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The Episode starts with Dhara practicing. Shubhangi asks when will you do my homework. Dhara says I have to do my homework first, its my test tomorrow. Next day, Dhara goes to school. Mishra jokes on her and says students are right, won’t you play cricket. Dhara changes her dress and comes wearing the cricket uniform. She gets her new bat. Mishra looks on.

He says you took challenge seriously. She says and you joked till now, come. Dhara goes to ground. Students look at her. She asks what are they seeing, did they get shock seeing her in cricket clothes, when she actually plays, what will happen. The boy jokes on her. Dhara smiles and says we will bet, if you out me in two overs, I will never coach you, I will even leave this city…. The boy says then book your return ticket. She says if I hit

three sixes in two overs, you all will take coaching from me. The boy says lets see. She asks them to say do they agree. The boy says yes, we agree. Mishra says why did you take challenge. She says I have challenged them.

She asks the boys to play and goes to do batting. Mishra and other students look on. Dhara says I m playing after many days, throw a mock ball. The boy says we will teach her real cricket. The boy bowls and hits wicket. They laugh. The boy asks what happened, did you get out. She says see now, what happens on ground, bowl now, I m ready. Mishra and guys laugh seeing her play bad. Dhara says let few balls pass. She sees Basheer not joining the game. Mishra jokes on lady cricketer coach. Dhara hits well and ball passes over Mishra. She hits a six. The boys look on.

She plays well and they all get stunned. She says this was second six, now you know who will win. The guys ask Basheer to come. Dhara asks why, is he best bowler. Mishra says he is best, but he will not bowl, he did not talk to me ever, he does not play with hindus.

Bhola tells the teachers that Dhara is playing so well and hitting sixes. No teachers are interested. Baig goes out. Bhola asks Pitambar to see the game, Dhara is playing well, just see once. Pitambar says come, we will see the boys before they send any wrong ball. Baig praises Dhara’s game. Dhara says three six are over, I m your coach now officially, how many overs. The boy says 9 balls. She asks him to throw remaining three balls. Mishra says they will not make you out. He asks the other group to play now. The boy throws ball and she hits well. She says this bet is also over. He says give us more 6 balls chance like them. She says fine, you play till I don’t get out. She plays superbly. Pitambar and Baig get glad. Basheer looks on. Mishra asks the boy to do LBW fast. The boy bowls and Dhara hits well. Mishra asks him to throw ball faster. The boy bowls in high speed and she bends to get saved from getting hurt. She says cricket is called gentleman’s game, did Mishra not teach you all, fine I will teach you this first lesson. She bats well. Baig says Dhara is great batsman, she will be good coach for the kids. The boy asks how much will she play. She says I did not get out, I won’t leave the ground, bowl now. She hits more sixes. He says it’s the first group turn now, go and get the ball, till then I will plan for tomorrow’s coaching. Baig sees Basheer sitting and asks why did you not bowl. Basheer says I don’t talk to them, if I bowl, Dhara would have booked her return ticket. Baig asks him to forget the incident. Basheer says I can’t and goes. The boy says we did not get the ball. She says I will play again after two days, I want same ball. The boy says she will play again. She smiles.

Mihir argues with Deepak to talk to Shubhangi and warns them to send court notice. Deepak worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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