The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 5


So guys I came again to thrill you .. so enjoying with me na ?? real story will start now actually … jinka dil kamjor hae wo sab apna heart pakarlo …mat darna … so come with me ..let’s begin this journey again..

so in the last episode you all see that they reach Jaipur to their ancestral house …Dhani and avi find a closed room but before opening this ..mammiji calls them …so we were in dining table .. they are eating ..when they told about the room ,papaji warns them not to go there .. but avi kiska sunta hae … he will go … now see what happens ….

Dhani and avi says OK dad ..we will not go there but why .. papaji says I warn you na ..don’t ask any question and angrily goes from there …mammiji calls rajjj ..khana ko bichme chorke mat jao .. but he goes ..( areh papaji to gussa ho gaye ..but koi nahi see) ..they all finished their dinner and go from there sadly ..scene end …

( areh all are gone ..don’t stare at foods like this … let’s go to avi’s room ..maja to ab ayega 😛 )
( so now we are in avi’s room ..let’s see what this badmas thinking 😛 😛 )

Avi is lying on his bed and thinking what should be in the room ..and why papaji was so much angry hearing about the room ..should I go there ? ( areh beta chala ja …jayega nahi to sab darenge kyse …. 😛 ) yes I will go there definitely tonight ( see he also obey my advice 😛 ) .. so chal avi beta..suru ho ja …but di ko bhi bula leta hu he goes to dhani’s room and knocks the door ..and says di ..come out ..di …Dhani hear this and and says who ?? avi replies ..tera boyfriend …a jaldi ( hahaha avi nahi sudhrega 😛 ) ..Dhani says whatttt?? he says abbe mae hu ..tera boyfriend kaha hae Jo ayega … bahar nikal jaldi ..she says bewakoof …I am coming ..rukh .. Dhani come out of her room and ask what you were saying ..boyfriend… ..rukh tu …avi says stop di …listen to me first .. let’s go to the closed room … it will be fun ..Dhani says no no ..papaji warn us ..and he was so much angry .. avi says that’s mean you scared ..darpok ….huuuuuhhhhhh 😛 ..Dhani says hesitantly I am not scared ….let’s go ..avi says ab ai na line pe 😛 ( hahaha . really cute ) Dhani says ha…ha ..chalo abhi … ( so let’s go with them ) …

Finally they reach to the closed room …again the cold mild breeze blows’s scary sound ..Dhani get scared ..avi says what di ..scared in this simple sound ..darpok .. then avi ask a hair pin to Dhani … she says why ?? ..he says I will wear this :/ :/….give me 😛 .. kitne sawal puchti ho .. Dhani give a hairpin from her hair .. avi take it and break the lock very carefully ..Dhani says ohoo chotte ..from where you learn ..he says areh ..I am multi talented 😛 ..she says ha..ha ..OK …then avi smiles and open the door slowly ..a cracking sound of door is heard …bats come out of the room ..avi get scared ..Dhani says kya chotte ..darpok .. hahahaha . avi do not say anything… they enter in the room ..( chalo hum bhi jate hae … but carefully much dirty room ..all things are covered with white cloths ..corner of the room ..there is a big almirah ..let’s see ) .. they are seeping the room .. roaming around it ..Dhani coughs because of the dirt ..avi find a big almirah at the corner of the room … he slowly going close to it ..he sees a thread tied around it ..he touches it and breaks it … thunder strikes just then calls meaww in scary way …mild but very cold breeze blows … he slowly open the almirah …there is a big mirror inside it..avi see his face …but suddenly a scary ghost face is shown in the mirror ( just similar in my cover pic ) ..he says aviiiii …my child … thank you ..hearing and seeing the ghost face avi just close the almirah… and hold dhani’s hand and run from there quickly ( chalo bhaggoooo) they are continuously running ..Dhani ask avi ..what happened Bhai ..what is in the mirror ..

but avi is not answering ..he is scared and running with her … they come down and and reach to the papaji’s room ..wind is blowing heavily …avi open papaji’s room and says wake up dad … raj and kavitha says together what happens Dhani …avi …..avi says in tired and scared voice …dad …mom …the closed room …..the almirah …the mirror … …. hearing the mirror … sweat drop come down from papaji’s head … eyes became round and big .. and ask avi ..what you say about the mirror ..avi says in scared voice …yessss dad .. the mirror ..I saw a scary ghost face in the mirror ..very scaring it was … he said thanks to me … dad got it … he too scared and says to kavitha mam ..that I told you not tooo come here but mera sunta kon hae ..and cries …. mammiji says don’t cry raj ..nothing will happen … windows are rattling ..wind is blowing’s scary sound is heard .. they all are looking everywhere astonishingly …

Episode end …

Precap: An old customised car stops in front of a house ..someone comes out of it …he goes and knocks the door …guess who is he ??

so how was guys ?? ..hope all like it and thrill also all ..drop comments as much as you can … 🙂 you in comment box 🙂 🙂

Credit to: AM

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  1. Chotte mind blowing yaar

    1. thank u and keep blowing your mind 😛 … keep reading it 🙂

  2. Wow avi mai teri hay re jabra fan ho gayi.. You write so awesome, just love your narration. Aur agla part jaldi upload karna pls itna time mat lagana OK?

    1. thank u …keep reading it 🙂 … I will try to post the next part soon 🙂

    2. thank u and keep reading it 🙂

  3. oh my god I got really scared. . It’s super thrill..

    Howcome avi got scared? darpok hahaha

    I think the person in Precap is vipu

    1. yesss …it will be our handsome hero …. and thank u and keep reading 🙂

  4. maine kaha thaa na raat ko nahi padhungi….dar lagta hai…..
    keep going bhai..
    .loving this thrill…..
    and precap mein hamara hero hi hoga….right??

    1. thank u and keep reading it … but read it in night …specially after 12am .. then the fun will come na … so read it in night … I also write my ff in nights ..maja to tab hi ata hae … 😛

  5. Avijit bhai aapne toh din mein hi dara liya. Raat mein padhungi toh kya hoga. Par mein try karungi raat ko padne ke liye. Precap mein humara hero Viplav hai. Jaldi post karna Viplav ki dhamakedaar entry ke saath.

    1. yes ..try to post soon ..but read it in night ..real fun will come then 😛 ..keep enjoying my ff

  6. Wa chotte .. Its now more interesting … Avi is naughty wo kisike na suntha ha…

    Avi ke sath muje vi dar laga talking mirror dek kar…
    Ab aur vi maza ayega mein tumara ff rath pe paduga … Raat mein padne mein bahut maza ayega …

    1. thank u di.and keep reading and enjoying it 🙂

  7. Avi,u are really naughty.hahahaha.but i think from next epi,the real story is going to start with our hero’s arrival.i am excited.
    Chotte,this is a ghost story but don’t forget to add vidha scenes.hahahaha.ok bye bye.

    1. yes episode se real ghost story start hoga …. yes there will be vidha scenes with my comic punches so be ready 😉 😉

  8. Finally he is here! ? Itna intezaar! ?

    1. yesss ..finally he is here ..thank u and keep reading 🙂

  9. o my avi bhai precap me hero ka entry hai na??? hum sab kabse intezaar kar rahi hoon !!!!
    rocking episode yaar 😉 🙂
    what r u doing actually? studying?

    1. yes ..of course it will our hero ….thank u and keep reading 🙂 …

      I am studying ..just gave the +2 exam ..waiting for results … I am 17 years old boy from west Bengal

      1. omg ab toh aap mera bade brother ho :O
        maine ladkiyon ko serial dekhte hue dekha par pehli bar ek ladka
        its amazing….. 😀

    2. already three boys were in TU I am not only one .. so don’t amazed too much 😛 ..and mae ikrs dekhta tha kuch mahine pehle tak ..but now stopped ..and I am fan of mishal and Eisha writing this ff

  10. darr k maare dil dhak dhak kar raha hai… :-S. coincidentally yeha v epi ki tarah joro se hawa chal rahi hai. ab to loud speaker music lagakr Mishal ko yaad karke sona padega 😛 😉 😀

    1. hahaha …thank u and keep reading 🙂

  11. Yes avi ur perfect story narrator.its really too good to read ur ff. My son became fan for ur ff.
    But u said dif precap in 4th episode. But yahan story tho alag hai.thoda dhyaan rakna story pe Jo precap mein bola tha wahin agle episode mein dikahana bhai.

    1. thank u mam …and I gave a diff precap but it is shown in 6th part it was a advance precap 😛 ..serial mae bhi to same precap one week se dikhate hae ..kavi kavi …so this time I tried to attract the viewer ..but next time se precap correct dunga

  12. U know u said dif punjabi dishes in previous episode my son ask me u don’t know these all items but this avi uncle said u prepared many panjabi dishes.
    I said in this story iam punjabian so this dishes done by me only.
    And in today’s precap its hero’s entry na waiting for .pls viplav make viplavs entry very thrilling .we r very eagerly waiting for it.n pls inform when was next episode.

    1. yes is hero’s entry .. and next parr is updated it mam …keep loving my ff

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