The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 8

Hii guys …so I come again …previous episode was boring na 😛 ..then see it …viplav ka kya hoga .. chalo mere sath ..
In the last episode you all saw that ..viplav ke pyar me to Dhani par gayi …hayeeee 😛 …hehehe ..but ae pyar nahi asan …mera villain Jo hae …today Vimi will rock ( viplav+ mirror saran di said) ..viplav was in front of the house ..wind is blowing …leaves are flowing …he slowly enters by opening the gate …now let’s see what will happen today …chalo maro sab entriyan …hero ke sath .. 😛

viplav is slowly going . cat’s scary sound …scary background music ..thunder striking …he open the door ..cracking sound of the door is heard .. viplav is watching all the stuffs in the house …the big chandelier was fallen on floor …blood is dried on floor …he sees the sword ..that is full of blood ..he bent down and takes the sword in his hand ..then the light start flicking ..the voice says ..who …raj come …viplav confidently says no ..I am viplav …viplav joshi …the voice says oh Viplav …you come ..the famous exorcist ..but why ……for dying ..hahaha .. viplav says I don’t come here for dying ..I come here to kill you …the voice says hahaha …good joke viplav babu can never kill me don’t know who I am .. you are so young ..why you come here for dying ..enjoy your life …I don’t want to harm you are not my enemy ….stay ….away …from here … cha ….le ..jaooooooooo…..viplav says so why are you trying to kill raj and his family … they are innocent…let them free …suddenly a spooky face come towards him and stop just in front of his face … and says …I told na …stay away ..and it goes back and flying in the air .. and saying .. you don’t know my past know what his grandfather did with me ..he ruin my life ..he snatched my mom ..he make me evil ..he created such situation for me want to know ….then listen it …viplav is hearing all that … he is not scared ( our vipu is experienced ) .. the face saying … ae 1920 ka hadsa tha .. Raj’s grandfather , Vanupratap Singh Rajput …he was the ruler of Rajasthan ..he was such a character less person . he was married once and he wanted to marry my mom. he said he would give money. everything …and give work for me also … we were very poor farmer father died after few years of my birth …. so we came here to live ..and seeing my mom ..vanupratap want to marry her…my mom agreed because he will give me job sacrificed for me …I became his left hand .. I did all bad things for him ..snatching farmers property ..took extra taxes ..robbery ..everything …but what he gave to my mom …insult … he beats her …did all cheap things with my mom what I can’t say … :'( ..face is crying and saying ..viplav listening all this seriously …face again start saying mom never told me this things for my happiness .. she tolerate all this silently …all the torture … when I sleep ..she silently cried .. :'( .. one day I came to know all this from my friend who works for vanupratap .. …I was very angry that time … I went to his mansion angrily ..I reached there and warned him not to do anything with my mom ..I did not want to work for you anymore …give my mom ..then Vanupratap said what can you do .. you could not do anything . I said I will expose you in front of all villagers ..then they will give you the right punishment . ..he said who will trust a thief ..robber one will trust you ..and laughs ….I was fuming in anger …took my knife and ran towards him and hold his collar ..and said don’t do anything with my mom one is Here ..I can easily kill you ..give my mom ..he said nahi dunga to kya karoge ..he called his guards ..don’t know but from where they come and hold me …I am trying to free me but they throw me out of the mansion. he was laughing loudly …I went from there to think a plan to free my mom …

that night my mom was alone in the mansion .. no one was there .. she silently sit on a chair ..the door slowly opened .. a shadow entered . she lifted her head and saw it .. the shadow came and shut the door saw him. he was Vanupratap was scared seeing him ..he came slowly .. his intention was not good . he was drunk too …she was scaring looking into his eyes ..she also understood that his intention is bad .. he came slowly and hold her cheek with his hand tightly .. and said you are so beautiful . he came very close to her . and again said you are so beautiful buttt your son ..saying this he pushes her . mom was crying .. he walking around her in drunken state …and said your son came to me in the evening . he smilingly said your son warned me not to do anything with you ..but you are mine …I can do anything . hahahaha . and again come close to her and lean close to her face and touches her cheeks with his hand .. and again stand up .. and angrily said but how dare him to hold knife on my throat.. how .. dare …..him and yelled .. he said to ……to expose me in front of villagers ..she said please forgive him ..he is not matured now ..I beg you and she hold his feet …..vanu lift her up and gave his evil smile …and laughs loudly ..and again start walking .. and said I can’t forgive him ..he insult me .. me .. the great Vanupratap Singh Rajput .. then he suddenly stopped. and turned back ..slowly take off his sword and angrily said ..uski galti ka saja ab tumhe bhugatna padega and pura ghusa diya talwar ma ke pet me was shocked . … a shadow was showing on the wall ..

he was attacking again and again and again like a beast ..the wall was become red … scream was hearing . Vanupratap was fully covered with blood …my mom died ..wo janwar darinde ne mar dala …..mar dala meri ma ko .. the spooky face burst into tears …viplav also shocked. ..tears come down from his face too..( very heart touching na friends ..don’t cry ) ..the face again said when I come to my mom dead news ..I cried a lot .. I thought that this time is not for crying ..this time is for revenge .. I swore that mae inka pure wangsh ko khatam kar dunga …I can’t kill him directly so I learned black magic …when I completely learn it ..then I start my revenge ..tarpa tarpa ke marna chahta tha us janwar ko ..I killed his wife and first son ..but his second son fled away … vanupratap was very sad…and wanted to know who killed his wife and son .. but I was very happy that time …but one day my friend cheated me …and told all the things to vanupratap …vanupratap come to my house in night with all villagers to burn me alive ..they set fire my house …unfortunately I died but my soul captured in the mirror of my house …. next day a greedy business man saw that mirror and took it and sold in a antic shop .. I was there for for 72 years ..waiting …at last in 1993 a man named akshay came in the shop .. he was watching all the stuffs …and came in front of that mirror … he liked it and took it to his house ..when I went there I saw the mansion …and found a big photo of vanupratap in the house …then I come to know that akshay and raj is vanupratap’s grandson ..I trapped akshay and killed him and his wife but raj break the mirror and sealed me with the help of the tantrik ..then viplav says I am very sorry for your mother but what Raj’s and his family fault … the face says the fault is that they are grandson of the janwar who killed my loving mom .. I can’t forgive anyone and yells loudly ..wind start blowing heavily ..thunder striking …viplav cannot bear the noise and close his ears ..suddenly a chair come towards him …he jumps and dodges it …things coming rapidly ..viplav is dodging it he can’t dodges all…things are hitting viplav ..blood was coming from his head and mouth …he try to run from there ..he tries to open the door but suddenly a sword come from behind and goes through his hand ..he screams ahhhh..he hold the sword slowly and throw it ..he says ahh ..he open the door and tries to run from there but because of His injuries he fall on the road out the house …blood coming from his mouth and head …

Episode end ..

Precap : viplav is in dadi’s house ..his hand and head are bandaged . everyone was there …he tells all thing ..he asks raj about akshay ..papaji remain silent ….

so how was this guys .. I am very sad to write the intolerable things what happen to his mom …his mom is really punished so much …aise janwar log bohot hote hae .. I heard many true stories like this … I know it is unbearable to read such things ..but this things truly happens ..still now many women don’t get respect in our society ..they also tortured .. my heart cries when I heard this type of things .. but this is the truth of our society I want to say just one thing ..respect all women in your life …your mom ..your sister ..your friend ..all of them ..they are very special .. maintain their dignity ..never insult anyone …
and the mirror ghost is not bad ..he did all for his mom …he loved her mom ….

so love your mom always. don’t say anything bad to them ..always respect them ……every mom want their children happiness …” Love you mom” ..these three words only can make your mom happy ….Today is Mother’s day .. so make the day special for your mom ..they don’t want anything special ..they want only your love ..But why only one day to show your love towards your mom …celebrate mother’s day …..every month .. every week …and every day ..respect them them ..
and a big salute to all the mothers in the world ..thank you for caring your child .. many things I can say but if I start writing it will become a novel on mom ..just only one thing to say in last ….love your mom and respect every women in your life
and this message for my mom and all mom in the world ….


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  1. Wow avi the episode was good but very emotional loved it very much. And you are right we should celebrate mother’s day everyday.. Your speech on mother’s day was so touching… Just loved it…
    Last but not the least,
    Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all mother’s in this world… Love you a lot??

    1. thank u maria …keep reading my ff 🙂

  2. Avi,today’s epi is fully rocking.this is the most beautiful epi written by u.its a special dedication for all mothers and women.thank u so much for such a powerful epi.u are right,our society should learn to respect women as well as we have to celebrate mother’s day every day.
    I got a different image of viplav from this story.thanks for making our hero in such a powerful role,a most heroic role.
    feeling Sorry for that talking mirror also.poor Akshay.haha.update next part soon Avi.we all are waiting for more rocking episodes.

    1. thank u di ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  3. Moms dad special rocked it ….keep it up….

  4. Chotte its superb….oh flash back too sad….vimi rocks…

    1. thank u di ..vimi rocks .keep reading my ff 🙂

  5. Chhote u n dis episode rocked today..I can’t eclxpress how much happy I m.really its very hrt touching. I m happy by Ur concern abt women in society n love towards mother. Keep dis ideology with u lyftym.u ll b blessed .
    Once again many thanks to u for dis episode,it’s d most rocknh episode ever written by u.luv u my swt bro:-)

    1. thank u dadi ….keep reading my ff 🙂

  6. AM bhai today u nailed it…. i solute to your thought superb

    1. thank u …keep reading my ff 🙂

  7. aaj ka episode bahoot heart touching that ?

    1. ya was little heart touching …thank you..keep loving my ff

  8. am.. tumto bade samajdaar nikle…

    Well said about respecting woman n loving ur mom. .

    mother doesn’t really expect you to say love you mom. . but you become a good citizen n live a happy life. …

    The quality of life you lead (need not be in materialistic sense but in totality)
    is the reward you give to ur mother. ..

    1. yes ..they don’t expect love you mom …. but if we only say ‘love you mom’ …it can make them happy also …
      and you are absolutely correct mam …make your mom proud and live a happy life

  9. Chotte u just nailed it too good

    1. thank u joyee ..keep reading my ff

  10. Bhai…… Rulaoge Kya? Episode was too good…… You rock chhotey…..
    And yes Mother’s Day is indeed a very special day….. Sirf is din nahi…. Life mean humesha Apni mother Ko pyaar dena chhahiye….unki respect Karni chhahiye……so happy Mother’s Day to all of you…… Here in Nepal… This year’s Mother’s Day passed two days back….. 🙂

    1. thank u di ..keep reading my ff

  11. Sad story. My sympathies are with Uncle Mirror! ✌?

    But don’t he dare to harm Viplav!!! ??

    And well said! ? Instead of saying her love you, one should make her proud by being a good human!

    1. thank u di …and you are absolutely correct …make your mom proud … thank u ..keep reading my ff

  12. Avijit you rocked it..!!
    The mystery was very emotional..heart touching.. ??
    A powerpack episode..!!

    Yep the women still dont get the place in society that they deserve..
    As long as world is full of people like you who respect women.. there is a hope for change in society… We need to make this world best place for all women and girls to live.. ?
    Keep respecting your mother and every women.. ??
    Well done.. Keep going

    1. And i read your comment on previous episode
      I did nt know it means mirror.. Thank you for telling..

      So you can name ur ff “THE TALKING ARSHI : DESTROYER OF ALL…!!!!”
      Hahahaaha ?????

      1. hahaha …nice name of my ff ….keep reading my ff …

        and yesterday I saw “Neerja” film ….my respect towards women more increase ….such a great personality of ” Neerja Bhanot” …. respect her …
        so never think women are coward ..but they are brave also ….so every women should be like neera bhanot …don’t afraid of any torture …fight against your fear …. 🙂 ..

      2. Well said..
        Havent watched the film but read a lot about her
        Will watch it for sure..!!

    2. thank u arshi aka mirror 😛 …keep reading my ff …
      and yes in our society women are tortured ….they don’t have much respect … we can see these type things more in rural areas …..but we should change our view towards women …
      so respect women …love them …help them . .
      thank you

      1. Feels good to know your views about women..?

        You dont comment now on episode update..miss your comments..
        Keep commenting yaar

  13. Avijit bhai aaj ka episode bahut emotional tha. I know all this is still happening in society. So sad knowing this. Well again u rocked. Keep rocking like this and give us rocking episodes everyday. Post the next one soon.

    1. thank u Louella ….keep reading and enjoying my ff 🙂

  14. Wah chotte more interesting nw…

    Chotte u rocked yaar … Kya kamal kaa tha aaj ka part

    N moreover its emotional too … Mother’s day ke din ka spcl acha tha.

    1. thank u di …keep reading my ff

  15. Yes avi really today I don’t have words for ur ff.its amazing.interesting flash back.keep going waiting for viplav how went dadis house.will dhaani n raj come n help viplav to reach dadis house.eagerly waiting.
    And finally ur msg for mom was too gud.n as u said people must give respect for women that she deserve it.
    Ya as saras said when children’s become good citizens that the mother will become happy for their children’s. So keep to be proud to ur mother.luv u bro.

    1. thank you mam …..keep reading my ff …. 🙂 🙂

  16. yes Vimi rocks ..but I think mirror rocks more 🙂 ..keep reading my ff

  17. thank u joyee ..keep reading my ff

  18. ya ..I will comment on episode update ..actually now stopped watching ikrs . so not commenting …but I will comment today ….
    and must watch “Neerja” film …I did not watch it when it was released due to my exam . so watched it yesterday ..I also read about her before but seeing the movie ..its really heart wrenching …really brave lady …fear gave her courage .. every woman should learn this …don’t scare ..fight against fear … salute the first youngest lady recipient of ashok chakra ….
    A big salute to late “Neerja Bhanot” …

    1. Okaay will watch it surely asap

      1. yes it definitely .. 🙂

  19. Avijit wow…. superb and mind blowing episode. And yes mother’s day special episode was block buster hit…..well done, great work keep it up bro…. And the world without mother’s mean our life book is fill with full of empty pages without colors……. A mother only can bring colors and happiness to her child, without her our life is meaningless…. Yes we have to respect and protect our mom till the end of our life…….

    1. thank u di …keep reading my ff ….and yes …very true ..mothers are very special in our life ..they fill colors in the blur pages of life’s book ….love them …respect them … thank you …

  20. niraja’s story is indeed inspirational. .
    but I can’t watch tragedy yar that’s my weakness. …but what a worth full life she had.. Even today we talk about her…

    am. . tell the ghost for his mom’s death how many lives he wants to destroy? ? It’s not right to kill inoscent people for revenge. ..

    1. late neerja bhanot mam was really great .. truly respect her …a very big salute to her …. whenever I read about her and saw her real photos eyes fill with tears ..
      today I heard her real voice in her last flight …her voice made me little emotional …..truly salute her from my heart …..respect ….

      and coming to my ff …. agar apka koi apna apse dur chala jata hae humesha ke liye to ap revenge lene ke liye kisibhi hadtak ja sakta hae .. ek pagalpan sawar hojata hae …revenge ke liye …

  21. avi bhaiya nice message and nice story
    its really painful to read it but i know that it is happening in real life also

    1. thank u …and I know that is happening till now …that’s why I told … respect woman always 🙂

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