The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 16


Hi guys are you ?? so this ff coming towards the climax ..but all need some romance of our cute viplav and dhani na I will try to give it today ..ok ..and abhi ff writers ke liye dhanda manda hae 😛 😛 one is commenting ff comments are also decreasing rapidly ..before all my episodes had above 30 comments and in few episodes it was 50 and above ..and now it is 22..27 and last episode got only 15 little sad my request to all the silent readers .. don’t be shy to comment …. if you really liked my writing and my ff .. then please comment.. because all know without support of fans .. a show and an actor is nothing .. Similarly without reader’s support a fan fiction is nothing.. so I request all to comment whoever reading this .. only three episodes left .. I will end it 4th June… so please read and comment ..chalo ..lets come today’s episode ..
In the last episode you all saw that ..viplav and all reached to a monk ..he gave him a trisul ..and said whoever broke the seal of the mirror only he can finish it ..everyone agrees ..but dhani is tensed ..but viplav gave confidence ..but still dhani is tensed ..
Episode starts ..
Dhani ..avi and viplav come out of the temple ..Avi is thinking how will he do that ..viplav sees it and goes to him and says happily .. areh avi ..why you are thinking too much..nothing will happen are very strong na ..ghar wapas chalte hae abhi ..fir sochenge…ok ..avi smiles but not happily ..dhani also tensed about it ( of course ..he is her brother ..bhai ke liye chinnta to har behen ka hota hi he .. )..they sit on the car ,…viplav give the trisul to avi and says now it’s your responsibility… but don’t fear .. me and your sister are always with you ..he see dhani and says kyu ,..hae na dhani ..dhani also thinking but hearing that she also says ya..ya ..chotte can do anything ..he is very brave and strong … avi says ok let’s see .. viplav start the car …he is seeing avi only ..avi is little tensed ..viplav is thinking something should done for motivating him ( areh tumlog baithe kyu ho chalo car me ao aur bhagate hae car ..ok ..get set goooo … 😛 ) …viplav switch on the music system and plays a song …
Zinda …hae to ..pyala, pura bhar le…
Kancha,phute,choora,kaanch kar le
Zindegi ka ye ghada le
Ek saans mein chadha le
Hichkiyon me kya hae marna!
Poora mar le…
Koyla kala hae
Chattanon me ne paala
Andar kala,bahar kaala
Par sachcha hae saala
Zindah ..hai toh ..pyala ..poora bhar le
Kancha ,phute,kanch kar le…
Avi hearing that motivating song…he is thinking avi beta can do anything ..and says yess..i will do it bhaiya ..viplav says yes ..that’s my brother…and smiles ..dhani is still tensed ..viplav is actually tensed for avi ..he is an expert so he can do it but avi is still young to do that ..he thinks I should think of it …they reach to dadi’s house ..(areh utro sab ..thikse ..sab hae na ..abhi chalo unke sath aur jaake apni sit pakar lena ..thik hae ) …. Viplav..dhani..avi come out the car ..avi is holding the trisul ..viplav hugs avi and says chinta mat karo strong ok .. avi smiles ..they enter in the house ..all are waiting there … they see viplav and all and gets happy and stand up …but seeing the trisul in avi’s hand .. everyone is little shocked .. raj asks what is this beta ?? viplav says all please sit .. I am telling all..sit first…everyone agrees ..all sit ..dhani..avi and viplav sit together ..viplav start saying how they reach to the village the mirror do the all things before also ..and how it is brought in the antic shop ..then they went to the monk and the monk gave the trisul and said whoever broke the seal .he should kill the mirror … ( viplav narrates very well the whole incident like me 😛 ..keep it up will learn more 😛 ) fb ends .. everyone is shocked hearing about avi .. mammiji says viplav avi can he do that ..if anything happens … viplav says don’t worry aunty .. I will be there with him ..keep calm aunty …  …but she is still tensed .. ( mammi ka man hae ..chinta to hoga hi apne bête ke liye  ) Sara says Viplav …aunty is little correct ..can avi do it ..if the plan backfires ..then what you do ..viplav says areh don’t tensed know me from childhood ..why you telling this..have faith on me …Sara says I know you.. that’s why I am telling you forgot about your grandfather ..viplav become sad hearing about his grandpa ..he bows down his head ..sara see it and says oh ..sorry viplav ..sorry ..viplav lift up his head with teary eyes ..and seriously says ..galti ek bar hi hua tha .. dusri bar nahi hoga ek hi galti … ( good …….viplav..good ) .and he stand up and goes from there ..dhani look viplav sadly … mammiji hugs avi tightly and says in little teary eyes.. all the best beta can do it and save us beta .. avi smilingly says mom ..if I save all of you ..then please buy a new smart phone for me .. this one become very old … everyone laughs .. mammiji smilingly says of course beta …of course .. everyone goes from there then … viplav is in a room …with the trisul…studying and thinking about the mirror ….dhani is thinking about avi .. how will he do .. avi is in another room ..he is little worried about it but he is confident ..he says avi beta can do it man can …and exercising for the fight tomorrow ( beta… ae boxing match nahi hoga..why are you exercising 😛 ).. scene ends…
At night everyone is on the dinner table ..all are little tensed …raj asks viplav so when you all will go ..viplav says I was thinking today but I will go tomorrow ..avi should take rest …raj says oh ..ok ..everyone complete their dinner and goes to their rooms ..viplav is thinking about all. ..It is 10:30 PM….dhani and avi go for sleep ..but dhani ko neend anahi raha tha so she goes out and roaming ..she is roaming outside of the house ..then she sees a man near then mango tree ..she thinks he should be a thief ..she takes a stick silently and goes near to him and start beating him and yelling chor ..chor ….chor …chor…….the man is shouting and then says stop yaar dhani ..what are you doing and take the stick ..and comes in light ..(It is our viplav 😛 ..kya dhani ..dekh to lo pehle 😛 )dhani is shocked seeing him and says viplav … viplav throws the stick and says yes ..first see …then beat ..kitna jor se mara tumne ..hayee ..mera kamar and rubs his back.. 😛 ..dhani says oh very sorry ..jyada laga to nahi na ..viplav smilingly says …nahi to dard hone ka acting kar raha hu .. dhani says cutely ..aise kyu bolrahe ho ..jab me ayi tab to bolsakte the ..viplav says mere sir ke upar to radar he na.. jo jan jayega tum arahi ho …dhani says sorry ..very sorry ..viplav chalo choro ..itni rat ko kya kar rahi ho …neend nahi arahi ..dhani says yes ..thinking about the mirror ..that’s why not feeling sleepy ..and you also awake .. viplav says mujhe bhi neend nahi araha ..chalo ghumte hae thora ..dhani nods her head shyly( actually she gets very happy because she is with viplav) .. they come out of the house ..dhani says ..kal kuch hoga to nahi na avi ko ..he is my most loving brother .. all will be okay na ..viplav says don’t worry ..and stop thinking .. I will with him ..dhani says hmm but I will go with you also …viplav says no .. agar tumhe kuch hogaya to ..dhani hear it and cutely see him …viplav tensedly says… mera matlab tumdonko eksath nahi samla paunga na .. dhani says hmmmmmm and smiles icecream van going from there ..viplav stops it and asks dhani cream khaogi ..dhani says itni rat ko kon ice cream khata ..viplav says I eat will eat??dhani says ha do ..viplav take two ice cream…and give it to dhani ..they eat …humming sound “dheere dheere se” song plays…they keep roaming and smiling …scene ends ..( very cute scene na )
Episode ends….
Precap: dhani ..avi ..and viplav are all set to go …they take blessings and goes …
Next ..they are infront of the ghost house ..uhhhhhh ..thunder striking ..wind blowing ..

So how was this guys .. I tried to give some cute scene of viplav and dhani ..Hope all like it ..and again I am requesting all the silent readers ..if you are reading this then please comment ..and my daily readers you also comment ..need some support ….ok ..thank you  

Credit to: AM

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  1. chotey…..dil khush kardiya……
    keep it up bro….. waiting for the next part….

    1. thank you di …keep reading my ff

  2. Didn’t comment on previous few episodes. But read them all together yesterday! ? I really enjoyed reading it!!! ?

    Favorite Part is when Viplav – Dhaani share an eyelock and you say kahin bhi shoro ho jaty hen! ?? Amazingly written plus the horrifying deaths! ? Deadly combo. ?

    1. yes ..horrifying mirror ghost . .thank u and keep reading my ff 🙂

  3. Finally a longer ViDha moment in your story. ❤️ Viplav cares for Dhaan hmmm interesting! ? Anyways waiting to read that battle moment of Avi against that spooky athma! Post it soon

    1. thank you shruthy …I will post today ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  4. avjit too good its really suberb, and just leave that comments or whatever yar, you are doing good job, then why you worry about that? do you know one thing? my princes , i mean my first ff- 2 epi, i got 2 comments only, me too to worried and i have been sad for two days lol…….after that when i finished my last episode, i really happy that i got many comment and i am fully satisfied about my story….and more over lot of ff were post at same time so readers need some break, they cannot follows everyones na, so they cannot comment daily that was the reason for less comment….. so don’t worry and be happy ena…and especially your art wow what a art yar? just mind blowing plz send that to mishal and eisha, they definitely like it…..keep rocking bro….

    1. yes ate fully right di …thank u for encouraging me ..keep reading my ff 🙂

    2. yes are fully right di …thank u for encouraging me ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  5. wow chhote, today’s episode is one of the best episode….vidhani’s cute scene was awesome loved it??
    DP art is??

    1. so you also know my name 😛 ..haha ..thank u di and keep reading my ff

      1. “chhote” name dil aur dimag se jhat se nikala to likh dale erase krneko Mann nahi kiya n post kardiya ☺
        I know you like it haina ☺

    2. i like this name very much..all call me chotte ..we had ikrs group on fb ..they call me chotte because i am younger than all ..and by the way are you on fb?? .. then join our ikrs fb group na will be good ..

      1. Mishal k liye maximum ikrs n Mishal Raheja’s fan page,group like kiya hai ?
        unme se tum kaunsa group pe ho?☺

      2. Mishal k liye maximum ikrs n Mishal Raheja’s fan page,group like kiya hai ?
        unme se tum kaunsa group pe ho?☺
        plz link dedo ☺

    3. “Telly Updates Fans Of Ishq Ka Rang Safed”

    4. but it is closed group …you should add friend me or any of the group member …

  6. as usually awesome .. loved vidhani scene waiting for the next one

    1. thank u maha ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  7. Chotte..rocked…wahh…cute vidhanni…our avi is superb. ..keep it up chotte….

    1. thank u swara di …keep reading my ff

  8. Vidhaa scenes were ?? and the episode was good! Post it soon…

    1. thank u choti ..keep reading my ff

  9. Bhaia cute vidha scenes…. kuch romantic scenes patat hai
    actually good ff..totally unique one!
    loved the ff and the narration too
    Don’t be sad abt cmnts bhaia..mera ff mein cmnts dekho max 15 hoga zyada nahi..isiliye sad math ho javo…

    1. hehehe ..actually I am not sad. 😛 .. i hoped that all will comments ..its ok..waise bhi only two episode left will post today ..i am not thinking about comments now..keep reading my ff

  10. thank u all and miss you all guys 🙂

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