The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 9


Hiii ..guys …how are you all ..sorry for the late update …very sorry …I know all are waiting for my ff i will not talk too much ..let’s come with me …see what will happen …..

so in the last episode you all saw the pathetic past of the mirror ghost …his mom died ..really sad to hear na …but Dhani and her family are innocent ..but mirror kisika bat nahi sunega ..that’s why viplav was badly injured also …he try to run but he fell on the road outside of the house. so let’s see how the story will move ..there will be no dragging like serials …so come with me …

It is 7am of the morning. . in dadi’s house all are waiting for viplav …everyone is sitting and thinking and tensed …( but Dhani kaha hae ..sayad room me hogi …chalo …..
areh ae rahi humari heroine …how much tensed she is …..chalo dekhte hae)
Dhani is walking in her room .she is moving left to right ..right to left .. left …right….left …right .. left …avi is watching her …his neck is moving with Dhani …left ..right. left …right . ..( awwww ..mera neck dard hogaya ..tumlog ka theek hae na) ..avi’s neck also start paining and says stop di neck is paining seeing you. just sit for 5 minutes and relax …Dhani says sorry ..but what can I do ?? how can I relax ?

viplav is there from last night …you know na about the mirror …what can he do ? ..avi say then go ..go to your boyfriend to see …Dhani smiles and says that’s good idea and run from there .. avi says mere liye to ruko …araha hu … ( chalo mere sath ) …Dhani first go to living room where all are sitting …she says papaji chalo na ..dekhte hae viplav kaisa hae ..he is there from last night ..papaji says yes you are right ..we should go there . .. let’s go ..Sara says I will go with you avi ..Dhani …raj ..and Sara are going from house …..dadi and mammiji bids them good bye and say take care ….. scene end ….

on the road ..just out of the house, a body is lying …and covered with leaves …blood is dropping from his head ..some blood is coming from his mouth also …..his left sleeve become full red because of the sword injury …

he is sleeping …. Dhani ..avi ..Sara and papaji reach there and searching viplav .. they are searching everywhere …suddenly Dhani see a body lying on the road ..she goes near to him slowly ..kneel down to see his face ..she cleared his face with her handkerchief and seeing the face she is shocked and shouts viplavvvv….. 😮 .. everyone hear it and come there quickly …she is shaking him ..and calling viplav ..viplavv ..but he is not responding …..Dhani start crying ..avi says nothing will happen ..control di ..papaji and avi hold viplav and take him to dadi’s house ..once again doctor prakash come for checking viplav ..he checks him and bandaged his hand and head …he says don’t worry ..he will come back to his sense soon. hand wound is deep but it will recover soon ……dadi says you have magical hands beta ..prakash says oh come on dadi …..OK ..then I am going now . take care of him…everyone nods their head …and he goes ..after some time …viplav gain his sense ..he is slowly opening his eyes…everything is looking blur ..then after some time he can see clear ..( pehle kisko dekhega humara hero .. ..guess guess ..
areh guessing choro… story dekho 😛 ) ..seeing everything clear ..he first see Dhani who is sit beside him ..Dhani also stares at him and they have an eye lock …viplav looking seriously and Dhani looking lovingly ..and music plays …..
“pal bhar thahar jaao…
dil ye sambhal jaye ….
kaise tumhe yaad karu ..
meri taraf ata har gam fishal jaye ..
ankhon Mae tum ko bharoon…
bin bole batein tumse karun . .
gar tum sath ho ..
agar tum sath ho ..”

they are staring each other …everyone is seeing them …avi says ahemmmm…ahemmmm…they come out of it and break their eye lock …mammiji and avi smiles silently … ( mammi wo ko sab pata chal jata hae 😛 😛 ) ..Dhani shyly go from there ….everyone smiles ..viplav see her strangely …then raj asked beta ..what happened last night . how you are injured so badly ..did you come to know anything about that mirror . why he want to kill us. viplav seriously says ..yes uncle …a very dirty past of your family is revealed by that mirror ..raj hesitantly ask what past ? viplav say it is about your grandfather ..Vanupratap Singh Rajput ..raj sigh a relief ..and say what about him ..viplav narrates the whole story. how mirror’s ghost’s mom died ..why he is wanted to kill all the family . flash back ends …everyone’s eye fill with tears ..Dhani is hearing all this hiding behind the door ..she also get emotional …raj says it is really pathetic to hear ..I did not know about this before never told me …but we are innocent ..we did not do with him how to stop him from killing us ..we should do something ..viplav says yes yes …you are right uncle ..but I am clueless ..Sara says viplav you have to do something …he says ..ya ..I am thinking …he is thinking deeply ..then he remembers about akshay what the mirror said about him ..and immediately ask raj ….uncle .. what happened to akshay ..please tell me ..he is my only hope …which shop he brought that mirror ..everything ..please tell me to end this revenge journey forever ..raj gets sad hearing about akshay ..he says ..hmmmmm..if that past can save my family then I will tell ..Dhani also come there ..and sit with mammiji and avi ..papaji say listen …then…

Episode end …..

Precap: no precap scene …just a flash back of Raj’s past ..I will not reveal today …suspense rehne do episode me dekhna …maja ayega …

so wait and watch 🙂

Credit to: AM

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  1. superb bhai ….go on…waiting fir the revelation…. 🙂

    1. thank u di ..I am waiting for the revelation too … 😛 😛 .. keep reading my ff

  2. Avijit very good, well done keep rocking and good going…….??

    1. thank you very much di for your comment …keep reading my ff 🙂

  3. Good one

    Sachii mumy ko sab pta hota h??

    I love dhani and avi relation the most…how sweet brother sister relationship???

    1. thank u arshi … I know this episode is not much interesting but next will be better .

      and all moms are great ….
      and Dhani and avi’s relationship is rocking. .my fav too ..
      keep reading my ff 🙂 🙂

  4. Wah chotte tune firse kamal kardiya…
    Its awesome … Interesting vi h har epi mein kuch naya stry interesting.

    1. thank u di ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  5. Meri logon q change hogayaaaaa

    1. this logo looks better 🙂

  6. Too good! ?

    1. thank u di …keep reading my ff . and used your tactic of not giving precap 😛

  7. The precap is interesting. Keeping it up chhote

    1. thank u dadi ..keep reading 🙂

  8. avi bhaiya aap bhi na serial waalon se kam nahi hai

    1. kyu ….kya kar diya mene 😛 😛 … hehehe ..but I think I am better than serial wale … 😛 😛

      1. woh toh hai

      2. hehehe … 😛 😛 😛

  9. Rocking episode. Go on.

    1. thank u sis ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  10. Rocking one… Good sibilings relationship… Loved that most

    1. thank u sis ..keep reading my ff

  11. darr k mare raat ko nahi padi n din me bg thi ab read krke pata chala iss me toh dara dene wali koe scene hi nahi ??? bt koe baat nahi episode as usual superb tha lage raho AM bhai u doing great job?

    1. thank u di/sis …keep reading my ff …next episode darawna hoga ready ….
      and are you elder than me or younger ?? … I am 17 years and 6 months old 😛 😛

  12. thank u di/sis …keep reading my ff …next episode darawna hoga ready ….
    and are you elder than me or younger ?? … I am 17 years and 6 months old 😛 😛

  13. I’m elder than you ☺

  14. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Superb yaar.. Awesome story..

    1. thank you 🙂

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