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The Episode starts with Veeru telling Sanjay that Dhara is their cricket coach, she plays well. Sanjay asks him to focus on studies, not cricket. Veeru asks for kulfi. Sanjay says you want kulfi and your father needs something else. He comes home and gives wine to his brother in law. He argues and says I serve my party. He says you are drinking wine by my earnings, wine is not good to have. He sends Veer to get his bike keys. Veer goes. Sanjay scolds his brother in law and says my sister died because of you, and Veer’s state is also because of you, don’t remind me my duty, I m fulfilling it, I m educating Veer and providing wine to you.

Dhara stops seeing Veer. He says I stay here with my Mama. Sanjay asks her to keep Veer away from cricket, its not in his fate, he has polio, its enough he studies

and gets govt job, his legs are bad. She says his hands are fine, he has great throw and catch, he makes great sketching, his eyes are lovely to dream, he did not let his eyes get polio, keep dreaming Veer, let him dream. She leaves.

Mridula comes to Dhara’s house and gives jalebis and samosas. Shubhangi says I love jalebis. Mridula asks her to have it. She talks to Dhara about children. Dhara asks her to have children. Mridula says I had two miscarriages, its not in my fate. Dhara gives her hope. Mridula says I think everything will be fine now. They hear Chaurasia pandit playing table. Mridula tells about pandit teaching music to kids. Dhara sees Shubhangi playing music and shows Mridula. Sameer secures Dhara’s house for Shubhangi’s safety and says I will color it tomorrow. She says color it green, Shubhangi loves green. He says fine and they smile.

Its morning, Dhara is on ground and asks the guys to play. She likes Basheer’s bowling. The guy asks her to teach batting. She asks him to first learn to stand well. She shows how to grip bat and keep both legs together, then take stance. She gives him tips. Mishra says I think I have no work here. She says I m teaching kids so that no one pints finger on you, you are sports dept head, it will be your name. He gets glad. The hindu students ask Dhara when will she teach them, they won’t play with Muslims. Dhara asks whats their problem, why don’t they play together. He says I told you, they don’t do anywhere together. She says there is one bat here, there is no equipment, we have two balls, they don’t play together, what shall I do. He says calm down, nothing will happen. She says we have to do something. He asks her to try.

Sanjay comes to meet Pitambar. He says Bhanu Pratap took govt contract to change the doors and windows here and put new one. Pitambar says its not need, why will I sign. Sanjay says our house to run too, we will not fix new, and just paint this old one. Pitambar says window is fine, its not broken. Sanjay stares at him, and breaks the window. Pitambar asks what are you doing. Sanjay says see its broken, I will break all windows and get fixed again if you say, sign fast, you know me well. Pitambar says I m cooperating with you, I have kids’ lunch contract to you, ghee comes less. Sanjay asks what do you mean, who is doing this. Pitambar says maybe your man is doing this.

Dhara comes there and sees Sanjay leaving. Dhara tells Pitambar that its big problem. She says how will kids play like in two teams. Pitambar says I have no courage to talk to committee, you talk to committee and argue. He says I can’t permit you to make them play together, let them be separated, it will be better.

Dhara asks committee to see kids don’t have equipment, this is your job. The man says don’t tell me about my job. She argues with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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