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The Episode starts with Bhai ji telling Sanjay that you can win the elections, but the future won’t be present, the present is this chair and power are mine. Sanjay says very soon present will past, then you can’t do anything, if I call party high command, you will get the call, you will get trapped, its your decision, future or present, you will understand both sides of the coins are against you, your failure and my victory are definite. Bhai ji says fine, lets do a deal, I will leave Dhara and school ground, and go away, you go away from elections, tell me now. Sanjay gets shocked. Salamat nods to Sanjay.

Sanjay agrees to Bhai ji and says but that ground should get vacated right away. Bhai ji calls his men and asks them to vacate the ground. He asks Sanjay are you happy now, its your turn,

if you turn away from your words, you know what Bhai ji does with his enemies, go and ask Gaffur. Sanjay and Salamat get angry. Sanjay says I never go against my words, if you do anything wrong, remember Lord can’t come between us. Sanjay and Salamat leave. Salamat tells Sanjay that I don’t believe Bhai ji. Sanjay says I will not leave him if he does anything.

Dhara calls him and he does not answer call. Salamat says you stood in elections and now backed off all for Dhara, why can’t you tell your feelings to her. Sanjay says I m afraid to lose whats there right now, I m happy, maybe I can’t manage more than this. Dhara calls again. Salamat asks Sanjay to answer. Sanjay answers call. She asks why did you not answer call before. He says I was driving bike. She says I was scared, what happened there, you met Bhai ji. Sanjay says I will tell you later, its nothing imp. Salamat asks Sanjay why did you not tell Dhara about the deal. Sanjay says this is not right time, I will tell later.

Its morning, Dhara asks Mridula about Sameer. Mridula says he is not at home. Dhara says I m going to see Chaurasia in hospital, if Sameer wants to come along, so I asked. Mridula says he is coming home late every night, he is not giving answers, how can he be busy every day, I think he got someone else, he has an affair. Dhara laughs. Mridula says I m tensed and you are laughing. Dhara says you joked, how can Sameer have an affair, impossible, I guarantee about him, you are safe, when children come, we become parents, responsibilities increase, expenses increase too, I m sure he would be working hard and doing a good father’s duty, don’t think wrong.

Mridula thanks her and says I feel light hearted now. Sanjay comes and meets Dhara. Dhara says he is second busy guy in Bulandgunj. She asks him about his meeting with Bhai ji. He says it was good. She asks did anything else not happen. He says I m not standing in elections. Dhara and Mridula ask why. Dhara says you can’t do this, you have to fight elections, did Bhai ji threaten you, did you get scared. Sanjay says its no use to talk about this now, I took my name back.

Dhara asks what will you answer everyone, who believe you will get peace in the city, this is cheating with their belief, what is Bhai ji giving you in return. He says this tournament is imp, its your and kids’ dream, you got the ground. She says yes, ground….. you mean ground, we did not had to pay this big price to get ground, we appealed in high court, you got trapped in Bhai ji’s plan. He says no, if he does anything else…. She says enough, you just know to beat and bloodshed, you use your mind sometimes. He says you mean I m a fool. She says you lost entire city for a ground. Sanjay gets angry and leaves on his bike.

Dhara takes Shubhangi along and meets Chaurasia. She asks Shubhangi to greet him. She asks him to take rest and get well. She says I got soup for you, you will feel better. Chaurasia talks to Shubhangi, and says I used to scold you and get angry, but today I want to praise you, forgive me, Deepak got Shubhangi to me, I said I won’t teach tabla to Shubhangi, I did many mistakes, but I can rectify it, I will teach tabla to her. He looks at his hands. Dhara says you will teach her tabla soon, take rest.

Dhara is with Shubhangi and Mishra at school. Some men come there. Dhara asks who are they Mishra ji. Mishra says I will see them. Dhara says you complete list, I will ask them. She goes to those men and asks who are they. The man says we have come for your security, also the ground and team security’s responsibility is given to our agency. Dhara asks security, who has sent you. The man says Mihir. Shubhangi says I have to meet Papa. Dhara says I don’t need any security, you can go. The man asks what shall I answer Mihir. Dhara tells Shubhangi that Mihir is not here. The man says Mihir is in city. Shubhangi requests Dhara to make her meet Mihir.

A man shoots Sanjay and leaves. Salamat sees this and rushes to Sanjay. Sanjay falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dnt bring this stupid track…. Let tamanah end wid a gud note…. Dnt want sanjay to die and again mihir pair wid dhara….. Wil hate it to the come…
    Atleast frm start he was like this i can accept but aftr soooooooooo muuchh trouble and lies to dhara again he cant b paired….

    1. I think they build this track to bring out Dhara’s love for Sanjay….
      Will lovel toto see them both….

  2. Gulcheher Philli

    Excellent story line,very informative and good morals! Well done!

  3. wow so nice dhars dhould ne paired again with mihir not sanjay. this is not a love story. its just a story about a girls dream her tamanna.


    Plz show ek week me en ho raha hai usko spoil mat kro.. sanjay ko mat maro and dhara sanjay should unite… plz do not end show on bad note

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