Tamanna 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with doctor checking Dhara’s fingers, asking her to grab few things. He asks her to comb his hair. Dhara says no, Papa’s. He says fine, its exercise, try to comb, hold comb. Dhara combs Deepak’s hair. Doctor says great, now hold this paperweight. It falls. Doctor says try again, no need to take tension, I did not know she would pick glass, but she did, she will be fine in a month, Baa you have to make sheera. Baa says I will make many dishes, make Dhara fine. Doctor says she is fine, she is weak, but blood circulation will make her fine. He gives her a ball and asks her to stretch her fingers and press the ball. Dhara smiles and tries. Doctor asks Deepak to let her do this exercise. Deepak says now on one can stop you from playing with ball. Baa looks at Deepak. Dhara and Deepak

wink and smile.

Doctor says Dhara stay here with me, we will have fun, let your family go. She says no. He says then promise you will do exercise regularly. Dhara promises. They all sit in car to leave from hospital. Doctor asks Dhara not to put pressure on that hand. Everyone reach the temple.

Deepak wakes up pandit. Pandit calls Deepak someone else. He wears specs and says oh, Deepak, who came to pray for fingers. Baa says Dhara’s finger for fine, so we came to thank Lord. Pandit asks them to get kachoris in Prasad. Deepak says I will get all sweets shop, I will take Dhara to cricket practice daily and get kachori for you before going to ground.

After 10 days, Deepak starts the scooter and takes Dhara for cricket ground. He says this is pitch, where cricket is played, which I wanted to play and you want to play, so from today, we will play together, your finger broke because of me, I promise no one will stop you from playing cricket. We will start now. She asks how, we don’t have bat and ball. He says we need healthy body and mind first, else cricket techniques won’t work. He explains her that physical fitness is necessary. She laughs. He asks her to focus and concentrate on the ball. Deepak and Dhara run in the ground. A man asks why are you making her run, she came from hospital 10 days before. Deepak says her finger broke, not leg, I m announcing she will play cricket, I will make her best cricketer. He tells Dhara that those people were seeing you as no girl of this village runs in this direction, don’t worry, I will manage, but there is someone else whom we can’t manage. She says Baa.

They come home. Baa says I agreed when Deepak said, but Dhara has to understand what I say. She asks Saroj to get weight balance from kitchen. Saroj gets it. Deepak asks what are you doing Baa. Baa says this is your cricket, which made your life getting more importance, but after some years, more important thing will come, that time cricket weight will get less, I m asking your promise, that day you will understand the important thing, and not try to put more weight on cricket.

Deepak asks do you think Dhara will understand. Baa says I just want her to remember this, she will understand is later. Dhara says I m learning everything from you as I learn cricket. Baa asks really. Dhara says yes, I will do more work which you say. Baa says fine, go and play now. Baa stops Deepak and says we got saved from big problem. If I did not oppose cricket, this would have not happened, I m blessing you to make Dhara play cricket. But when its about marriage, she has to leave cricket. He says she will leave. She says it will be tough when cricket becomes her life, will you explain her or yourself, don’t say you will get such guy for her who accepts her with cricket. This is till marriage, explain this to Dhara. He says I know I will not spoil her childhood, she will play cricket, you don’t worry, she will easily leave it. Baa asks could you leave it, saying it easy, doing is tough. Lord will solve it. She goes.

Deepak tells Dhara that she has three tests, household work, studies and cricket. Baa says giving marks to self in self tests is more tough.

Update Credit to: Amena

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