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The Episode starts with Dhara smiling and hearing Sameer’s conversation with Deepak. Sameer says Bau ji used to make this gloves by his hands, he would be glad if you wear this. He gives the gloves. She says thanks, you love him a lot. He says yes, don’t ask anything, when my dad passed away, this watch stopped, I did not start it again, for me time stopped there, we will talk everything about my dad, not about that one day. He goes.

Dhara talks to Shubhangi’s teacher and asks her progress. She asks Shubhangi to study well and listen to teacher carefully. The teacher asks all the kids to make a line. Shubhangi joins the muslim students line. Teacher asks her to stand with hindu students. Shubhangi asks why can’t I stand with them.

The teachers argue in staffroom. Baig talks to them.

Dhara comes and says she has hit sixes yesterday and have to play today. She asks for newspaper, just sports page. He says take it, we don’t see sports page. The table falls down and they say that the school is very old, the building may fall anytime, there is no power, Dhara’s job is better to breath in open. Baig hears Azaan and says its time for my Namaz. He leaves. Dhara reads cricket updates. She tells them that parents leave children on teachers and teachers leave children on Lord’s belief.

Mishra asks the guys to take training, save respect today. The guy says we lost the ball. The ball falls and the handicapped guy comes. He picks ball and says I came to see lady Sachin. Dhara comes there and asks for the ball. The handicapped guy gives the ball. Dhara goes to him and asks where did he get ball. The guy says I got it from Aamir. Dhara throws ball to Mishra and asks the guys to start bowling, I m not out yet. Dhara starts playing and hits sixes. Mishra asks the guys why are they making fun of him, even they could not out Dhara. Dhara says you became captain from empire. He says I m sports teacher, not captain. Mishra asks Basheer to bowl. He does not respond. Dhara looks at them. She hits more sixes.

Mishra asks the guys to wait and see, maybe Dhara will get out. The handicapped guy catches the ball. Mishra gets glad and says it’s a catch. Dhara asks him to see well, the one who caught ball is not your player, we will play again tomorrow, ball is not lost today. She smiles and leaves. She goes to that handicapped ball and asks him to keep the ball. She says you caught ball well. He says you played well. He shows the book in which he writes stories by sketches. She likes the sketch and says its me. He says it has your today’s story. She says very good, you do good sketching, I think you like cricket. He says I used to play before, then lost legs at age of 5 years. He shows his story. She asks how did this happen. He says I had polio, I like to play cricket, I sometimes bunk classes and come to see the game. She says your hands works well in sketching and catching, I will make you twelfth man of my team.

The handicapped guy goes with Sanjay. Dhara and Shubhangi look on, as Sanjay troubles the guy. Sanjay asks how is Shubhangi. Dhara scolds him for troubling the guy. He says he is my nephew, its free service to drop him, you can come along. Dhara leaves with Shubhangi. The guy tells Sanjay that this madam plays superb, she is our new cricket coach.

Sanjay and Dhara argue. Dhara says his throw and catch are great, this guy can play, his eyes have dreams. She asks Sanjay to let the guy dream.

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