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The Episode starts with Mihir taunting everyone and leaving. Sanjay gets angry. Dhara stops Sanjay and says nothing can happen by fights, it will just ruin things, Prakash is working a lot on this case, we have to trust law, no one will talk about fights infront of me. Sanjay apologizes. Dhara says its fine, much time got wasted already, Sanjay please get a laptop for me, I have to see whats in that chip. Sanjay says fine and goes.

She washes utensils and says Mihir knows my weakness, that’s why he uses my weaknesses, he is asking me to reconcile. Roy asks her to calm down now, no need to be angry, when person is lost, he understands he lost and tries to win any way, you don’t react to this and focus on case. She says I forgot, I have to meet Prakash, will you have any food. He asks her to go

and come first.

Dhara goes to meet Prakash and asks what are you doing. He takes the wine bottle and says I m making the distance more between me and wine. They see the chip contents on the laptop. He asks her not to worry, this proof looks much, but its all false, court will not give a girl to weak person like Mihir, you are a mother, you are strong, be confident and we will get the aim, his lawyer will try to scare you by questions, you have to be calm, Mihir will get angry and his weakness will come out. She says I understand, but when I see him, my past comes infront of me. He says such people are mental, they don’t know their cure is inside them, they can’t change themselves, I m sure we will win this case, it will be tough when his lawyer questions you, if you manage, then I will question Mihir, we have to win the match. He says I will give you such tip which will change the case’ direction.

Roy coughs. Dhara gives him water. She asks him to sit. He says I won’t go anywhere, I m here, you focus on case. She says even Prakash said this. He says person should not deviate from his way, forget everything and focus on case, I mean I worry for myself, I also want to save myself, so I will try my best, leave worrying for me. She asks how, there should be someone to take care of you, if I can do this for my Guru, its my good fate. He laughs. She asks did I say anything wrong. He says you always surprise me, when you came to do batting on eighth number, I thought what will you bat, you proved me wrong. Then you got married, I saw Mihir and understood him, I was afraid thinking will you see his real face or not, I did not believe that you will get out of Mihir’s clutches, I told that to Kulkarni, you proved me wrong, now you are in Bulandgunj and worked so well, you proved me wrong, you are made to win, you have no relation with failure, you will win this case.

Its morning, Dhara gets ready and goes to drop Shubhangi at Mridula’s house. Mridula makes her eat curd and says I will pray that everything gets fine. Sameer says don’t worry, we all are with you, come, Prakash will be waiting.

Prakash keeps the wine bottle and asks wine to be alone now. Veer gives him Prasad. Prakash asks where is Sanjay. Mihir’s lawyer meets Sanjay and says Mihir has big contacts, you do as you are told to, Mihir has to win this case at any cost. Verma says yes, what will Sanjay get after going against party, you will get profit by supporting truth.

Mihir’s lawyer asks Sanjay not to leave this chance. Sanjay says you are right, Mihir has much contacts, you have put me in Dharam sankat, but you will know Mihir is troubling Dhara by wrong methods. Mihir’s lawyer Sharma says I don’t care for that. Verma says I have to obey party’s command, I suggest you to do this. Sanjay argues and says I will not support any wrong man, I will support just truth. He gives best wishes to Sharma for the case and leaves.

Dhara and Sameer meet Prakash. They wait for Sanjay. Prakash says we shall leave now and asks Dhara to be confident, she should trust her words, then she will win. Sanjay comes and says sorry, Verma kept me busy till now. They all leave for the court. Dhara reaches court. She sees Mishra, Pitambar and her students coming to support her. She smiles.

Dhara tells the judge that Mihir is saying he can give all comforts and protection to Shubhangi by taking her to Mumbai, which she can’t get in Bulandgunj, then this case is between Mumbai and Bulandgunj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow what an episode . roy and dhara’s scene was good when he said u r made to win

  2. crazy fan of tamanna

    precap is interesting…this sanjay is very good…he stands against wrong!!!

  3. crazy fan of tamanna

    I don’t know why very few people comment for tamanna…most of the saas bahu serials gets lots of comments and tamanna which is very close to reality don’t get atleast 5 comments…

    1. u r right , there r more than 55 or more comments for other shows , for such a show which is practical and good only 5 or 6 . I am sure many like this serial . please comment yar

  4. nisha rathore

    very nice episode…I am sure dhara will win the case…she replied very nicely in the precap…prakash seems to be very intelligent…

  5. Roy is very supportive…if roy wasn’t there dhara would have lost all her hopes…the way he motivates her is awesome…

  6. sorry I typed wrong I’d this is my correct dp and correct I’d…

    1. nisha rathore

      no problem sis sometimes due to slight spelling mistake…it become some one else I’d…its good that u apologised…

  7. Hey Guys! Good news for all Tamanna Fans. The serial got an extension for a month. I am so so so happy…..

    1. really great so happy to hear this news , thank u for sharing

  8. well played Dhara…you will use Mihir’s own trump card against him. his own contacts will be forcing him to drop the case as it could damage their party image in Bulandgunj because Mihirs lawyer will be putting down Bulandgunj. well batted.

  9. Nice episode as always. Dhara you got all this support no chance for mihir to win. I love the connection between Dhara and her new family

  10. nice episodes especially Dhara scene and she is rocking yaar…. whether its was Mumbai or in meerut she lived with a complete freedom and know What’s is wrong and what is right , so Dhara role as a girl, as a perfect wife ,as a mother of shubhangi and a perfect coach of all the students gives a practical reality experience that every girl is like a cricketer where they play any role in a better way

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