The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 7

So all are happy now ..our hero finally enters ..full dhasuu type entry stylish caring ..and cute viplav joshi …but he is caring ..loving ..not carefree ..spoilt guy like in IKRS..he has passion in his job ..he struggled in his life very much ..his dadaji died while he was solving a ghost case for safety of his parents he moved to Jaipur ..he stayed here alone for solving cases .. so start my ff …

In the last episode you all saw that how Dhani and her family survived from the spooky mirror … they reach to their caretaker,prachi di’s house .. she help them and her daughter help to bring an exorcist who is her friend ..he us none other than Viplav Joshi ..last me hero aya ek fully customised old car Mae ..1965 ford mustang ( I love that car design…super muscle car…my dream car ) ..hero comes out of the car wearing a violet blazer and cool sunglass ..he goes and knocks the door let’s see what happens next …

our hero is knocking the door ..everyone notice it Sara goes to open the door …she opens the door ..finally our hero’s face is shown .. viplav give his killer smile ..Sara smilingly says ..viplavvv ..and hug him ..she frees her and says come ..come ..slow motion me entry ho raha hae …mild wind is blowing .. viplav hair is flying ..Dhani see him and stare at him and the music plays ..” tunae mare entriyan re ..dil me baji ghanti ya re ..tang . tang . tang .. dil ki na ho ram mate ya koi warrantiyan re ..tang …tang . tang …tang ” ..Avi sees it and pushes Dhani by his elbow ..and silently says stop staring him like this ..what he will think about us …he will be our saviour . not your boyfriend ..Dhani come out of it and says yes ..yes are right now ..control 😛 ..viplav also see Dhani and Stares at her ..but Dhani is not seeing him …music plays ” ae moh moh ke dhage ..tere ungliyo se ja uljhe ..koi toh toh na lage..kis tar haye hae suljhe ..” Sara says so viplav this is that family ..this is what I am telling you …she introduces all …viplav come out of it too and says oh . yes ..yes ..( hahaha at first sight .. 😛 ..Dhani ke dil me ghanti baji and viplav ke hat me Dhani ke pyar ka dhaga ulaz gaya 😛 ) …viplav sit on the chair ..and ask raj …uncle what happens to you ..let me know it clearly …papaji tell the whole story ..flash back is shown ..what happen last night ..what avi see in the mirror they injured .. flash back finish ..viplav says oh I see .. you say about the mirror na ..what is story behind it it come .. akhir aplogose dushmani kya hae uska ..raj hesitantly says actualllyyyy ..I ..I.. I.. don’t know abouutt itt .. sweat coming down from his head … viplav got that matter and understand that uncle is hiding something about the past ..and says in mind ..I am viplav Joshi . ..I will find out the matter soon ..raj asks what you are thinking beta will help us na?..viplav says yes ..yes ..uncle ..I will try my best …don’t worry ..viplav looks Dhani ..seeing viplav ..Dhani turn her head shyly ..viplav looks at avi and give a cute smile ..avi also give his cute smile ( hehehe competition kar rahe hae kya dono 😛 ) then Sara says mammi ..viplav come here after so many days ..give some snacks ..juice ..dadi says yes yes ..viplav says no no ..aunty formalities please ..I am Sara’s childhood friend ..she is like my sister ..and you are like my mom ..dadi says OK beta sweet of you .. ( I am clearing that there will be no love triangle .. I want a positive character villain except the mirror . only vidha kabab me haddi 😛 ..) hearing the sister word Dhani ke manme laddo fute ..sigh a relief ( actually Sara is gorgeous ..glamorous girl . so she was tensed ..but now line is all cleared 😛 ) avi silently says ..di ..line is all cleared ..go. Dhani says what ! are you mad ? ..I sigh because now we are safe from the mirror ghost ..avi silently murmur ..hmmmmm..hum to Bach jayenge mirror ke ghost se ..but viplav ko kon bachayga apse ..Dhani ask did you say something ..avi says no no ..nothing 😛 and smiles cutely ..viplav says I am going now to study about this case ..I will come here in evening ..take care and bye all ..Dhani smilingly and slowly says byee 🙂 ..avi says ahemm ..control ..Dhani says OK OK ..and viplav goes.raj says thanks to sara and di ..she says oh come on uncle ..all thanks to viplav ..he is very good ..he will give his best ..raj says ..yes yes …hope So…..dhani us thinking about viplav’s first entry ..Dhani is smiling and thinking. avi says stop dreaming about him… itna bara musibat sar pe aur ap ae soch rahe ho..control for sometime ..Dhani says hmmmmmmmmm…scene end ..

( so guys ..ehapar bohot bore ho rahe honge .. let’s go to viplav’s house ..dekhte hae hero kya study kar raha hae ..chalo mere car me ..let’s go ..
so we reach ..small but very beautiful home ..he lives here alone ..let’s go inside ..omg scary room but all things are organised .. ghost photos colour is black and dark blue ..skull drawing .. pura din viplav inchizo me rahta hae ..look what is he doing . ..walking with his iPad ..and studying . he is looking serous ..don’t disturb him ..let’s go from here )

It is evening now .. everyone is waiting for viplav in prachi’s house . then everyone a car’s sound ..hero come ..he open he open the door ..and says I come now ..So uncle I study about it ..but I am not sure about it. so I will go there tonight .. raj says beta . don’t go alone ..we are also coming ..Dhani also says yes ..don’t go alone ..avi and viplav stare at her viplav says don’t worry uncle . nothing will happen ..j experiences such things many times . and smiles ..Sara says ha uncle .. don’t worry brother is very brave and expert ..everyone agrees. ..viplav say so I am going ..bye ..Dhani is tensed about him..and says take care ..but viplav is already gone ..( aww . Dhani is little late ).
( chalo guys ..hum bhi jate hae viplav ke sath ..daro mat ..humara hero hae na 😛 ) ..

viplav reach there in his car .. in front of the house ..thunder striking ..wind is blowing ..leaves are flying ..scary background music …he slowly opens the door ..

Episode end ….

Precap: It is morning. viplav is lying asleep on the ground out of the old house .. he is covered with leaves .. blood is dropping from his head ..some blood is dried on his lips too…
areh hero mar gaya kya… jan ne ke liye parte rahe mera fan fiction ….

how was it guys .. silent readers ..please don’t just read ..comment also ..I need all’s support …OK …. 🙂 ..stay healthy . stay fit ..stay happy u in comment box 🙂

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  1. Ohhh it was super awesome..
    Dont know why lekin aaj mujje kuch zadaaa hi maze aaye tumhari ff padh ke
    whole episide was just awesome..songs were fully suiting the situation..
    Precap is sad.. But i know itni jaldi nhi marta hmara hero.. Uski jaan bachane ke liye uski dhaani h 😛 😀

    1. oho arshdeep Teri to nikal pari 😛 ..I mean international letter friend .. 😛
      hehehe ..sorry ..jokes apart ..thank u for commenting on my ff ..and reading it … and I give songs to viplav and Dhani …that’s suit their personality … pagal dhani and serious vipu 😛 ..keep enjoying my ff

      1. Hahaha or kya
        I am so lucky na??
        International relations h mere???
        Kuch kaam ho to bta dena??

    2. hahaha ..arshdeep ..jarur bataunga 😛 .. and tera koi chota name hae …arshdeep bohot bara name hae …

      1. Hehehe u can call me Arshi 🙂

    3. OK ..arshi ..but you know what arshi mean in Bengali …arshi is a Bengali word which mean mirror ……

      hehehe ..your name matched with my ff’s name 😛 … haha …

  2. Supeb chotte..ohooo…what an entry yarr….love at first sight. …What’s going to happen in next episode. .update it soon…

    1. but one sided at first sight … viplav ko pyar hoga badme ..wait and watch ..keep reading my ff

  3. Varsha swara

    Wahhhh..superb….vidha is rocking. …nd his room description was superb….how he live thr….horrible thn lockup.……

    1. this is viplav ..he can stay anywhere 😛 ..thank u

  4. Oho….what happened to viplav…superb episode. .keep rocking like this. ..update it soon…

    1. yes ..will update today 🙂 ..hehehe ur fan 😛

  5. I liked family history of vip a lot. . His dadaji gone baloon Ji aapko ghost ne khaliya ha ha ha. .

    Good going am…

    1. thank u mam ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  6. precap is too interesting. . desperately waiting for next episode. ..

    dhani ghar mei betke kya kar rahee hoo.. bhago (marathon runner) aur vip ko bachao

    1. hehehe ..marathon runner …
      yes precap is interesting ..let’s see viplav will survive or not 🙂 ..
      mam apke liye special logo mera ae …

      1. how sweet of u.. am thanks a lot..
        koyi baat nahee nayabhee aadat hojayegi

  7. Keep writing chottey….. Loving it…….

    1. thank u di ..keep reading my ff 😉

  8. Loving it avi, keep writing post the next one soon!!

    1. thank u maria … keep reading my ff 🙂

  9. avi bhaiya fantastic
    agar ghost ne hero ko mar diya toh woh khud ghost banke un logon ko maar denge 🙂 🙂 😉

    1. hehehe ..nice idea .. thank u …keep reading my ff 🙂

  10. Haha.. good! ? smile competition me meney bhi part liya tha while reading. ?

    1. Hehehe ..thank u di ..keep commenting and reading my ff

  11. Avi,like Mahira said,i was also participating in smile competition and my mother asked me,why are u smiling,i replied her,what else i can do,i have seen a ghost. chotte,i just loved our hero’s heroic,stylish and superb entry.i burst out laughing when i heard that song at that time and i also sang,tang tang tang tang.hahahahahaha.
    Avi,pls update next part asap.i am waiting for vimi scenes,i mean viplav-mirror scenes.ok then bye chotte.come soon and enjoy us.

    1. Thank u ,atleast this comment got posted.arey i tried three times and i was already tired by writing a long essay.thank u telly updates but pls don’t play with our dear comments,if u want i will give u a ball to play.samje ya samjhayein.

      1. hlw Saranya kaisi ho? mai to tumhari funny comments ki fan hu 🙂 har roj yaisi funny comments diya karo dil bahoot khush tota hai 🙂

      2. yes TU team ..don’t play with our comments … I will give my play station to play …two games free me de dunga … 😛 ..samjhe ….. 😛

  12. AM bhai, as usual awesome episode, ae moh moh k dhage..yeh kaunsi film ma song hai?
    and, @Mahira n @Saranya mai v smile competition me participate thi, dekha nahi? AM bhai ne to jarur dekha hoga 🙂
    lekin hum sb haar gaye Viplav aka Mishal jeet gaye 🙂

    1. moh moh dage song is from dam lagake haisa movie ..sang by papon …very awesome song …
      smile competition me mae bhi har gaya ..viplav is great …
      thank u ..keep reading my ff 🙂

      1. Thank you AM bhai, nice song I just downloaded 🙂

  13. Avijit bhai aur ek kamaal ka episode. Gaane ka kya kehna. Situation ko ekdum suit kar gaya. Viplav bhoot toh nahi ban gaya na. Agar ban gaya toh Dhaani ko bhootni banna padega. Phir hi toh acchi Jodi banegi.

    1. thank u Louella …areh koi bhut nahi banega love story of ghosts 😛 ..hehehehe …
      keep reading my ff 🙂

  14. hehehe ..vimi . deadly combination ..that’s why viplav is injured ..hehehe ..thank u ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  15. Vimi ..nice but deadly combination …keep reading my ff

  16. Sry chotte der hogaya ane mein

    Kya entry thi heo ki.. Mast h vip ki naya andaz.. Aur love at first site kya baath h bahut hi fast h ye..

    Prachi bani viplav ki maa jaise aur di ko vip behen banaya hahaha acha tha…

    Precap tho scary h vip ko kya hua h jaldi jaldi boldo

    1. Haan gold aur mein tho viplav ki sasuma.iam getting garima yaani dulhaari mayi place as she quitted ikrs n now here avi added nice na.

      1. viplav is pyari sasuma … 😛

      2. viplav ki pyari sasuma … hahahahaha 😉 😛

  17. der ayi but durust ayi ..hehehe ..prachi di ma and saras mam di ..hahaha love triangle ..field is cleared for Dhani ..pura field saf kar diya meine Dhani ke liye …
    and precap mae Jo hae sahi hae …
    mar gaya viplav …Vimi rocks 😛

  18. hehehe ..marathon runner …
    yes precap is interesting ..let’s see viplav will survive or not 🙂 ..
    mam apke liye special logo mera ae …

  19. main khush hoon koyi triangle nahee I hate love triangles…
    waiting for next episode. . ye to pakka hai hero ki entry hote hee exit to nahee hogi.. but story interesting like bhul bjulayya. .

    1. thank u mam ..l also hate love triangle …

  20. Chhote really really a superb episode. Now I become a fan of ur ff.n I lyk DAT song ye mohe mohe…keep writing meri writer bro:-)

    1. thank you dadi amma … keep reading my ff

  21. Hi avi really really superb I appreciate u from my bottom of my was really awesome. Tum tho ektha ko hi beet kardiya bro.such me bahut achi hi.
    Then coming to episode viplav entry was mind blowing.lekin tumne wind blowing me saath entry kardiya.
    Smiling competition mey mein bhi participate ki thi .lekin kya karey viplav ki smile me saamne him sab haar hi gayi.
    And actually original ikrs mein viplav ko hua dhaani se luv at first sight.
    Yahan dhaani ko hua viplav se luv at first sight.
    Everything is superb.precap tho very interesting.really waiting for next episode.
    And for me pls post the link too bro.everytime I was suffering for ur ff link.
    My son is too eager to listen the stry.he ask me when is next episode at every night.
    Gud keep going.ek din ektha kapoor me saath dating bi chalogey deklena.

    1. hahahaha ..ekta kapoor 😛 😛 … I am better than her …
      thank u mam ..keep reading my ff with your son … 🙂 ..

  22. Omg big essay sry yaar it was took time it don’t happens.I’ll make it short.

    1. its OK mam …thank u for reading

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