Baa. Dhara says its no use to thank Sanjay, and gives him fees. Deepak asks what are you doing Dhara. Sanjay says I decide for what work I have to take money, keep money and your daughter too. He leaves. Dhara tells Deepak that Sanjay takes money for everything, he is rude. Deepak says he is not like he is seen. Dhara says leave it, and takes Shubhangi.

Dhara practices cricket. Deepak throws the ball. She asks him to play, and not bore her. He asks Shubhangi to play. They hear some sound. Shubhangi plays music. Dhara says Shubhangi is interested in tabla. Deepak asks is it? then we will teach her tabla, I will meet Chaurasia. Dhara says he is strange. Deepak says I m strange too, come Shubhangi, we will meet the musician uncle. They leave.

Deepak takes Shubhangi there. He introduces himself and sees the students playing tabla. Chaurasia goes out and talks to him. He asks how can I serve you. Deepak says Shubhangi gets glad hearing tabla music, she starts playing too. Chaurasia says its good. Deepak asks will you teach her tabla. Chaurasia looks at him and says no. Deepak asks why. Chaurasia says she can’t learn, she is a girl. Deepak says yes, she is a girl, but tabla is played by hand, guy or girl, Lord gave them hands. Chaurasia says but they gave different powers to girls. Deepak says as far as I know, women power drives the country, maybe you did not hear Jhansi Ki Rani story. He argues with Chaurasia.

Deepak says I have taught cricket to Dhara, I will teach Shubhangi tabla, she will learn, if you don’t teach her. He asks Shubhangi to come and takes her. Chaurasia looks on. later, Deepak and Sameer have a talk. Dhara says Shubhangi slept. She tells Sameer that she loves Deepak a lot, she has learnt cricket from him. Sameer says I also learnt cricket from my dad. Deepak asks about the burnt bat under the pic. Dhara says yes, I wanted to ask too, whose bat is this. Sameer recalls the fire incident. He cries.

Dhara asks Deepak who will coach her if he goes. Deepak says your hope and courage will coach you.

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Really nice episodes… I loved it to watch the spirit of Dhara and it was a great inspiring to all the women of these generation

  3. Yes I like dhara because she is really very headstrong. These people have rightly shown the orthodox of the society that still believes that women are weak but can’t see that women are the building blocks of the society.

  4. yes I totally agree with u Priyanka, becoz there are still some person who believe and think that women can’t do the great jobs like men…at some point but I believe that the guy or girl can do anything in these world nothing is impossible if we have ability, skill and talent so I just wanna only want to say guyz that whether a girl or boy- should give complete freedom to take decision and to live openly like a free bird and boys and girls must have to consider equal- equal , and one nice line is behind any successful person therz always a women

  5. Great speech mitraja hats off to you.

  6. Thank you priyanka

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