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The Episode starts with Dhara training the kids. Deepak is glad and tells Mishra that he is happy seeing Dhara being the coach. Dhara asks the guys to play as she is showing them. She tells the techniques. Mishra says I m happy seeing you, come, I will get tea for you. Dhara shows the techniques. Mihir tries to get Dhara’s address and scolds someone, asking for address soon.

Deepak says there is something wrong, I will talk to Dhara when she comes, you be here. Mishra says I want to thank you for getting kit, Dhara goes to Deepak. She says my kit came, when will official kit come. Mishra says Saxena called me, I will get kit today. They laugh. Mishra says Deepak has given us such a good coach. She says I m teaching kids what Papa taught me. She asks Deepak to help her and coach a team. He says

I will help, but I gave you training to become good batsman, not a coach, they are different, you were finding yourself in them, get your player outside and throw out when it comes to coaching, you can’t make them play as you, their technique and thinking will be different, catch their natural talent.

He explains her and says there are pressures on mind, you know the city’s situation, the kids will have pressures, they will not have focus here, before becoming their coach. You have to become their coach, know their strong and weak points, however the pitch, player should be good. She thanks him and says I will never forget this coaching lesson. Shubhangi comes running and meets them. She says my class got over. Deepak says I will take care home, all the best coach. He leaves with Shubhangi. Dhara continues coaching.

Mishra goes to meet Saxena. He is asked to sit. He waits for much time and says I think Saxena forgot, remind him I m waiting. Peon says he will call you, sit. Mishra tells about receiving kit. The other peon says Saxena will not hear you till you give some setting to get your work done, pay him some money, else it won’t help, Saxena is corrupt.

Pitambar is leaving early and Sanjay stops him. He asks for file and signs. Pitambar says I did not get that file. Mihir gets a call and asks the man to message address. He smiles. Dhara makes the guys clean the sports room. She gets the file and checks. She says this file looks imp and goes. Sanjay asks Pitambar to find the file. Dhara comes there and gives the file she found in sports room. She says sorry, I came on wrong time. Sanjay says you came on right time and with right thing. He asks Pitambar to sign on it fast. Pitambar gets tensed and signs on the file. Sanjay says I will leave, there will be new windows and doors fixed till next week. He thanks Dhara and goes. Pitambar says you did wrong, I have hidden that file intentionally, you got it. She says sorry, I did not know this.

Mishra is called by Saxena. Mishra greets Saxena. Saxena does not let Mishra have tea. He says I heard about the new girl Dhara, everything is like before now. Mishra says I have sent you list of items, if you sign on file, guys will get kit, their future is in your hands. Saxena says its in Lord’s hands. Mishra says I trust you. Saxena asks for some money, keep file here, its govt office, much time will be taken, files get missing too. Mishra asks him to check file once. Saxena says fine, you leave now. Mishra leaves. Saxena puts file in pending files.

Deepak and Shubhangi are on the way. Mihir calls Deepak and says I have good news, I got address of house and school, I have sent parcel, you will get it soon. He ends call. Deepak worries. Sanjay gives file to Mehra and asks for his work. Mehra says I told Bhanu Pratap, he is angry and asked me not to spoil things with kids’ food. Sanjay says I m glad to know this, I will leave now. The man asks about Dhara, the new cricket coach. Sanjay asks so what. The man says nothing, just like that,

Deepak is angry and says Mihir has sent court notice that we don’t let him meet Shubhangi. Dhara says let him come, we will make him meet Shubhangi, we can know how low can he fall.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hmmmm……..boring :@

  2. The story is practical
    (Real) i enjoy it ?

  3. After seeing this episode I think that this SanJay maybe dhara ‘s second innings hero.

  4. What viewers you all watch serial who don’t even bother to comment. Come on guys don’t be so hesitant about commenting even I secretly comment by using my mom or dad’s email I’d.

  5. yeah priyanka its an awesome serial i watch this everyday

  6. plz show this program in mrng tymngs plz betn 10am- 1pm
    cut off tat siya k raam or YRKKH.
    its a request

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