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The Episode starts with Dhara discussing about the ground’s legal matter with Prakash. Prakash says this work is done by 15 day planning, they have taken NOC from all officers. Sanjay comes. Dhara asks what did Bhai ji say. He asks how do you know I met Bhai ji. She says I know you. They all discuss that Bhai ji will not leave the ground. She asks him not to be around Bhai ji, its waste of time. Pitambar says even if we file case, Bhai ji will buy the judge too. Dhara says we will fail Bhai ji with his plan, I will win tournament and Sanjay will win election, yes you heard it right, Sanjay will stand in elections and snatch Bhai ji’s powers. Sanjay says I m not rich, I can stand in elections, but who will support me in elections. She says we will support you in canvassing by helping you, just stand

in elections.

Its morning, Prakash says I m sorry Dhara, I tried hard and could not get the ground freed, where will the kids practice now, Bhai ji prepared all the papers by his lawyer, sorry I could not stop the ground from going out of our hands. She says Bhai ji won the first round.

Sanjay goes and meets Bhai ji. Bhai ji welcomes him and says you made right decision. Sanjay says yes, I will always be thankful to you, have sweets. Bhai ji says I have a good news for you, you have to work hard in elections. He eats sweets. Sanjay says yes, I have to work hard as I m standing against you. Bhai ji gets shocked and throws laddoo. He asks what nonsense. Sanjay says I m standing in elections. Bhai ji asks you will stand against me, I will end your name. Sanjay says I will end you very soon, I promise, I will snatch your chair. Sanjay leaves. Bhai ji recalls Sanjay’s words and gets angry.

The team practices in the ground. Police comes there with the govt officers. Pitambar asks inspector how did he came. Inspector says its legal work, don’t stop them. Pitambar says you were my student and was weak in maths, I have taught you and made you pass in board exams, you used to ask me to make you walk ahead in life, how can I break my rules.

Inspector says I can’t teach you anything, I just want you to cooperate, its court orders, please. Pitambar asks him to see the kids, they practiced a lot, Dhara worked hard on them, she has taught a lot to them, I learnt to live life from her, if you think I m doing wrong, I think what you will do is also wrong. Inspector says its court orders, I m sorry, I can’t do anything. The team holds hands and makes a barrier to stop the officers. Inspector asks them to move and not take law in their hands, I won’t let my school or teacher take law in their hands.

Inspector says arrest the kids, lift lathis on them. The constables say we can’t lift lathis on the kids, how to arrest the teens. Inspector shouts on them to fulfill the order. He says fine, I will see all of you and leaves. Dhara and Pitambar smile seeing the team’s unity. The team claps for the police constables who did not obey inspector and supported the team for the right cause of Bulandgunj’s peace.

Dhara’s Baa is shopping in the market. Mihir meets her and she gets surprised seeing him. She asks what are you doing here. He touches her feet and says I know your anger and annoyance are justified, I deserve this, I know whatever I did with Dhara, I don’t deserve forgiveness, you are elder in age, tell me is my coming here right and wrong, I came here for the same reason, to ask for Dhara’s hand, like I came 7 years ago. Baa says Dhara moved on, you also move on now.

Mihir says I could not move on, that’s why I came here, just listen to me once. She asks him to say. He says I m saying true, I wanted to snatch everything, today I want to get everything, I learnt this truth when I lost to Dhara’s goodness, I thought to forget Dhara and Shubhangi, but could not, I wanted to talk to Dhara, but did not had courage, I can’t live without Dhara and Shubhangi, please, when I m seeing Dhara facing all problems and Shubhangi growing up without her father, I feel bad, if you all forgive me, Dhara will forgive me, think about Dhara and Shubhangi, till when will they stay alone, give us one chance, I request you. Baa calls Deepak and asks him where are you….

Sanjay says its just beginning Veer, we can’t say anything till results come. Dhara gets shocked seeing Mihir outside her house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    I hope dhara do not unite with mihir again.. and unite with sanjay..

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