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The Episode starts with Dhara apologizing to Varun for not being in touch. They have a talk. She tells about her Bulandgunj team. She says a coach can just teach, but player has to show their talent in the ground. Varun asks her to attend coach meeting. She says no, I have to go back, Shubhangi is alone. Diwakar says I heard you, you can go tomorrow, I believe the people there can manage Shubhangi, attend the meet and then we will go on dinner. Varun convinces her. Dhara agrees and smiles.

Bhai ji and Chaurasia have dinner together. Bhai ji says I like victory. Chaurasia asks him to keep Dhara out of their city, Sanjay is supporting her, you just see Sanjay, Dhara is jumping because of Sanjay, you do something of Sanjay, and she will sit quiet. Bhai ji says this time, I will hit at the centre, just

you support me. Chaurasia agrees. Bhai ji smiles.

Dhara goes in the coach meeting. She sees everyone dining. She asks about coach meeting. A man says yes, its being conducted here, you want to have some breakfast. Kulkarni Sir comes there and she gets great surprise seeing her. He says its really a pleasant surprise. She tells about Bulandgunj sports team, she is coaching them, it took half work to get the team together. He says I m coaching Mumbai team since 3 years, where is Roy. She says he went to London for treatment. He says come, everyone will be curious to know a lady coach coming here for the first time.

He tells everyone about the first female coach attending the meeting, she is Dhara Solanki, I wish her all the best for the tournament. She talks to some coach Chaterjee about her team, and tells their weaknesses. He asks what weaknesses. She tells about their player’s weaknesses. Kulkarni is on call with someone and hears Dhara frankly telling all the weaknesses of her players innocently, as Chaterjee cleverly asks her everything. He asks about the team, captain and wicket keeper. She gives all the info while having a casual talk, and unknowingly tells weak points of her team.

Chaterjee says it was pleasure meeting you and goes to thank Kulkarni. Kulkarni says why did he say sorry, and asks Dhara what did he ask you. She says it was interesting conversation about weak and strong points of the team. He says very nice, you are good coach and nice person, but you have to learn about coaching, if you are good, its not imp that others are also good, you gave all secrets to him, Chaterjee takes game out of the grounds, he will do anything to win. She gets shocked and worries. He asks her not to cry now, tournament did not start yet, wish you all the best.

Mishra asks the team what are they going. Shubhangi sits with Veer and cheers for the team. Mishra says very good, you all have to win the trophy. Dhara comes there and smiles seeing the team. Shubhangi runs to her and hugs her. The team goes to meet Dhara. Mishra says well done Dhara. Shubhangi asks what did you get for me from Delhi. Dhara says I will show gift later. She asks the team to work hard, till they get cup in their hand, I will also work hard.

Dhara plays with Shubhangi at home. Mridula tells her that Zeenat made the kheer for her. Dhara says great, Zeenat is really nice. Mridula says I spoke to her, she was very happy for tournament entry news. Shubhangi asks when will baby grow up. Dhara laughs and says your fingers were short too, now you have grown up. Power goes. Someone knock the door. Shubhangi gets scared. Dhara hugs her. Sanjay says I will see, wait. Sanjay goes out to see, and does not see anyone. He gets a broken bat and a note. Sanjay sees Chaurasia standing in his balcony. Chaurasia goes seeing Sanjay. Sameer asks what happened. Dhara reads the warning. Mridula asks whats happening, who is doing this. Sanjay says calm down, I will manage this, I know who is behind this, no need to be afraid of them Dhara, focus on tournament. Dhara says don’t do anything that ruins the students’ work. Sameer says Dhara is right, we should take any wrong step in hurry.

Dhara and Mishra get the notice about vacating the ground. She says where will the team practice.

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