Tamanna 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara getting glad seeing so many people supporting her. Sharma tells Mihir that Dhara’s lawyer Prakash is a drunkard, he will help us, don’t worry. Dhara wishes all the best to Mihir. The judge comes. The case hearing starts. Sharma tells Mihir that I know this judge, his presence is beneficial for us. Mihir says I don’t care, I just have to win. Judge tells Prakash to fight case well, as he has come out of his unconsciousness after a long time. He asks Sharma to present the case.

Sharma tells about Mihir not able to see Shubhangi live in such state, he has given the best things to Shubhangi, he has given a good environment, which is not possible here when she is staying with her mother Dhara, the girl is not getting any comforts as Dhara is not able to do her duties,

we have proof to present here. He shows the pics Mihir has taken. He says this proof shows that Dhara is not able to do her duty, Shubhangi is sent to low class girl, there are no facilities, Dhara is fulfilling her dreams there and ruining Shubhangi’s dreams.

He says Dhara is a careless mother, the proof is neighbors and locality people are taking care of Shubhangi. This is the fear which scares Mihir, that his daughter is not secure here, you know there are many riots happening here, Bulandgunj is the city of riots, Bulandgunj is not safe than Mumbai, so Mihir is worried for his daughter, when he came to see Shubhangi, he thought to take Shubhangi to Mumbai, as Dhara and this city is not good for Shubhangi.

Prakash says we will present something of Dhara’s past, she has great talent, which her parents have realized in her, Dhara is recognized by everyone, she got married by obeying her family’s wish, Mihir promised her that he will let her play cricket and not let her dreams break. He says when Mihir has become bad, what can Dhara go, she had no way, Dhara did not lose or break, when Mihir raised questions on her character, then she exposed her husband’s false face, Dhara has done this. Sharma says Prakash is saying old things and its not needed in this case. Sharma asks Prakash to say anything against the evidence they presented.

Prakash says the evidence is right, but the way its seen is wrong. He says its true Dhara leaves Shubhangi alone at home for two hours, but the neighbors are more than family, Dhara made it possible that two community people have got together, this won’t be wrong in court and society’s eyes. Sharma says Shubhangi was lost, its wrong, the people fight and create riots, how can Shubhangi be safe with them, its open and shut case. Prakash gets tensed. Judge asks do you have to say anything. Prakash says yes, you will take decision in sometime, maybe Dhara and Shubhangi will get way, I want you to listen to Dhara once, she has been cheated by her husband, she has bear a lot to get her daughter. Judge says fine….

Dhara says we all heard Sharma, and Prakash answered on many matters, I have to say something about this case, it seems this case is not of girl’s custody, it seems the case is between two cities, Mumbai versus Bulandgunj, Mihir and Sharma are saying Bulandgunj is not suitable for Shubhangi’s upbringing, Mihir wants to say he can give good upbringing and security to her in Mumbai, I want to ask does kids want love or big house, does a mother staying in small hut not love equal to a mother staying in big house, you also declare that Bulandgunj is not suitable for any kid’s upbringing, and everyone should take their kids away from here.

Dhara says people make the city safe, every kid is safe with mother always…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. crazy fan of tamanna

    dhara answered very nicely..this mihir is so cheap…he is playing with his daughter’s future just to trouble dhara…

  2. Why so short update ? :/

  3. Absolutely correct , such a cheap man mihir sukhadiya, who always find the way to trouble Dhara and to win the case mihir is trapping a small girl shubhangi , anyway but I love all the cast member of the show very well played character in the serial and a very nice concept of these show , Hatts of for Dhara and also (Ek salute to Banta He )for Tamanna show -because they are showing a practical experience to all girls/women that dreams Has no limit we can do anything in life and showing How to face challenges in life or any situation so these one is the best serial among all those in star plus channel and also giving an example of Dhara that Her Dreams don’t die and showing women aspiration to becoming a cricketer, so guyz one small message to everybody especially for girls- ” Life is a journey @nd if you fall in love with the journey , you will be in love forever, and the Happiest people don’t necessarily Have the best of everything , they just make the best out of everything that comes there way, so love u Dhara for ur courage and crazy to achieve the dreams so I Love the Dhara journey in meerut and rocking people in Bulundganj and sanjay too as well as Roy sir , cutiieepie shubhangi

  4. Yes exactly. It’s far better than idiotic saas bahu serials. It gives me a lot of happiness dat even these kinds of serials exists in today’s world. Else I have just seen serials wid multiple marriages,divorces,Birth,rebirths, ghosts, black magic etc…hahahaha. tamanna rocks.

  5. Thamanna rocksss dhara rockssss

  6. tamanna rocks , it does not show stupid things like other serials , wonderful serial .dhara also fits for the role

  7. Good news for Tammanah fans show gets an extension for a month

  8. Dhara has expressed her point of view very precisely. Go get a life mihir

  9. Woww dhara rocked. She must have been a good advocate too.?

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