Tamanna 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mihir dropping Shubhangi home. Mridula informs Dhara to come back, Mihir is with Shubhangi, you all come home soon, I will go to her. Mihir tells Shubhangi that its lock here, how will you stay here. Shubhangi says I will stay with Mridula. Mridula asks Shubhangi where did she go, Dhara gets worried. Mihir says there is nothing to worry, I m her father, I took her to have kulfi, why much issue about this, anyway, Shubhangi I m going now, I will come tomorrow, we will have kulfis, I have come here for you. Mridula hugs Shubhangi and opens Dhara’s locked home. Mihir leaves.

Dhara and everyone come home. Dhara scolds Shubhangi. Mihir records everything. Roy says Dhara, we got her now. Dhara says I don’t like this, no one will talk in between, I m asking something, I told Shubhangi

not to go anywhere. Shubhangi cries and says I went with Papa to have kulfis, I can go with Papa. Dhara gets angry and says you don’t have to go with Papa, you broke my promise, you will get punished now, stand outside for one hour. Veer sees Mihir recording and does not understand.

Dhara asks Shubhangi to go out. Sanjay asks Dhara to control her emotions, Shubhangi is scared and crying. Mihir smiles. Roy asks Dhara to stop it now, what will happen to get anger on her, we know you are worried, what will happen if you lose senses, case did not start yet, Mihir wants this, he wants to trouble you, you are making him win, we all are with you. Dhara cries. Roy says how will Mihir take him, we will not let him touch Shubhangi. He asks Shubhangi to go to room. He consoles Dhara.

Mihir comes there. They all get shocked seeing him. Mihir keeps his camera there. He asks whats the matter, you all are staring at me as if you saw a ghost, is everything fine Dhara. Dhara asks why did you come here. He says I just came to meet you and Shubhangi, can I talk to you alone. She says there is nothing between us to talk, no relation, I don’t talk to stranger. He holds Dhara and says I did not come to fight with you or trouble you, we will unite again atleast for Shubhangi, I feel we should make a new start, it will be good for Shubhangi, lets forget everything and unite. Dhara asks unite? Who? You and me? I get laugh on your words, but this will have your plan behind this, I know you well.

He says I m not that Mihir, I really wish we unite, there is no plan behind this, understand me, this will be better for us, look at yourself, this area, did we dream to give such life to Shubhangi, cheap house, these people, can a father see his daughter in such state, I don’t want you and Shubhangi to stay in such cheap house between cheap people. Dhara scolds him and says you are standing in my house and calling them cheap, they are my family, they are imp in my life, they are clean hearted, honest, not a creep liar like you, I have been in that hell with you for 6 years, I can’t think of that hell again, get out. He says I know I did mistakes, every human gets a chance to change, I m sorry, forgive me, don’t punish my daughter for my mistakes, its our duty to get Shubhangi to get out of this hell, believe me, I have changed, Shubhangi’s smile changed me, I m here apologizing to you, give me one chance, I will keep you both very happy.

He sits and holds her hand. Dhara starts laughing and claps. She says its unbelievable, you all would be finding this true, I know this, I have seen thousands of such drama. She tells Roy that a boy plays with a doll, Mihir is such boy and I m his doll, he feels so, he wants to play with me, but I m human, he does not understand. He does not love Shubhangi, he wants to break me by taking Shubhangi away from me, he gets happy seeing me in pain. She calls Mihir a creep, his nature will never change, he will always be a creep. She says I will never let you come between me and my daughter. She asks him to get out now.

Mihir says fine, if you want this, then its okay, you don’t want peace, you want to fight, now I will show you the real fight, it begins today, I promise just I will win this fight, you will not lose the fight but also lose your breath, I will take Shubhangi forever, she is still Shubhangi Sukhadiya, my daughter. He laughs and wipes his fake tears with her dupatta. He asks her to take care and leaves with his camera. Veer comes there and says this man was making video when Dhara was scolding Shubhangi, I have seen him. They all get shocked. Sanjay goes out and stops Mihir. Mihir asks what do you want now. Sanjay says I want that video, which you were hiding and making. Mihir asks who are you, why are you interfering, get lost.

Sanjay says your cheap mind won’t understand what I mean to Dhara, give me that video else……………… Mihir smiles and asks are you threatening me, you know who I m. Sanjay says I know you, but you don’t know me, that’s why I m telling you to give me that video, you can’t leave from this area without giving video. Mihir asks what will you do, will you beat me. Sanjay says yes, I will beat so much that you won’t be able to stand on your legs, you will curse yourself thinking you agreed to me, there is still time, you can give video and leave walking on your legs, now decide, will you give video or legs. Everyone walk to Mihir and surround him.

Mihir shows the memory chip and drops it on the ground. Sanjay picks the chip. Mihir smiles. He goes to Dhara and tells her that he will ruin her life, he will settle all scores. He says see you in court Dhara……

Prakash tells Dhara that he is confident and asks her to say everything in court confidently, you will win. She smiles seeing everyone coming to support her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope Mihir has not kept any recording. Also dhara wins and keeps her daughter. Mihir should not win.

  2. Nice episode Dharma shut not have scolded shubhangi she is a small child she doesn’t understand might intensions, so happy the video got destroyed and seeing the support Dharma is getting . Sanjay please give one punch to mihir

  3. Nice episode Dhara should not have scolded shubhangi she is still a child and does not understand Mihir intentions . so happy video destroyed . and seeing the support Dhara is getting. Sanjay please give one punch to Mihir

  4. We don’t know if video is destroyed. Mihir could’ve just changed the chip and put a blank chip, we’ll only know if they play it first.

  5. This time mihir is planning something big… Dhara will get more confidence when her students are with her…

  6. what a episode ,wonderful . dhara will win the casev . because shubhangi loves dhara more than mihir

  7. Hey guyz one gud news to all the members who love to watch these tamanna serial , Guyz Tamanna popular show Has got an extension of 25 episodes and these was possible becoz all of audience who watch these serial all over the country that Has made an director to change the decision and not to put end by June month

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