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The Episode starts with Dhara thanking Sanjay for fixing grill for her security. Pandit ji comes there and asks Sanjay why did he use muslim color green for the grill. Sanjay says its Shubhangi’s fav color, I can’t change it. Dhara argues with pandit ji and tells about green color used by everyone. She says this is our house, I can keep any color. Pandit ji says you give good lecture, remove this color. She says it won’t change, you better change your mindset.

Shubhangi asks who was that uncle. Dhara says no one, don’t hear that. Pandit ji plays music. Dhara asks Shubhangi to hear this music. She says we will go and see who is playing tabla so well. They go and see pandit Chaurasia ji playing tabla.

Dhara goes home and recalls Pitambar’s words. She writes diary that she will play

and win, none can stop her, and she will make every day an opportunity. She smiles and goes to practice.

Its morning, Sanjay comes to his party office. He asks what are you doing, to spoil poor kids’ food. He tells Verma that principal told me everything, if Bhanu Pratap knows this, we are gone. Verma says we have to do this to run party, how will money come, don’t get emotional. Sanjay says its my responsibility to get sign on door window contracts, but I can’t bear this if you spoil kids’ food.

The students argue on playing first. Dhara stops them and says you want to play and not learn. The groups argue again. She says we will toss and decide who will play first. She gives team names to them. She tosses and says muslim’s team wins. Basheer goes to bowl. Dhara gives him bowling tips. He does not listen to her. Hindu students say we can’t learn anything if they play like this. The bat breaks and Dhara gets worried.

Dhara goes to Mishra and says this was last day, its also gone, when is sports committee coming. Mishra says they will come in 2-3 days, they will not get anything, nothing will happen, they will come to have snacks. She says we will make list and explain our needs. He says you explain them, they explain others, this list will be used by them to keep kachoris. She asks why is your thinking negative, I did not hear any encouraging thing from you. He says they did not leave courage in me, leave it, you tell problem to committee, they will not pay heed.

Dhara says it depends on your attitude, I don’t have habit to lose without fighting. He says I have done my fighting, I feel its foolish to fight with them, half my age passed, they won’t change, the way they talk, a self esteemed man can’t hear them, I have to get embarrassed always. Bhola comes and says sports committee came, principal is calling you. Dhara says Mishra said they will come after 2-3 days. Mishra says they came early to have snacks, I won’t come to argue, you go Dhara. Dhara looks at him.

Sports committee men ask for kachoris. Mishra and Dhara come there. The men ask Mishra to order some snacks for them and joke on him. Pitambar says she is Dhara, new cricket coach. The men are in their own talk and joke on Mishra. Dhara looks on. She says she will get kachoris for them later, and asks them to see the state, the kids don’t have equipment, think about this, its your job. The man says don’t tell me my job, your students don’t need anything, they don’t play well. She says you don’t know anything. She asks how many players are there in team, tell me.

Pitambar calms her and asks Mishra to open sports room, we will check whats there. Mishra tells Dhara that they always insult me, they are corrupt, I m sports teacher, I have to become their servant, see they will ask how did these things came, its game and bats will break, they will ask how bat broke. She says don’t worry, I will settle accounts, open the lock. The man asks whats treasure here. She says can treasure be here when you are here. She argues with them and says I m doing my work, come inside and see.

The man notes down some equipment. Dhara says its not here. The man asks her to close eyes and say this dream, she will see everything. He laughs.

Dhara argues with the men, and says they are cheating and making fake reports, its limit, I can’t let this happen. She scolds the man and says everything is getting recorded.

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