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The Episode starts with Sanjay asking rickshaw driver not to tell anyone about Dhara. Sanjay goes. The driver tells Dhara what Sanjay asked about her. She asks why. He says I don’t know anything, and did not say, Sanjay asked me not to tell about you, as you are lonely woman, many people will ask. She says I don’t understand. She offers lift to Basheer. Basheer goes. Driver says don’t talk to him, I know him well. She asks why is he angry always. He says lot of things happened with him, I can’t say, you will know it slowly.

Deepak is on the way. Mihir calls him. Deepak does not answer. Mihir says this voice message is in hindi, but gujarati…. Two men see Deepak and think to fool him. Deepak asks for address. The men ask for 20rs. Deepak says fine, I will find it myself. The man asks for

20rs, that’s for asking. Sanjay comes there and asks whats going on. The man says we are taking vasooli, he asked address, we will charge. Sanjay says first say address and then ask money. He reads address and tells him. he does not take money and sends Deepak. He asks the men to leave someone, its address of our area. Deepak stops at fruits stall to get some fruits for Dhara.

A man was stealing money. Deepak gets angry and scolds the man. He asks are there so many thieves here, and buys fruits. He leaves. Dhara comes home with Shubhangi, and says how is the door open. She sees kit and asks Mridula when did my kit come. Deepak surprises Dhara and hugs Dhara. They laugh.

Deepak asks Dhara about the day at her school. She says pitch is difficult. Mihir calls him and he ignores. Mihir calls again. Dhara asks Deepak to answer call. Deepak says its telemarketing call. She asks about journey. He says strange, I was finding address, the men asked me money to cut challan. She laughs. He says then a man tried to snatch my purse, strange city. She says we find every new place strange, people look hard but are good at heart. He says I will call Baa and come. She goes. Mihir calls him again.

Deepak answers call. Mihir says you did late to answer call, did you reach your daughter’s house in Meerut. Deepak worries. Mihir laughs.

Its morning, Sameer compliments Shubhangi. She says I m taking my Nana ji to school. Dhara introduces Sameer to Deepak. Deepak says I m glad, you have become elder brother of Dhara now. Sameer says yes, so I got a niece now. He gives her rose. Deepak jokes and says we will meet in evening. They leave.

They reach the school. Deepak asks is this the school, will Shubhangi study here. Dhara says yes, even I studied in govt school. He says I knew everyone there, do we know anyone here. Dhara says don’t worry, I m teacher here, cricket coach. He dislikes the school.

Dhara introduces Deepak to Pitambar. Pitambar welcomes Deepak. Dhara says he came for few days, so I got him to meet you and see school. Pitambar says good, but there is nothing to see in this school. Deepak thinks what type of school is this, they could not buy a new map too. Pitambar asks what will you have. Deepak says nothing. Pitambar calls Bhola and asks him to get tea and biscuits. Bhola says fine, and Mishra is calling Dhara. Dhara goes. Deepak talks to Pitambar. Pitambar says my retirement has 2 years now, I want to live peacefully after retirement.

Deepak says this city has riots. Pitambar says yes, don’t know why, I believe we should keep city clean too, no one cares. Deepak says I m worried for Dhara. Pitambar says don’t worry about her, you know your daughter, she can protect herself, she is teaching cricket well. Deepak says she has big name in our city, she does good batting. Pitambar says Roy told me everything about her. Bhola gets tea. Pitambar asks did Sanjay call. Bhola says no. Sanjay comes there.

Pitambar gets scared and stands up. Sanjay asks Pitambar where is he these days, did he sign on file. Pitamber says it will be signed soon. Sanjay says I m seeing since two days, you leave early, I know everything, I come to pick my nephew daily. Pitambar says come tomorrow, you will get sign. Sanjay says I don’t accept any excuse, and threatens him to sign. Deepak looks on. Sanjay says kids’ food will come fine, tell me if there is anything wrong, I will break their legs. Sanjay introduces himself to Deepak. He says I m Sanjay Pratap Singh. Deepak greets him. Sanjay says everyone has some job, someone teaches cricket and others take money, its business for oneself and Dharm. He leaves.

Dhara sees Mihir’s call on Deepak’s phone. She gets shocked. Deepak says Mihir got to know you are here, that’s why I came here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plzzz don’t lag the show
    We are eagerly waiting ?

  2. Kuch rrh gaya meerut k bare me dikhana…riots…religion ki ladaiyan…chori…corruption… Gundagardi…sarkari school ki haalat…..English ka level schools me…

  3. Well I think that now the pace of the serial has become a bit slow or may be it is because they want to keep the public in suspense and surprise us later. But I must say why is this mihir troubling dhara so much whatever he had done to her in the previous six years wasn’t enough for him or what? First of all he only kept doubting her character and now he wants her to feel guilty for giving him divorce. I think he is a big psycho.

  4. Well guys did you discover one thing that she made two teams team H and team M because later she will join them to make team HUM isn’t it interesting?

  5. Why have this website not published any written update of any serial today?

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