The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Maha Episode 6


so guys .. I come again ..hope all are enjoying ff .. all wait is over this episode our hero will finally enter .. today’s episode is a maha episode little big ..let’s see ..come …

In the last episode all saw that they enter in the house … avi and Dhani find a closed room . in the room avi found an almirah which was tied with a thread .. avi breaks it and open the almirah ..thunder strikes .. in the mirror a spooky ghost is shown ..seeing it avi fled from there and stop to papaji’s room and says everything to him ..
now see what will happen .. I will be serious in this episode .. because today’s episode is not funny like others .. ..full of action ..emotion .. and lots of it …so read it seriously…. so come …

papaji is saying ..kavitha ..I ..I told you na not to come here ..something will happen sure ..but who listen to me see and cries … and cryingly says he will surely kill me .. kavitha ..Dhani ..avi ..everyone is consoling him .. They are saying nothing will happen to you Papaji ( wind is blowing heavily… Windows are rattling … Just then a voice is heard… Hear it.) .. Someone is saying in scary low voice .. raj….raj… Aakhir Tum ahi gaye .. How will you save from me… You came here finally after 23 years… Avi warns not to touch my dad ..Dhani also yells ya don’t think to touch my dad …the voice says ..avi ..avi…my child .. thank you to free me .. and when I told I will touch your dad…. Hahahahaha… Raj says I am your enemy na… Then kill me… But don’t harm my family… kavitha says what are you saying raj ..nothing will happens to you .. the voice again says .. I will not kill your son .. after all he freed me … butttt ..your daughter is very sweet .. I can think about her ..let’s see .. but number to pehle tumhara hae na … tum nahi bachoge raj …and yells loudly .hahahahahaha .. just then a flower vase from the desk ..come flying towards raj ..but avi push his dad and save him ..the vase strikes against the wall and breaks into pieces fully .. raj get frightened ..and says come with me .. they come out of the room quickly .. all are scared .. they are watching everywhere to find where the voice came … raj says loudly …you …why are you doing this .. what we did … what you want actually …the voice said …. YOU …. hahahahaha …the big chandelier is shaking .. they all are under it .. everyone see it ..just in a second it fall .. raj push his family and cover his face with his hands ..but Dhani see it and pull him but she is little late .. the big and heavy chandelier fall on Raj’s leg ..he screams ahhhhhh … it is very heavy ..he can’t move his leg is struck .. he is just screaming .. everyone comes and tries to pull him ..but it goes in vain .. they pray to waheguru ji and pull him with their all force … finally they are successful ..raj comes out of it … buy his leg is bleeding very badly ..floor is full of blood ..the voice yells …dhaniiiii dare you to save rajjjj ..mae tumhe bhi nahi chodunga ..dekhooooo….suddenly the knight’s armor’s sword lift up slowly and quickly come towards Dhani .. everyone are seeing it shockingly .. just then the sword stop just side of her head ..Dhani shocked … screen paused for a second ( you also want to know that who stops it ..see )…Dhani see that avi is holding the sharp part the sword.. And blood is dropping from his hands.. Dhani get scared and screams bhaiiiiiii…the sword become red because of blood … avu sit down and throw the sword and hold his hand restlessly …Hus hand is bleeding badly ..mammiji goes to them and bandaged them with her dupatta … Dhani come out of the fear and says mammiji …you take papaji and follow me fast …she hold avi and run from there quickly ..mammiji is following them holding papaji …she opens the door .. and run …run …they all reach to the main gate …wind is blowing heavily …the voice says …kab tak bachoge mujhse ..ana to padega hi raj ..ana to padega ..hahahaha ..they listen it and hearing this they do not stop there for a second ..Dhani opens the gate and run from there with her family ( chalo bhago guys ..ghost hume dekh nahi sakta but mar to sakta hi hae ..hum mar jayenge to story kon dekhega …humlogoka bhut???? bhaggooooo 😮 😮 ) ..they care running on the road and running …but papaji is very tired and his leg is damaged partially … finally they stop in front of a house … Raj says go here … they slowly enters ..papaji and avi’s condition is not good ..blood is bleeding very badly … Dhani ring the calling bell and knocks the doors and says in hurry ..please open the door ….a lady opens the door ( guess ..guess …who is she? ) ..and ask who?? raj slowly says prachiii diiii .. I am raj …she says oh raj …what happen to you … come in fast …mammiji hold papaji and help him to lie down on bed … Dhani sit beside papaji ..avi sit down on floor holding his hand …dadi comes and ask what happened raj you are injured so badly ..who have done this …raj says my leg is paining ..I will then tell you the matter later ..please do something for it ..she says I already call my family doctor ..he is coming ..just then a man knocks the door … she opens the door …and says oh you prakash ..come in fast … check them … doctor came and checks raj’s leg first is injured badly ..the knee is damaged partially … one bone broken too ..he cleans his leg and pit medicine on it ..and bandaged his leg …and says I am giving some medicine ..inko khila do ..aram milega ..I will come tomorrow morning and will check him …mammiji nods her head …he then goes to avi ..His palm is cut is injured badly checks avi’s hand and bandaged it and says nothing to worry about him ..he will be all right after 3 days …OK and smiles … everyone nodes …dadi asks thank u beta prakash for coming in midnight ..what your fees ? he says kya dadisa ..ap to mujhe sharminda kar rahi ho.. You helped me so much for becoming a doctor which was my childhood dream… How can I take money from you dadisa!! prachi di says beta .. You have to take money …he says no no… achcha .. You want to give me fees na …to ap sirf apne hato ka bana gajar ka halwa khila dena .. That will be my fees …he smiles ..she says OK beta Kal jab aoge tab khila dunga .. .she smiles ..then he goes from there smilingly …then dadi ask raj .. How you injured so badly.. You are in your house na ..then how it happened .. Dhani says I am telling the whole situation dadi..listen …she explain the whole situation ..a flash back is shown ..then Dhani finishes ..dadi says oh so it come again ..the mirror killed your ……raj stops her and says di we are very tired and feeling sleepy and my leg is paining too so talk to you later..sorry ..dadi says OK ..sleep now ..and take medicines ..raj nodes head ..mammiji give medicines to him and avi and they fall asleep after that ..

( chalo guys Sab so jao ..thoda kast karlo ..kya karu ..dadi ka ghar thoda chota hae aur bed bhi kam hae niche jamin pe so jao ..adjust .. kal subah dekhenge story ..good night .

chalo uth jao ..subah ho gaya ..sablog thik ho na ..kamar me dard to nahi horaha ..mera to ho raha hae ..chaloo story dekhte hae … )

it is 8 am of the morning ..all are sleeping . fresh morning … Dhani wakes up ..she pushes avi and says Bhai ..Bhai …uth ja abhi …avi wakes up .he .says kya di ..itna jaldi kyu utha rahi ho ..she ask how are you now ..your hand .. avi says its OK di ..bare bare sehro me aisi choti choti bat hota rehta hae ( areh avi to shahrukh khan ban gaya 😛 ) ..Dhani says oho chote srk ..and thank you .. if you are not there then I am not here ..thank you Bhai and hugs him tightly ..tears come down from his eyes .. he says areh di ..koi ni ..chalta hae ..( super sweet brother sister relationship it is … every brother sister should like this ..ek dusre ko chidate hae ..marte hae ..but pyar bhi karte hae …so love your brother and sister ..most precious bond ) ..di hogaya .. chalo papaji ji ko dekhte hae ..Dhani rub her eyes and smilingly says yess …they go to papaji and mammiji .. and ask how are you dad ..he says in low voice …better …and you .. avi smilingly says massttt dad 🙂 .. dadi comes there and says so all wake up ..good ..come ..breakfast is ready now .. mammiji says yes ..we are coming ..thank you ….they go for breakfast ..mammji and Dhani help raj to sit ..they all are eating ..raj ask ..di ..what should I do now ..the ghost will not free me .. he will try to kill me again ..this time all are safe ..but it will not happen next time maybe …prachi says raj don’t think negative positive … my daughter will come here after some time .. I called her today morning ..she is studying about this type of paranormal activities ….she can help you may be ….just then someone knocks the door ..dadi open it and says oh prakash beta ..come ..he comes in and says how are you uncle ..raj says better 🙂 and you avi ..avi says masstt…prakash open papaji’s bandage and see the wound ..he spread a cream and bandaged again ..and says uncle you are better now will be OK in a week ..nothing to worry ..he asks dadi ..where is my fees ..dadi smilingly says oh is ready ..she give some bowl of gajar ka halwa to all ..everyone tastes it ..prakash say wah dadi are great … raj says your food is not changed till now di ..dadi thanks to all ..prakash says so ..I am going ..bye .. 🙂 ..take care of you uncle and avi ..everyone sit down and waiting for Sara ….30 minutes gone .. just then a bike come .a girl take of her helmet..and shake her hair ..modern ..gorgeous ..then she goes and knocks the door .. prachi open the door ..she says mammi ..I come and hug her mom ..prachi introduces her daughter ..she is my daughter ..saraswati aka Sara ..everyone says hiiii…Sara come in and sit on chair ..dadi tell the whole story to her .. then she says oh so that’s the matter ..but I can’t help you .. everyone says together ..why ..we keep big hope are only our hope ..Sara say OK OK ..but let me finish first ..I know an exorcist ..he can help you ..he is very expert in this ..he solve many cases ..he is my good friend ..his name is Viplav Joshi ..on everyone’s face a broad smile come .. she calls viplav and says hello ..viplav ..come to my house ..a new case come ..a half face shown …he says yes..I am coming in 30 minutes..and cut the call ..Sara says nothing to worry ..he will definitely help you .. after some time someone come in old customized Ford mustang car ..a handsome man come out of it wearing violet blazer and cool sunglass ..full heroic entry ..face is not showing .. and then he goes and knocks the door ..

Episode end…

Precap: viplav is asking raj what matter uncle ..he says all the incident clearly .. after it viplav says uncle I will try my best to help you ..
next viplav is in front of the old’s scary sound is heard . wind is blowing.

so guys how was this maha episode .. hope all like it .. in this episode I was quite because it was serious episode but next episode se masti me enjoy..stay happy ..stay young 🙂 ..

Credit to: AM

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  1. AM plz tell the past secret soon

  2. yes ..I will reveal the past soon ..thank u for reading my ff ..keep enjoying 🙂

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      1. ya ..story is going superb ..sahi bat
        . cover pic pe kya rakha .. 🙂

  4. Hi Chotte
    You should be a writer
    Kaise ho 😛

    1. hehehe …good joke joyee .. I am not a good writer ..for time passing writing this ff ..thank you ..keep enjoying my ff 😉 🙂

  5. kya likha hai avi.. acha hai. ..
    I loved this episode kya role Diya mujhe.. mai to bahut zyada hee khush hogayi. .. role positive to hai naa? kamini jaisa to nahee -:))

    1. thank u ..and keep enjoying my ff .. I also love your character 🙂

  6. avi jaisa bhayi har kisiko mile. . bahut cute hai avi dhani ka pyar.. bahut acha hai

    1. hehehe ..his character is very similar to me … 😛

  7. Chotte….u rocked…oh..god tht house incident too nicely narrated. ..wht all happen within some min….

    1. I also rocked ..thank u and keep reading

  8. Swara varsha

    Wow…superb….prachi nd saras di..rocked …..hahahha….nd our avi is really a srk…

    1. dadi and didi always rocks 😛

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    2. this is my new email I’d .. I am loving this new logo .. 🙂

  11. Kya minblowing episode h chhote.bilkul jabardast h.n I luv my role also:-). Waiting for next epi eagerly.

    1. thank you ..keep reading my ff …I also love your character 😛 … hey my new logo is awesome na . loved it also 😛

  12. Wow avi loved the episode and loved prachi di and saras di’s role also… Update it fast.. And like you our chota Dhaani’s avi is also so cute and naughty.. loving it… same is the bond of me and my younger bro…

    1. thank u ..keep reading my ff .. and yes always love your bro … 🙂

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    Hero ki entry hua aaj wo vi rocking h…
    Aur kitna intezar karna padega agle ff tak .. Jaldi post karona nxt prt..

    Tu mera comments nahi post kare ye last try h hope it post…

    1. I am successful to thrill you 🙂 .. thank u ..keep reading my ff … 🙂

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    1. hehehe ..suspense entry .. 😛 .. keep reading my ff .. 🙂

  16. wow! AM bhai, kya massttt episode bole toh jhakkaassss 😛 hahaha….really I enjoyed 🙂

    1. thank u …keep reading it 🙂

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    such a super entry for our hero in a variety get up 😉
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    1. hehe ..but I like this new logo …I make my new email I’d today use it .. and that will not change ..sorry

  19. daadi n didi.. hahaha very funny naa..
    thanks for giving me a good role am..

    asalmein bhee I ride bike.. sirf loose wt hona baaki hai.. -:))

    1. oh ..good mam ..loose weight .. I am loosing weight also .. sath me karenge 😛

      1. Thanks for the encouragement…

  20. Oo comments ke bhukhe????

    Anyways superb episode..
    Curious to know the mirror mystery..!!
    Nice logo?

    1. hehehe …keep reading my ff ..and keep commenting 😛 ….
      kya karu weight kam karane ke liye mammi khana to deti nahi ….isliye comments se hi pet bharna padta hae 😛 … hehehe 😛

      1. Hahaha 😀 😀
        koi na hum boht saare comments denge jisse tumhara pet bhar jaega.. 😛

  21. Avijit bhai phirse aapne kamaal kar daala. Aapne bola tha na ki ff raat ko padna isliye raat ko padhi aur dar bhi laga par bahut mazaa aaya. Jaldi next part post kar dena.

    1. thank u and keep enjoying my ff 🙂

  22. Hi avi superb episode yaar.really enjoying it day by day.I have read kaviyas ff only fully.not any others till now.but bcs of my son eagerness towards ur ff we r here daily.really great narration.keep it up bro.

    1. thank u mam .. and a big thanks to your son also … keep reading my ff

  23. U know avi in original ikrs our viplav is scared even for cockroach but here u made him an exorstic hero.very interesting .waiting for next episode.
    And avi ur logo is changed that’s only my color u copied my color.u know this color is very bright n superb it says the our recognition. I liked it continue this logo itself..we both r in same colored logo.

    1. thank you mam ..our hero is great …and I love my new logo .. I opened a new email I’d so I use it ..nice and vibrant logo 🙂

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