Tamanna 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Baa asking Dhara to go and change clothes. Dhara gives sheera to Baa and makes her have it, saying I will change clothes later. Baa tells Deepak that Saroj and I won’t wash this clothes, you or Dhara wash it. Deepak says fine, I will wash it, its tshirt. He laughs. Dhara writes in diary that its two months now Deepak gifted her this diary, she has to give marks to herself, she gives 90 marks in household work, I think I can do better, Deepak taught me many things in two months, and writes her flaws and mistakes she is doing while playing cricket.

She writes that she is playing cricket to hit, and Deepak taught her well, so 36 marks in cricket, I have to focus on batting, I will work hard more in fielding, lets see what Papa says about my result. She goes to sleep. Saroj

tells Dhara that Deepak became dearer to her now. Dhara hugs Saroj and holds Deepak’s hand.

Its morning, Deepak gives lollipop to Dhara and asks how many marks she got in result. She tells the marks, and says studies marks same as exam marks, I did not do well in cricket, so I gave just 36 marks to me. He is glad that she gave deserving marks to her and evaluated her skills well, I m sure that you will score 100 marks soon. Deepak gives training to Dhara and sends her home. Deepak tells his friend Mukul that he is taking Dhara to Kantilal Gada, he is cricket expert and I want Dhara to get trained by him. Mukul says if he agrees, then Dhara’s life will be set. Deepak says its not easy, but I will take Dhara.

Deepak takes Dhara to bus stand. She buys a hair tie. He asks her to hold his hand, and if she gets lost, she should ask any woman about the bus. He asks her not to worry and they board the bus. They leave. Deepak teaches her what to do if she gets lost, how to reach enquiry office, he will reach her, you have to learn this, if anyone asks you to come with them, then refuse.

They reach another place. Deepak asks Dhara is she hungry. She says yes. He says come, we will have food. She says we will miss bus. He says no, we will get another bus, come. He makes her sit and gets snacks. He says I did not get ticket, you be here, I will get ticket and come. He then calls her out to come, bus has come. Dhara goes out and does not see Deepak. She looks for him. She shouts Papa and recalls Deepak’s words.

Dhara asks a lady about the bus, I m lost, I will not go with you, my Papa told me not to go anywhere, show me ticket counter. The lady shows ticket counter. Dhara talks to the man on counter and he tells her that to find her dad, else tell the person at enquiry counter that she is lost. She gets ticket and goes to the bus. She gets in the bus and finds Deepak there. Deepak waves to her and asks her to come. She hugs Deepak and cries.

She beats him for getting lost intentionally. He says listen to me, you have to become brave. She says I want to become cricketer, not brave. He says you can’t become good cricketer by my training, you have to get training my expert coach, and she has to travel alone in bus, if I take leave to accompany you, I will lose my job, you have to do everything on your own, you have to grow up in young age, Sachin also use to travel in young age, your training will start, I m with you, if I m not with you, then you have to manage on own. She says okay and he hugs her. She gives her seat to old woman. The woman blesses her. Dhara says I grew up 5mins ago and smiles.

Deepak tells Dhara about Kantilal Gada. He says he was best cricketer, but an accident changed everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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