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The Episode starts with Dinesh asking the students to play as a team. He says don’t think you are playing for me, think its for this school and Bulandgunj, Roy has big disease and even then he is training us all day here, this victory is imp for him, he has cancer, he told me, he has come here so that our school team wins, we have to forget past and think about the cup, that is our destination, if destination is one, we should have one thinking. They all join hands.

Roy and Dhara have a talk about Mihir. She says I m not scared, but he knows my weakness, Shubhangi, he wants to trouble me by making me away from Shubhangi, he gets happiness breaking me, Shubhangi is little girl, I m afraid she will be used to expensive gifts. Roy calls Shubhangi and says I heard Dhara tells stories to you every night,

I will also say a story, but on one condition, your mumma will prepare dinner till then. Shubhangi asks Dhara to go. Dhara goes.

Roy tells Dhara’s story, how a princess earned name by playing cricket, her dad supported her, princess got famous, then she got married, she did not leave playing cricket, she continued playing after marriage, then a fairy came in her life, then princess got busy after the fairy, then princess got to know prince started doing bad things, so princess left prince and went away with the fairy, she went to stay in Bulandgunj. Shubhangi says this is mumma’s story. He says smart, you know this, Dhara is brave, so you are also brave, do you feel proud for her. Shubhangi says yes. Roy says now fairy has to agree will she stay in story or not. Shubhangi says I will stay, promise. She goes and gives that toyhouse to Dhara. She says I don’t want this house, I love my house as my mumma stays here. Dhara cries and hugs her. Roy smiles.

Its morning, Roy comes to the ground and sees Dinesh managing the team well. He asks Dinesh is everyone listening to him. Dinesh says yes, and calls them. Basheer asks how are you Roy Sir, I heard… Roy says we did not come here to discuss my disease, we will just talk about cricket, come sit, I m seeing your training, I m happy seeing hardwork and determination, I think Dinesh is working well. Dinesh and everyone smile. Roy says now we have to decide who will do what responsibilities, batting, bowling, fielding….

Virat says I have to help my dad in his bakery every day, I get tired, I have duty towards family, its imp, my dad gets angry on me. Roy says fine, but you can be on ground when you are in school, we will talk to your dad. He says about batting, we need two openers, they decide in which direction will match go, the players get confidence by them, and tells the qualities needed in those two opening batsman. He asks who are such two players in our team, we want one aggressive batsman and one calm player. He chooses Imran and Manoj. Sultan likes the choice and says I want to do Bhangra. Roy says you can dance when you guys win, you have to work hard and play, Manoj and Imran will take us to victory. They smile.

Prakash tells Dhara that he filed case against Mihir. She asks what case. He says I filed mental harassment and domestic violence case, I wrote you were hurt by him, you are suffering because of him, you can’t travel in such state. She says what, I know you are doing this for me, but I don’t have any disease, will we lie so much, what will be difference between Mihir and us. He says truth changed in Kalyug, we have to trap Mihir by this lie, we have to take support of lie to fail lie, we have to do this.

Roy tells Dhara that I feel I did not teach you anything, dreams take person anywhere, things don’t happen easily, you have to fight with situation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Iam a regular watcher of this serial… But today only commented i hope let many commentss like this and make this many tamanna fanzzz

    1. Yeah…I wish…anyways..u people if Indians, need 2 watch it on television 2, (it will add 2 TRPs). I wish I could 2, bt due 2 bad service of TV/cable here in my area.., my parents, and all in my house, watch it online. 🙁

  2. Good I’m glad Roy is here to support her. Stupid Mihir

    1. Yeah..Even I am glad dat she has ppl around her 2 luk up to, be her father, her coach..It will b 2 bad wen he goes though(he has cancer) :(..

  3. I like this show 2, is very different and unique on its own ways but unfortunately, I heard the show will come on end soon. I don’t get why good shows end so early and the bad drama, mother-in-law and daughter- inlaw once stays longer. I am not Indian but I appreciate and like the diversity that this show carry, shows like this should be cherish kept longer.

    1. Be positive..dear..its still a month left if rumors/reports r 2 b believed..I am sure…directors..will not let it go haywire so easily..Yeah I know…actually, sadly its based on TRPs. No offense to anyone, but the generic audience, do not want 2 put deir brains 2 think abt anythin..& r dumb sumtimes..& so such bad dramas..go on like a rubberband…

  4. I think, now from dis episode..I wish everyone, married or unmarried gets a daughter like Shubhangi in their lives, so understanding, so caring, so smart..& so wise..oh d cutie pie..where can I pull her cute cheeks..:)

  5. Hii sneha . Ifka.gits. I hope u all will comment regularly and if possible we can hav a goo bond here also like other serial fanzz have

    1. by d way…I new 2 dis forum, so…wat is a goo bond

  6. The only serial which i like in starplua is tamanna.. Now this is also going off air.. Cant believe. Iam a big fan of colors serial..

    1. yeah same here…d only serial I like nowadays on whole of Hindi television is Tamanna…If dis goes…I wud hav no serial 2 watch…:(

  7. Yeah this channel people are mad. It seems as if they are ending tamanna and dehleez. Already they ended manmarziyan.
    Channel is only interested in serials like sathiya,, where next track is gopi (grandma) remarriage .

    1. mad..dey hav gone crazy..since d day ekta started her bandwagon,..dey r sticking 2 d saas bahu & shit formula like fevicol..

  8. i think the criteria for a show’s success should change..it should”t be based on only TRPs in present days coz only housewives can watch on TV at the prime time..all otther working/ studying/ abroad watch either online or repeats..
    If it xontinues so only saas bahu dramas or Ekta kapoor”s irrational stories will go on..
    New, different youth loving stories will not run for long..This is not right..

    1. Yeah…I second u..yeah even online audience shud b considered

  9. i think online voting should be introduced frequently which should be promoted during the show on TV also..regarding any major twists, etc in stories
    then it will be more interesting..

    1. Yeah…dey…shud b promoted dat way..thinkin of promotion..I think Tamanna cud hav been a little more known if d promotions were done well..(I mean promoting d serial)

  10. Pls do comment everyone

    1. Aap hi bato ji hum kya comment kare genital ji !

      1. arre yaar…kuch bhi kardo…serial main kya chal raha hai uspar comment, karo, apne life par comment karo, serial ke direction me mistakes nikaalo, khubiyaan nikaalo..lekin baat karo…oh (I can literally talk on for ages wen I start) 🙂 🙂

  11. ya everyone should comment . I was also a silent reader . I like this serial very much actually

    1. Haha…even I was..

  12. Tamana is the best serials of star plus … pls if u want to stop then stop sns but pls don’t stop tamana

    1. Yeah..plz…stop dat crap of SNS…or I wud hav 2 personally go 2 d actress & tell her 2 wear a death waala varmala on her photo…Oh God…facepalm!!

  13. Yup actually tamanna is a kind of must view typ serial. It has much ethic and logic other than those family fight and superstitious series. It must not be let off so easily just because the people prefer a dumber one. I’m actually a non Hindi speaking person and preferred Hindi series over regional languages just because it has a good theme and better directed. But when I started to analyse each I found most though different initially are same at the end just because it had trp s and wanted the show to be dragged. Tamanna, reporters, IPKKND, saraswati Chandra and BHRK are the gems among those. But many miss to realise it’s quality. Actually tamanna must move on.

  14. Actually guys…I hav another idea too(its just an idea though). I don’t if u ppl will agree or not bt another option for such good shows is better 2 go online…I mean totally..See, d TRP system is very much f**ked off…it doesnt even take d actual review of India’s audience. & if d TRP system cant change, den its better gud shows shud b shown online. & den even d international audience can b counted.it can reap gud results for tv channels 2..

    Genita, sorry, I may take sum wat longer time 2 comment (though comment, I will do.) as my job working hrs r a little complicated..& work 2..& my office is competing with d U.S. central jail’s department (yucksss) in matters of data security..It already overcame my school in terms of strictness (sarcasm) (mobiles & chat sites, entertainment sites totally banned)

  15. I love this serial. But saddened to hear they are ending it so soon. I feel trp rating is low coz of the time slot they gave.

  16. Maybe they swipe time for sns to tamanna time . Then the audience will be bigger.please directors let it go on little longer it’s an inspiration serial for women

  17. Sita ji comment anout each days episode. Share everyones view about it….. Guyzzz why is todays epi not being updated…. Pls do comment regularly. I wish this serial should not go off air

  18. Its ok sneha… Whenever u get time u comment

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