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The Episode starts with Roy asking Dinesh to come and talk to boys. He asks him to have courage. Dinesh calls boys for practice. No one listens. Roy calls the boys and says we will practice today, you all jog around the ground and make two rounds. He asks them not to talk and jog slowly. Everyone jog. Dinesh sees Roy and goes to him. He says you look unwell, go home, I will manage here. Roy asks what, will you train the boys. Dinesh calls out to tell the boys to run properly. Dinesh tells Roy that his captain is ready, and now Roy can go home. Roy smiles and asks him to run as well. Dinesh smiles and goes to jog.

Prakash tells Dhara that he found out that Mihir deposited some pics to show Shubhangi is not getting raised here well, he has shown drawbacks of the city, he wants to prove that Dhara can’t

raise Shubhangi well, so he wants Shubhangi back for her good upbringing, Mihir will shed crocodile tears and make his case strong. She says we can’t lose the case.

Sanjay says you won’t lose Dhara. She says you don’t know Mihir, he is a cheap man, he does not love Shubhangi, he wants to trouble me by taking her away from me, he will do anything to make me lose, but I can’t lose. She cries. Prakash says I m not saying to scare you, you have to be strong and careful, trust me. Dhara says yes, I have hope from you, I don’t want to lose case.

Prakash says we will not lose, have water. He says I made a plan, I have to think how the plan works, I will tell you, I have seen Shubhangi, she regards you everything, she is like you, we all know this, why are you scared, when Shubhangi is asked her decision, she will support you, she knows right and wrong, trust your teachings and love, you will win.

Roy freshens up and drinks water. Shubhangi comes from school. Dhara comes and worries seeing Roy’s health. He says I m fine. She says its my mistake to send you for coaching kids, you should take rest, I did not think about you, I will manage everything. He asks her to stop it, its true I have cancer, but I may get fine, don’t remind me that I have cancer and I m going to die, whats this. I want to forget everything, I m scared too, but I don’t want to realize this disease, don’t do this to me, I have come here by my wish.

He asks her to not to talk about this disease anymore, don’t behave this way, tell everyone, till I m alive, talk to me as I m alive. She asks him to drink water. She asks did you take medicines. He says yes. She asks him to take rest, I will manage. He says no need to worry about training, Dinesh is ready to manage.

The boys play the game. Dinesh gives them tips and asks them to play well. Aamir refuses to listen to Dinesh. Dinesh explains his point. Aamir asks him to just be captain and not try to become coach.

Dinesh stops the team players and asks them what are they all doing. He calls all of them to talk. Dhara says I m not telling about Dinesh, I m saying if you need anything, tell me, we will go to doctor if you have any problem, just say okay. He says fine, okay, now stop this. He asks her to make tea. She says I can’t make you lose in arguments. He smiles.


Prakash tells Dhara that he filed case against Mihir, I will answer him my way. Dhara asks what did you file. Prakash says I have filed domestic violence and mental harassment case against him. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope the story doesn’t get worst with this track… then it will be no more interesting to watch this serial…!!

    1. naah…it cant go worse…I am very positive abt it…I like d pace at which dey go..it gives us time 2 go through every layer of dhara’s character sketch.

  2. Yes, I want this case to be won in dhara’ favour and the story to continue like it was. Please don’t make it like a usual daily drama serial.

  3. Yes you are right RH. I love this serial as it’s different from other sasu bahu dramas. I Hope it will continue to focus on the story line with the girl power of Dhara and her Team

  4. domestic violence and mental harassment should have been filed against him long ago (wen dhara had showed dat violence waala clip in her divorce court case)…especially during d divorce..its gud dat dey r using dat now though..

    1. Yes…..hope dhara wins…gud show as it not like saas bahu drama…and I don’t think they drag the plots. Also……

      1. yeah…dey keep d suspense at a good pace not overboard or not too fast..& i luv dat d director has a mind of his own

  5. Hope many people comment…..here and this show gets a good push….


    Sad news for tamnna and dalheez fans both are going off air soon…
    U can chexk on given link..


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