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The Episode starts with Sameer asking Mridula to be with Dhara, he will go with Sanjay. Dhara asks Sameer not to worry, and go home, she can see Shubhangi alone. Sanjay says I will just come, don’t worry. Dhara says we have to act normal as nothing happened, and not do anything that can ruin the team’s hardwork. Chaurasia says now Dhara will know. Sanjay goes to him and holds his neck. He scolds Chaurasia. Chaurasia says I m an artist, why will I do this, I m not related to politicians, you are doing bad, result won’t be good, have senses, leave my neck. Sanjay says I m doing right work now, tell your Bhai ji no one can scare Dhara and make her leave, else I will make you leave this world.

Its morning, Dhara sees the team practicing. Manoj says I did not get out, and talks to the team. Team

says you got out. Dhara says Manoj has told them that he got out, by looking bad, most batsmen do this, you can cheat by not looking bad, or walk out by accepting you got out, you decide what you want to do, cheating or playing honestly. Manoj says sorry, its gentleman’s game, I will play as a gentleman. She says good and reminds them that they are not playing tournament for trophy, they will win the hearts of this city’s residents, you all made a good start, I m sure our victory will fasten our speed. We will get some happiness by winning this tournament, if your parents get united and start bonding, it will be our true victory, did you all see Lagaan.

Sultan says yes, its best cricket movie. She says its not cricket movie, it was on underdogs’ victory, war on getting the rights and courage, this cricket match was a way for them to get rid of poverty. We also have to win for this city, will we win? They all say yes. She says good and smiles.

Bhai ji talks to Izhar on phone and says we will win, but Dhara is troubling a lot now. Izhar says elections are on head, else I would have got her killed. Bhai ji says we will make her beg for her death, we have left another arrow, it will strike target soon. The team practice continues. Some officers come there and give notice to Mishra, saying trade exhibition will be conducted here, stop the practice and shut this ground. Mishra shows notice to Dhara and says they are asking us to shut ground and stop practice. She asks how, where will team practice then.

The man says we got govt permission, its not illegal, don’t talk much and vacate the ground else…. She asks what else. Pitambar comes and says we won’t give this ground, whats all this, is this a joke, this is a school, kids are preparing for tournament to make us, this school and city win, go to anyone else. The man warns Pitambar. Dhara says Pitambar is principal and has school authority, if he is refusing, then its no. The man says you have to vacate school ground tomorrow, else we will vacate it, its better if you cooperate. The men leave.

Mishra says I will call Prakash and could not connect. He calls Sanjay. Mishra informs everything to Sanjay. Sanjay says I will stop Bhai ji, don’t worry. Bhai ji talks about his bad deeds and laughs. Sanjay comes to Bhai ji and scolds him. Bhai ji asks will you punish me, I can disappear you and Dhara, election tied my hands. Sanjay says you can’t do anything, don’t attack on back like cowards, stop this game. Bhai ji says I won’t, what will you do, its govt work for the city’s good, its trade expo for govt.

Sanjay asks Bhai ji not to fool them. Bhai ji says that ground is very huge and profitable, I will take that ground, I m giving you last chance, leave that woman and get out of her words, ask Dhara to leave and we will return the ground, she is stupid, a ground is needed for battle, and here the ground is mine. He laughs.

Mihir meets Baa and says I can’t live without Dhara and Shubhangi, please Baa save me from this lifelong punishment.

Update Credit to: Amena

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