Tamanna 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Deepak can’t she come for practice. She nods. He asks will she make good food tomorrow, go take the holiday. She thanks him and runs to Baa with the menu. She tells Baa the menu, and Baa corrects her. Dhara says fine, we will change. Saroj suggests changes. Deepak smiles hearing them and washes the scooter. Dhara asks is there matching in food. Deepak says we are eating matching food since many years. Dhara says I won’t cook. Saroj says your marks will cut this way, we will make menu together, come.

Deepak says food should be of guests choice. Baa asks Dhara to say what else she wrote. Deepak, Saroj and Baa suggest other things. Later at night, Dhara writes her diary. She goes to sleep early as she has to buy vegs with Saroj in morning. Deepak comes to Baa. Baa asks

what happened, is everything fine. Deepak says Dhara is little girl to do all these works. Baa asks him to leave. He goes.

Its morning, Dhara bargains for the vegs.. Saroj says if you say such low rate, this vendor will beat us and teaches right bargaining. Deepak comes home early and says I was unwell, so came early. Baa says I understand everything. Dhara says I will do all the work, I will fry puris, else my marks will get cut. Baa says it won’t get cut, don’t fry puris and goes to help Dhara. Deepak sees Baa and Saroj helping Dharam. He smiles seeing Dhara cooking. Dhara gets the dish and asks all of them to taste. Baa asks her to go to shop and get almonds, till then we will taste. Deepak says I will get almonds, why did you send her. Baa tastes the food and asks Saroj to make the things right before Dhara comes back. Deepak says this is cheating. Baa says this is miracle, as 11 year old girl made this, when she comes back and asks you, tell her that its a1 high class, she will be encouraged. Deepak tastes it and says salt is less but its high class.

Later, Dhara writes that guests liked the food, and gave me 101 rs happily, I want to know how happy is Baa, I have to get marks. She goes to Baa and asks her marks. Baa says full marks. Dhara asks Baa to come with them to watch her cricket match. Baa says I can’t come, sorry. Dhara says this is wrong, and asks her to come. Baa agrees and Dhara agrees, saying Baa is not a liar, she is good. Baa laughs.

Dhara and her family reach the bus station. Dhara sits eating chanas. Baa asks what will I do in Ahmedabad, its long journey, what will I do there. She asks Deepak is he listening, she does not want to come there. Deepak and Dhara count Baa’s same statement. Deepak laughs. Baa says what will I do there Dhara, I will visit my Maasi for 3 days and pray that you hit century. Deepak asks Baa to support Dhara. Baa says you are biggest supporter and Saroj is silent support. Saroj says I m your supporter. Dhara asks Baa to come. Baa says fine, I will come. Deepak goes to get snacks. Baa asks him to come fast, bus is leaving. They board the bus. Baa says Deepak did not come till now. She asks driver his name and makes him busy. Driver says I know you are making me busy in talk so that your son boards the bus. Deepak comes and Baa asks driver to do his work and drive the bus. They all get seated.

Baa asks how long will it take for us to reach. Deepak says 5 hours more. Saroj asks them to have food. Dhara refuses. Deepak takes her side. Deepak shows a bat’s pic to Dhara and says its special bat, you can hit six with this, I will get this bat for you if you hit century in this match. She gets glad and hugs him smiling.

Baa claps for Dhara. Deepak and Baa wave to her. Dhara gets tired and recalls Deepak’s words.

Update Credit to: Amena

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