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The Episode starts with Roy meeting all the kids. Pitambar says Roy does selection of women’s cricket team, he was best in studies and sports, Roy has won many trophies for this school, he has come here for some motive, he will teach you cricket, he is Dhara’s coach, I m sure you all will learn cricket well. Basheer says but our coach is Tamanna, it means she won’t teach us now. Dhara says biggest match of my life came in between, I have to play that and win. I will not let you guys get loss, your training will continue, Roy is my Guru, I learnt a lot from him, I m still learning, you will learn a lot from him, whatever Roy says, listen carefully, ask him anything, I will come back, till then will you ask do the task. They agree. Pitambar asks Roy to manage his team. He asks Dhara to come and sign

the leave application. Dhara says I will come. Mishra takes the guys for practice. The guys talk where is Dhara going, will she come back, we wish she comes back soon. Roy talks to Dhara. She says when I have to take tough decision, I always called Papa, these days, he is not fine, I did not tell him anything, I have to take my own decisions now. Roy says I m feeling good seeing you, you did not change, you faced all hurdles and you will win ahead, like a champion. She says your presence in my life increases my confidence. He says don’t make me cry now, can I go and coach the students. She asks what will he have in dinner. He says make anything like you used to make your dad. He blesses her.

Sanjay and Dhara show the photos to Prakash. Dhara asks Sanjay do you think he can win the case. Sanjay says yes, I blindly trust him, he always win, he is very determined and committed. Dhara says ask him what he is thinking about this case, we should have answers for opposition lawyer. Sanjay asks Prakash what did he think about case. Prakash asks him to go to party office and slap them, do they know what happened with Dhara, they are creating problems for ordinary people by their politics. Dhara asks Prakash the chances of their victory. Prakash says its full chances, I decided to leave wine, its tough, but I will fight, if I win, its sure that I will win your case too.

Roy talks to the team and asks them to have compatibility, all players have to play together, I told Mishra to keep old trophies in store room, you all will get new trophies, we have seven months time for tournament, I will train you the best way that can make your champions, I want to get that trophy, if I m determined, and trophy does not come, this can’t happen, best of luck guys, any questions. The students say we did not play on real pitch, how will we get good bats. Roy says these are very small questions, not related to victory and failure. We have to play game in our mind and believe we won, cricket is a mind game, if you can play on this pitch, you can play on any pitch. Every house has a champion here, so you all are champions. They all say yes. He throws the ball to Dinesh and smiles.

Sanjay scolds Verma and says Dhara’s life can get ruined today, she is in big problem today, you got any guest without knowing about him, Mihir has come here by party office to defame us, he cheated us, do you know what is Dhara going through, she can lose her daughter. Verma says you are shouting as if its your family member, you are party worker, think about party, why are you taking interest in other’s life. Sanjay argues and says I can put my power for truth, I will face everyone, even this party. He leaves.

Roy makes students practice and then sits talking to them. Roy gives them some tips on playing well. He says you should hit shot from bat’s centre, it has much power, you would see batsman going back and front to hit ball, why does this happen, when bowler bowls, batsman should see his hand and know where will ball fall, if ball falls ahead, you have to move back, make space and play the shot. Students listen to him with interest.

Dhara thanks Prakash for taking her case. He thanks her for giving a chance to win. He sees his wife’s pics. She says she was beautiful. He says yes, she was a nice woman, I lost everything, I could not become good father and husband, I was shocked by my wife’s death, I forgot she left my son with me, I made my son an orphan by my drinking habit, Sanjay took care of Veer as his son, but since Veer met you, I saw happiness in his eyes, you gave him courage, he is neglecting his weaknesses now, thanks Dhara for managing my Veer. He says I have to tell about my fees. She asks him to say his fees. He says you have to do a work, a favor on me. She asks him to say. He says if I win your case, promise you will fight my case in Sanjay’s court.

She asks what does he mean. He says I m Sanjay and Veer’s culprit, I lost my wife and son, I lived on Sanjay’s money and scolded him, I could not apologize to my wife, if Sanjay forgives me today, I will think my wife has forgiven me, will you tell Sanjay to forgive me please. She says Sanjay is a good person, though he is strict, but you left drinking habit, he will forgive you if you apologize to him. He promises he will change and asks her to promise that she will request Sanjay to forgive him. She says I will try, I can’t guarantee that he will agree. He says Sanjay will not refuse to you, I guarantee this.

Dhara tells Sanjay that she will lose Shubhangi and cries. Sanjay says I trust your love for Shubhangi, she will always be with you, I guarantee.

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