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The Episode starts with Dhara getting shocked reading the tournament committee letter. She wonders how did they happen, and asks Mishra not to worry, she will meet them at Delhi office. She asks the students not to worry, nothing will happen. Sanjay meets Dhara, and is unwell. He gives ticket to Dhara, and says your ticket is confirmed. She asks what happened to you. He stumbles. She makes him sit and says you have high fever. He faints. She gets worried. She calls Prakash and asks him to come fast, something happened to Sanjay. She says he has high fever. She sprinkles some water on Sanjay. Prakash says Sanjay did not tell me. She says why did Sanjay hide this, did he had food or not. She scolds Sanjay for being careless and asks Prakash to call doctor. She asks Sanjay to lie down. She takes care of Sanjay.

Sanjay looks at her.

Bhai ji tells Izhar that Dhara is failing their every step, we have to fill this space, and cut Dhara’s feathers, else Sanjay and Salamat will make many more stand against her. Izhar says Dhara is a spark, she has become fire now, shall we kill her. Bhai ji says no, if we kill her, her thinking will get immortal, we have to kill her thinking by using someone. Izhar asks whom will you use. Bhai ji says pandit Chaurasia.

Dhara asks Veer about Prakash. She gives khichdi for Sanjay and asks him how is he now. Sanjay says I m fine. She asks him to take rest. Shubhangi says mumma will scold you. They smile. Dhara asks Sanjay to have khichdi now. Shubhangi asks shall I feed him. Dhara says fine. Shubhangi feeds Dhara. Sanjay says you had to leave today Dhara, why are you here, you will miss train. She says I will see, don’t worry. He says your and your team’s dream is imp, you go. She says your health is most imp for me now, have the food.

The team has a talk about Dhara, she worked hard and riots ended all the efforts. They think Dhara will find some way for sure, she is doing this for our dreams, we should work hard in practice and be thankful to her.

Its morning, Salamant gets fruits for Sanjay and asks him to have it, as he is unwell. Dhara comes there and says two friends together, great. Sanjay asks Dhara why did she not go today also, I will curse myself if you don’t go, leave soon. She says I m going, I came to see you, take care. He says you too, you will succeed in every motive. She says thanks, and leaves. Salamat smiles seeing Sanjay and Dhara’s sweet relation.

Dhara goes to Delhi and meets the tournament committee officer Tiwari. She tells him that she is coach of Bulandgunj sports team. She shows the letter, and says we have sent forms on time. He says I know, you did not see date, all entries are received, come next year now. She says I want to talk to head of department once. He says he can’t help you, rule is a rule, we can’t do anything in your matter. She says you are working here since many years, there will be some solution, please help me. He says you are not understanding, its not in my hands, talk to seniors. He asks her to meet Arora. Dhara meets Arora and sits there for much time, waiting to meet the senior officer.

She asks Arora again. He shows the way to officer’s cabin. She is redirected again and again. She goes to Tiwari and gets angry, saying I have to meet the officer now. He says work is done like this, about meeting Mr. Mankar, write a letter and give, when he is free, meet him, else give entry fees to meet him. She asks what, you are asking for bribe, di I need to pay money, if I make a call, anti corruption people will come here, you won’t get this chair, I will call police and file mental harassment case, show me the cabin. He says third cabin this side. She goes.

She meets the officer Mankar and tells her that Tiwari and office employees were not letting her meet him, Tiwari was asking for bribe, and introduces herself. Mankar asks her to sit, how can I help you. She tells about the entry sent by them on time, but there were riots in city, postal services were shut, its not anyone’s mistake if our entry did not reach you, reconsider our entry. He says as per the rule, no one can do anything is entry date passed.

Dhara says I don’t know any senior, why this favor then. Mihir’s boss Diwakar is the senior and asks Dhara to not leave so soon, someone is coming to meet her. She asks who?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i think pandit chaursia will invoke dhara students parents to fail her motive

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    Dhara, carqty on. we are with you. you are the spirit, inspiratio, uniti of all indian women. all young culture Indian all communities. do destroy such bhaiji nd izhar type politicians after opening their face in front of all communities. let them beat by their community. i cant understand why indian public not praiz, not inspire such type of you, Anjali in everest, Ananya in Air lines? you three are NEW SOACH! how they like borring nd. milo away from truth of our. running soc. culture as raman-ishita-shagun? so many times marry, saperate! what none sence lies!.3hara

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