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The Episode starts with Prakash saying what we are doing with Mihir is not wrong, he is a liar. She asks how will we prove my disease. He says I did the arrangements, judge will accept our application, case will be transferred here, Mihir has to come here, just have trust, I will see Mihir, I m waiting for him to come. He asks her to have tea.

Later, Dhara asks Roy did you take medicines. He says yes. She asks him not to go on ground tomorrow. He says I will go, I have come here for working towards team. He takes Dhara and Shubhangi to Virat’s bakery. She says now I understand why you got me here, there is big reason behind this walk. He says come, we will talk. Roy talks to Virat’s dad. He says I m Roy, cricket coach. The man says everyone knows you here Roy. Roy smiles and introduces Dhara. Shubhangi

asks for sweets. Virat’s dad gives her sweets and says I won’t take money, kids are Lord’s avatar. Roy says you said right, so we should make their wish fulfilled, your son Virat plays cricket well, he does good wicket keeping, he has become a need for our team, but he is also right, you are also right, he said he has much work to support you here, he could not give time to cricket, but you know how much he wants to play cricket, if anything can happen from your side to support him, you are his father and would know he loves to play cricket….

Virat’s dad thinks and asks Roy to come with him. He takes them home. He shows his ill wife, and mother. He says they both are ill since years, my mother has kidney problem and wife has backbone problem, she is not able to stand well, its my duty to take care of them, my earnings goes in their treatment, that is my daughter, she is just 18 years old, she studies, does all work at home, helps me in bakery and takes care of them, I earn by bakery, Virat helps me, I can’t do anything alone, you said about dreams, tell me where shall I make dreams for them in such life, I get just bad dreams, I m Virat’s father, I know he has suppressed all his dreams, I m helpless, this is our truth, its not our fate to love dreams. Roy says sorry to trouble you, we will meet later. They leave.

Dhara says how people bend infront of situation and truth. Roy says yes. Dhara says reality is different from truth, its easy to dream, but reality is strict that it ruins dreams. Roy says when you say like this, I feel I have not taught you anything, see dreams’ power, its not easy, you have to fight with situation, this is difference between ordinary and extraordinary people, a push is needed, when a man steps towards dream, he succeeds, Virat will play cricket and work in bakery, leave it, we will see everything, Virat has to play.

Roy hears a man making noises and says Usman…. He says I have to meet him. Dhara says this gate is closed, come we have to go that way. She says what is this foolishness, when will they break this locks. Roy slips and she asks him to be careful. She asks where did Usman go. Imran meets Dhara and says I was going to get some items for home. She asks him to practice tomorrow. He goes. She asks shall we ask Imran about him. Roy says no, come. They leave.

Next day, the team practices. Prakash tells case details to Dhara. Later, Dhara gives medicines to Roy. She makes sure he takes all medicines.

Its morning, students are in class and does not focus on studies. Teacher asks them whats happening. They say about playing book cricket. Teacher asks them to leave from the class, this is not Dhara’s class. They apologize. He kicks them out. The students tell Mishra that they are going on ground to play cricket, as teacher is sending them. Mishra says I know teacher can’t send you all to play cricket, tell truth what is the matter. Students say about playing book cricket, so teacher made them leave the class, though they have apologized.

Mishra says you did mistake and will be punished, I know cricket is your passion and happiness, but you can’t leave studies, take both things together, don’t play with studies, if Dhara knows this, she will be sad and maybe angry too, do you want to see her sad. They say no. he asks them to apologize to teacher and get back to class.

Mihir gets court notice. He checks papers and smiles. He thinks I will win, now there will be real battle, then I will celebrate my victory and your failure.

Mihir surprises Shubhangi. She gets thinking whether to meet him or not.

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  1. What is thus mihir upto.,, trying to make subhangi on his side by give her all these. How can he stoop so low

  2. Genital ji hello. Sanjay was not seen in today’s episode. Dhara- sanjay such a gd pair.

  3. Hlo sita… I too linke dhara and sanjay pair

  4. Hlo Sita… I also like their pair very much…. I dont want roy sir to die. He is a very inspirational character

  5. I Hate mihir character , But Dhara will win the case in any situation( kyuki Dhara ka dialogue He pitch chahe kitni bhi kharab Ho me khelugi kyuki me out nhi Hue Hu) so there are many Hurdles will come in life becoz life is not so much easy there may be up and downs but if we have positive attitude then everything possible , so I just Hope that Her dreams don’t die, becoz there is no age limit of dreams , and from 2/3 episodes I m missing sanjay role its nice to see Sanjay and DHara chemistry where sanjay is supporting to Dhara though He was egoistic and also a silent lover of Dhara

  6. I god..dat slime he has even reached shubhangi…GOD…I hope sumbody is dere around Shubhaangi..

  7. I hope dat rickshawala gives sum excuse & brings shubhangi home safely..

  8. I think shubhangi wont go with mihir

  9. Hmm let’s hope shubhangi acts wisely

  10. Love today episode . Dhara got so much support no chance for mihir to win against her. Am going to miss this serial

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