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The Episode starts with Roy talking to the students. He gives them tips and says I will help you all in making your strong points. He asks them to bowl towards wicket, so that batsman gets helpless to play every ball, we have seven months, Dhara and I will guide you, but you all have to work hard, but you should not lose focus from other things, you need to focus on studies, family and household work, you have to prove you deserve to win, don’t say you will try to win, you have to win trophy this time. They all say yes.

Roy says its enough for today, you all leave now. He stops Dinesh and says I need to talk to you. Prakash says we have to get case transfer to Bulandgunj, Mihir will be tired to come from Mumbai. Dhara asks is case does not transfer, will I need to go Mumbai. Prakash says no need.

Sanjay asks whats the guarantee that case will transfer. Prakash says we will appeal on medical ground. Dhara asks what, nothing happened to me, what medical ground.

Roy asks Dinesh why are you silent, you are team’s captain, my eyes are on way, you don’t look a player, I don’t know why Dhara chose you, I feel you are doing favor, what is the matter, you look so upset. Dinesh stammers. Roy says tell me, I have time to hear you.

Prakash says Mihir is using wrong methods, we have to explain him in his ways, there won’t be right and wrong, we have to use wrong methods, you want victory, you will win, don’t think how I m doing this. Sanjay asks Dhara to let Prakash do anything, I trust him. Prakash says we will appeal in court that Dhara is unwell and can’t transfer, Mihir will have problem to travel here, court will favor you as you are a woman. Sanjay asks what disease will we say.

Dinesh says I stammer, they laugh on me and call me a coward, I don’t have courage to say I don’t like them laughing on me. Roy asks him to stop it. Dinesh cries.

Shubhangi talks to Gaffur and says Sanjay got toffees for me. She gives him a toffee and asks him to say thanks. He thanks her. She says I m missing mummy, Roy is doing her work in school and she is in leave. Roy scolds Dinesh and asks him not to fall weak by small things. He says look at me, I have cancer. Dinesh asks what, do you have cancer. Roy says I have it, you don’t get worried, I have some months time, I will die after it, its in my hands to decide what to do, will I sit in corner and get scared like you, or do what I can, which I want to do in my life, winning trophy is my dream, you will get it for me, cancer can kill me, not my dreams and aspirations, everything is from mind, you are crying here, shall I believe Dhara is a fool, I wasted time on her, she did not learn anything and made you captain.

He calls Dinesh a fool and asks him to have shame, someone trusted you, you should trust yourself, else whats the need of that trust, she thought something and made you captain, you have to believe in yourself. You have to make them listen to you, you are captain, who will do your work, I have few months, I will win this trophy before I leave, its on you whether you get trophy for me or not, you got a big chance, you don’t realize this, change your thinking and way of life. Roy gets teary eyed and asks will you get trophy for me…. You decide. Roy goes…..

Postman gets some parcel for Shubhangi, and says it’s a gift from your Papa. Shubhangi says mumma is not at home, and takes the parcel. She checks the gift and gets a note. She asks Gaffur to read the note. Gaffur reads that its gift for Shubhangi, her Papa loves her a lot, he will write letter to her every week. He asks where is mummy. Shubhangi says she is at Veer’s house.

Shubhangi goes to Sanjay’ house and tells Dhara that Papa has sent a letter and a gift. Dhara reads the letter. She shows letter to Sanjay and Prakash. Dhara says Shubhangi, throw this gift in dustbin. Shubhangi asks why, Papa gave this to me, I don’t need this, I want to play. Dhara says we don’t need this, throw it. Shubhangi says you did not buy any gift for me. Dhara scolds her and asks her to obey her. Shubhangi refuses to throw the gift. Dhara says enough. Sanjay stops Dhara.

Shubhangi plays and Dhara looks on. Mihir writes that Shubhangi will be with him soon, tell her to make a house and have place for me, I have to stay with her, I love her. Dhara tells Sanjay that its first time Shubhangi argues with me, she loves Mihir, she will not identify his truth, Shubhangi is using her to fail her. Sanjay says Shubhangi will understand if you talk to her, you raised her well. She says if I win case, what will happen, when she grows up, she will decide for herself.

She says Mihir is rich and will give all comforts to Shubhangi, she can ask me why did I take this decision for her future, will she choose me leaving Mihir and all those comforts, even if I win this case, I will lose as a mother. Sanjay says listen to me carefully, nothing such will happen, mother is first Guru of child, you gave her good values, its more than house and car, trust your upbringing, you should get courage and show Mihir his real status, you have that power, you will do that, Shubhangi will never go away, I trust your love for her, I take guarantee that Shubhangi will be Dhara’s daughter. She cries.

Dhara tells Sanjay that you don’t know Mihir, he is a cheap man, he does not love Shubhangi, he wants to trouble me, he wants to break me by taking Shubhangi away from me.

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