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The Episode starts with everyone clapping for Dhara. Dhara taunts Nisha back and asks her to get the ball. Kulkarni and Roy laugh. Dhara goes and drinks water. Nisha goes and gets friendly with Dhara outside the pitch. She says we will get enemies on pitch again. Dhara says wrong, there is competition on pitch, not enmity. Roy tells Kulkarni that Dhara talks well too, I gave you an all rounder.

Dhara goes home and practices while cooking. Baa calls Dhara. Dhara says I knew you will call, I started playing cricket again, Mihir allowed me. Baa says he is going so much for you, are you not doing anything. Dhara says I m growing roses and making laddoos today, I know Mihir and home are more imp, I will manage. Baa says I know, its good cricket started again, but its not easy to manage two things together.

Dhara asks why. Baa says we were here, but there…. Dhara says don’t worry, I m making gujarati thaali today. Saroj talks to Dhara and says your voice looks like before. Dhara says I will talk later.

Dhara goes and calls Mihir. She thanks him. He asks how many times will she thank him. She says don’t know, you don’t know you gave me such a big gift, you gave me gift and you can get anything. He says just one thing, love. She smiles and asks him to come home. She says she made many things for him today, I have work now. He says we will argue later, I will win. She says we will see that, and ends call.

An intern joins him and Mihir says no one told me about him, ideally boss should have informed me. He talks to his intern and asks him to start the first chapter, tell an absolute lie, come on. He says the clients come here to buy lies and show a fake face, learn to lie and you will be good PR, get married soon and you will learn lying.

Dhara makes laddoos at home. Mihir shows a man to his intern and says he is Sanjeev, speech writer, he has written speech for big leaders, its just lies.

The kids come to Dhara and asks her to play. She says I don’t have time. She asks them to play even at exams time, mind will get refresh. She asks them to go and gives them sweets. She goes to change clothes. Mihir tells about the peon, honest man of the office, that’s why he is peon.

The kids eat all the laddoos till Dhara comes back. She holds her head. Mihir says she is Ananya, receptionist, she never lies, but fakely smiles. Baa says kids will eat laddoos, but what about Mihir, make laddoos again. Dhara asks for any shortcut. Baa says there is no shortcut. Dhara says fine, I will make it again. She goes and makes laddoos again.

Mihir shows the biggest liar of the office, their boss Ashwin. Dhara starts leaving and Lavanya comes there. Lavanya asks are you cricketer, that’s so cool, I will drop you. Dhara says I will manage. Lavanya says I m free, I will drop you quickly.

Lavanya and Dhara reach the ground. Dhara comes for practice. Nisha asks till when will she play with others kits. Dhara says wish it comes late, I m batting well with others kit. Lavanya gets glad seeing Dhara playing. She says superb Dhara, I m so impressed. Mihir comes there and sees Lavanya with Dhara. He asks Dhara what is she doing here. Dhara says I told her to drop me to station and she dropped me here, I will tell her. He asks her to go home with Lavanya, and leaves.

Lavanya and Dhara come back home. Lavanya says you play very well. Dhara thanks her and goes to her flat. Mihir is angry. Dhara asks why did you come like that. He says I don’t like Lavanya. She asks why. He says she wears short clothes, hears loud music, comes home late night. She says so what, she is different. He says I don’t like you meeting her, this is my demand, you will not meet her, you don’t know such girl’s character. Dhara asks do you know her, I know her character, she gets medicines for aunty, she does humble deeds, how can you tell about her character, you should explain this to me, tell me when to serve food. She goes to her room.

Dhara tells Lavanya about Mihir and praises her. Mihir tells intern about Dhara, she is extremely intelligent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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