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The Episode starts with Kulkarni telling the players about a match. He asks Dhara and Vaishaili to play well, as they will be starting the game. Dhara takes Mitali’s phone and asks Mihir to come in her match tomorrow. He says I will try. She says it means you won’t come. He says no, I will try my best. He talks to her sweetly. She says its my first match, if anyone of family is here, it will increase my motivation. He says fine. Mihir tells intern that he left kite thread loose and have to pull it back now. Dhara tells Vaishaili that opening partners should be friends, that understanding is seen on ground. Vaishaili gets angry and jealous of Dhara. Dhara says its not out batting, but for team. Vaishaili says I know you fear, I will not make you run out, lets see who scores run. Dhara says how we play

together matters, my dad was my coach, dad is never wrong. I m a housewife and my family is imp, cricket was passion and its now my hobby, I hope you understand, maybe tomorrow’s match is my last one, I did not come here to take your place, I want a good friend to make opponent team lose, so done. Vaishaili shakes hands.

Intern says there is no injury, why this bandage. Mihir says so tie it well, it should look real injury. Mihir reaches the place and gets a fake x ray report. He goes home and asks the man to drop his car outside building after half an hour. He sprays on his foot and rings the bell. Dhara says I m coming to open the door and does not come. Mihir gets inside and acts like injured. She asks what happened, and worries. He says my leg broke while saving a little boy. He cooks up a story. He says I have shown to doctor, x ray is there, check.

She checks x ray and says she will do its desi treatment. She calls Baa and tells about Mihir’s injury. Deepak worries. Baa tells some solution. Deepak asks what about match tomorrow. Dhara says I will call later. Dhara calls Kulkarni and says I can’t come for tomorrow’s match, Mihir’s leg has injury, I m sorry. Mihir smiles and acts saying you go for match, I will feel guilty. Dhara asks Mihir to be quiet. Dhara says extremely sorry, I can’t come. She ends call. He smiles.

Kulkarni informs Roy that Dhara is not coming. Roy calls Dhara and asks her to come for some time. She says I m sorry, I can’t come, Mihir is injured. He says get aid for him and come. She says sorry and goes. Mihir acts sweet again and says he loves Dhara a lot. They laugh. He gets close. She runs and brings the rose plant happily. She says its such good thing that rose is blossoming, I have to see its smell, but maybe it won’t have any smell. He says it was really have a good essence, as you watered it. she hugs him and they laugh.

Mihir tells Dhara that he will go office and she says she will leave him till outside. He says I will go. She says I will meet uncle and aunty. He says fine, go. She asks him to take care and keep calling. She goes. He asks watchman for his car keys and leaves.

Dhara meets uncle and aunty. Lavanya is also there. She shows oxymeter to check body oxygen level. She checks aunty’s oxygen level and says its less 86, it should be atleast 97. She checks uncle’s oxygen level and says its 88, its also low, you both don’t take care of each other. Uncle asks her to check her level. Lavanya checks and says 97, its good. Dhara laughs. Lavanya says we will check you too. She gets shocked and says its 100, you hit century even here. Uncle says great. Dhara laughs and says I m cricketer, I exercise at the ground in free air.

Dhara checks the x ray again. Mihir worries and says did Dhara get to know about my fake injury, she is more smart than I thought. Dhara checks the date and says its old.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shilpa parikh

    Its a good show specially language is very clear and normal. Gujarati culre is shown beyond dhokala and undhiyu.kudos to whole team .More shows should come on this line.

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