Tamanna 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Deepak taking Dhara to dhaba to have some food. She says I m not feeling hungry, don’t know why. He says I know, happiness and sadness kills hunger, you are excited to meet Kantilal Gadantra. Dhara and Deepak have lassi. Deepak tells the man that Dhara plays cricket, he has brought her to make him meet Kantilal Gadantra. The man says oh, but does he teach girls. Dhara says I want training by him. Deepak says he will train you, have second lassi and I will tell you Kantilal Gadantra’s story, he was leg spinner and was great cricketer to take many wickets. Then one day a bus accident changed his life. he lost one leg but real story starts here, his heart and mind was sharp, he knew just one thing, cricket. Kantilal is shown. He knew he can’t win, but can teach winning, he

started cricket camp and there is line of kids there. That’s called real cricketer. Dhara cries. Deepak says this is called good kid to cry hearing such story.

Kantilal’s camp is shown. Deepak and Dhara come there. Kantilal gets angry and scolds the players there. Dhara says he is coaching everyone together. Deepak says that’s why he is Sir. The men stop Deepak. Deepak says Dhara has to meet him, she plays well, we will not go without meeting. The man says Sir does not train girls, leave from here. Deepak shouts Kanti Bhai, we will not go without meeting you. Kantilal calls them. Deepak says sorry to disturb between practice, she is my daughter Dhara and plays well, I play cricket and I m teaching her, I want her to get training by you, you are technique master, you guide her, will you train her, I will get her once in 15 days. Kantilal goes. Deepak requests Kantilal to train Dhara. Kantilal says you are Deepak Solanki. Deepak says yes, how do you know.

Kantilal calls Rohan and shows him that he is Deepak Solanki, touch his feet. He says this is my best batsman, I tell my good students a story, your story….. He reminds the old team, they played together. Deepak says yes, I remember, my uncle made me play as that player did not come that day. Kantilal says it was me, I bowled and you scored 12 in one over. Deepak smiles feeling proud that Kantilal remembers him and his cricket shots. Kantilal says I did not see such shots in my life, it got an impression in my mind, ask Rohan, what do I say when anyone plays perfect shot. Rohan says play Deepak Solanki, great. Deepak smiles. Kantilal says I used to think where did that player go, one day I will meet him, here you are, this is your daughter. He tells Dhara that Deepak is a big cricketer, I won’t know why he did not play ahead, its luck to be chosen in team. He tells Dhara that Deepak is an inspiration, if you play cricket, just play for that three best shots that everyone remembers. He tells Dhara that Deepak is my Guru. Deepak smiles. Kantilal claps for Deepak. Everyone clap. Kantilal hugs Deepak. Deepak says I don’t have any words Sir. Kantilal says what Sir, tell me what you want to say. Deepak says teach her. Kantilal says sure, get her here, but none can teach her well than you, get her once in a month. Deepak says so we will leave. Kantilal says we will see Deepak now. He asks Deepak to play an over, I will try to take your wicket today, I can’t run and bowl, but I will still try.

Deepak goes for batting. Kantilal takes the bowl. He bowls and Deepak loses wicket. Kantilal asks Deepak to play well, everyone is here to see your game, I will train Dhara, don’t worry. Deepak plays and Dhara claps for him. Deepak hits a six and smiles. Kantilal looks on and smiles.

Deepak tells Saroj that Dhara’s school called them. Deepak meets the teacher and teacher complains.

Update Credit to: Amena

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