Tamanna 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tamanna 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with match going on. Deepak asks Baa to see Dhara’s batting. Dhara comes to play. Baa cheers for her. Dhara recalls Deepak’s words. She gets out and goes. Baa asks where is she going, is she going to get water. Deepak says she got out. She says what, did she hit any ball. He says come now. Deepak asks Dhara how did she get out, it was simple ball, how did you miss ball. Dhara says I was thinking to hit century. He says I know you were scared. She says my mind was occupied, I was thinking if I don’t hit century, I will not get that bat. He says now that’s gone, Baa came to see your batting. Baa says yes, but where is Deepak taking us now.

He says my mood is bad now. Dhara says sorry. Baa says don’t punish her now, did you not get out. He says she gave wicket as gift.

Dhara says sorry. He says fine, come. She kisses him to make him smile. He asks her to come. He gets the special bat for her. She says but I did not hit century. The man says it costs 5000rs. Deepak gives the money. Baa says 5000rs for such small wood piece. Deepak says its special bat. They sit to have food at restaurant. Dhara asks why did you get bat when I did not get century. He says I m not such father to punish you for one mistake, your focus should be on ball. He tells Kapil winning the world cup by focus, its my mistake to tell you any bat, keep your focus on ball. Baa asks Deepak to send them to hotel. Deepak says this is story, let me continue. He tells about some cricketer. Dhara laughs.

Next day, Dhara plays well recalling Deepak’s words. She hits a six high in the air. Deepak, Baa and Saroj get surprised and clap for Dhara.

After few days, someone comes to meet Deepak. Dhara opens the door. The man asks is there any elder at home. She says I play cricket in under 13 team, Baa, mum and dad are outside. She tells what Baa told her. He laughs and says I have to give this election cards, but I can’t give you, I need signs. She says I will sign, I practice autograph sign daily. He says great, take this then. She signs her name on the register. She gets happy about the next day. He asks her to give the cards to elders and shut the door. She says fine. Baa comes towards home and sees the man leaving. The man tells everything what Dhara said. Baa laughs and says I have to teach such things to kids for safety. He goes. Baa comes home and asks Dhara to open the door. Dhara gives the cards to her. She asks for 100rs. Baa asks why does she want. Dhara says I want money, give me now. Dhara takes the note and runs saying she will return it later.

Dhara sees Deepak on the way and stops him. She asks for 100rs. He asks but why. She takes money and says I m in hurry, I have to practice in ground. He asks her to take bat atleast. She runs. Baa gives tea to Deepak. He asks where is Saroj. Baa says she went in bhajan, she will come, but Dhara took 100rs from me. He says she took 100rs from me also, hold this tea, I will check her. He goes to ground and asks Jatin about Dhara. Jatin says Dhara did not come today. Deepak gets worried and goes.

Dhara comes home and Baa asks where did she go, you took money from Deepak too. Dhara asks why don’t mum and dad go to watch movie. Baa says here we go for movie together. Dhara asks why can’t they go. Baa says I did not stop your parents to go for movie, maybe they did not wish to go. Dhara says I booked their tickets for tomorrow, its mummy’s birthday. Baa says oh, that’s why you did this, good you told me, we always go to temple on Saroj’s birthday. Dhara says we will decorate home tomorrow, don’t tell about movie Baa. Deepak comes and asks Dhara why did you lie. Dhara says its surprise, so I lied, its mummy’s birthday tomorrow. He says oh yes. She says we will celebrate. He says its my birthday after 15 days, we will celebrate also. She says no, I want to give good day to Saroj. Baa says we three will give such day to Saroj. Deepak agrees. Dhara says we will meet at night after Saroj sleeps. They say done and join hands.

They meet at night. Dhara tells the decorations plan, Saroj will rest tomorrow and not cook, I will cook in day. Baa says I will cook at night. Dhara asks Deepak what Saroj likes in food. He says I don’t know. She says even I don’t know and asks Baa. Baa says yes I know, and realizes even she does not know, strange, she always makes our fav things, she did not say her likes, she is Maa afterall. Dhara says fine, but think something. Baa says Saroj used to ask me to make three dishes when Dhara was going to be born. Dhara notes down and says I don’t like these dishes, but I will make it. She says out meeting ended now, tomorrow morning I will say what to do. Baa and Deepak laugh as Dhara gets up late. Dhara says I will wake up first, you see. They smile.

Dhara plays cricket at home. Dhara then plays in ground and her pics are taken. Dhara calls home and says don’t know what happened there, no one is taking my call. Deepak is rushed to hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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