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The Episode starts with Dhara scolding the men. She asks don’t they have manners to talk to a woman. The man scolds her and says I will get you transfer. She says fine, will you write this lie on paper. He says yes, I will write lie that I gave all items here, and keep money in my pocket, I will get you suspended, what will you do then. She shows the recording. The man gets shocked. She says I will do this, whatever you said is recorded, don’t try to snatch this, I have sent this audio clip to three people, this clip will be sent to your department, then lets see whose job goes, send all items, I will send new list if needed, govt did not send you to eat snacks, we think about taking kids ahead and of their future, you joke on us, joke on yourself, see your face in mirror, you do work that others can

laugh on.

Mishra asks for things needed here, you insult him. Pitambar says they are listening. She says they are cheating, I can’t bear this cheat, talk with manners, everything is getting recorded even now. The man agrees to give the things and warns her that its govt school. He refuses to have snacks. Dhara stops him and gives him snacks, as he ordered it. She asks him to pay money, as its govt school, they don’t have money. She takes money from the men and sends them. Pitambar and Mishra smile seeing Dhara. Dhara smiles happily.

Mishra says snacks did not look good to me till now. He tells about his wife, and after she left, he has no power to lose. He says I m useless, but someone fought from my side, I m very happy. Dhara says we will win if we fight together, my dad taught me to fight and play cricket, he is away from me, I try finding him in others. He calls her daughter and says we will win. They join hands and laugh.

Dhara talks to Shubhangi at home. She calls Deepak and tells him about the fight with sports committee. He says I have sent your cricket kit, but talk to school principal for student’s kit, you will get your kit, don’t fight with anyone. She ends call. He gets glad that Dhara is fine and smiles.

Next day, the students argue and play. Mishra asks them to play together, its just one hour time for playing game. He asks them to play in two different teams, equipment will come soon. The boys fight and Mishra stops them. Teacher is in class and Shubhangi answers. Teacher feels she has different accent as she has come from Mumbai.

Dhara tells Mishra that sports items will come, I m worried thinking how to make boys play together. He says some people are happy being ruined, they believe what they hear, even if its wrong.

Mishra says its much hardwork to prove truth and explains her with an example of Galileo. He says when you prove someone’s mindset wrong, they get angry, their collars are tight. She says Galileo’s challenge was very big, my challenge is smaller. She says I will do this. He smiles.

Sanjay comes to school and asks rickshaw driver about Dhara, from where is she. The man says I don’t know and gets tensed. Sanjay says good, she is single woman, I don’t know her history, but we should protect her, if anyone asks you anything, don’t say anything, else you will get beaten up. He asks his name….

Dhara comes home and says how is this door open. She gets her cricket kit and asks when did my kit come. Deepak says I have come with your kit as well. Mihir calls Deepak and asks did you reach your daughter’s house in Meerut. Deepak gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Interesting but story slowly running

  2. Amazing show really hats off to the writers of tammana. They show realistic plot and not like the other saas bahu dramas.

  3. How did mihir come to know dhara is in meerut

  4. Your write priyanka this film is real and its real storys what happens in the society. Well writers of tammana love this film???

  5. Mihir probably had the number traced to find out or had someone keep tabs on deepak and informed him where he was going. Hope he doesn’t do any to dhara. Hope dhara can get him stopped somehow.


  7. Most realistic show I have ever seen……

  8. this is certainly a far cry from the run of mill saas bahu serial . Yes there are good people around show them,inspire people with positivity and not sick minds for ever plotting evil . congratulations to writers producers . Have a second season but don’t drag it .keep it up

  9. Well as we see mihir is a kind of Richie rich person and hence it won’t be difficult for him to have some good contacts of people who can trace and keep a watch on Dhara for his money.

  10. awesome show i have started it watching since mid of march but now m unable to watch here so i am thankful to u for regular update here….

  11. I like this sanjay.jithna socha tha uthna bura nahi ye.i love the scene when sanjay talk about dhara to rickshaw wala.what is ur favourte scene guyz.reply me.

    1. I agree with you varsha..I like Sanjay and I am sure he will fall in love with dhara

  12. Well varsha I didn’t quite take a good notice of this guy sanjay but I don’t expect this guy to fall in love with dhara because they won’t make a good pair either.

  13. The way dhara scolds those community members was actually amazing and the way she discloses their recording was also awesome,all their faces had turned pale.

  14. Hi priyanka,thanks 4 replying.well i don’t think he will fall in love but iam sure that he will trouble 4 her.

  15. Guyz where r u all?sub serial ke commemting minimum 20thak aathe hai,lekin yaha 15 ke ooper nahi ho rahi hai.kithni achi serial hai tamanna lekin comments low,y?sub ko sirf romantic serial pasanth hai,is tharah ke serial nahi?

  16. I totally agree with Varsha that why is that until the show isn’t romantic people don’t accept it as a best serial tag? Is romance so necessary

  17. I love this serial..

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