The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 15


Hi guys are you ?? alright na ..last episode was little dragging ..and many readers did not read ..koi nahi ..may be this episode attract readers keep reading my ff ..ok this we will see the mirror’s more dangerous works ready na ..lets come and enjoy …and today no boring recap..directly jump to today’s episode … 😛
Episode starts …..

Dadaji says come and sit beta ..viplav says Namaste uncle and sit ..dhani and avi also join hands and sit ..dadaji also sit with akash….viplav ask uncle why all are frightening hearing about rajendran rathore .. why?? ..dadaji says hmmm ..actually something really deadly happened to him what all still cannot forget …because of a mirror from the wizard’s home …avi says so the mirror didn’t leave them also ..dadaji asks also?? Viplav says that is a long story ….you say that story uncle please …we need to know uncle …it is very important ..please ..dadaji ..oh ..ok ..then listen ….

My father and rajendran was very good friend … but he was little greedy ..after the night when the wizard was burnt ..the next day he was going from there..he saw a beautiful gold frame mirror ..he saw it and brought it in his house ..he also called me to see the mirror .. when papa went to his house he saw that ..very beautiful mirror.. but something scary he felt …he said me… he brought it from that burnt house ….dad was shocked and said are you mad rajendran ..why you brought this from that house …he said areh kuch nahi hoga ..dont worry but don’t tell my wife.. ok ..hahaha…he thought nothing can happen ..but that mirror  .. dad went from there …in night rajendran was sleeping ..suddenly a mild cold wind started blowing …a spooky slow voice was calling rajendran ..rajendran ….where are you ..he heard it and woke up from sleep …and said in fear who?? The voice said you don’t know me rajendran?? I am Atul forgot haa …hahahah …rajendran got very scared ..he was trembling in fear because atul was the name of the wizard ..he said I didn’t do anything ..please forgave me ..the voice said forgave you ..never ..

you supported the dirty vanupratap ..everyone was my enemy …hahahah …rajendran in fear ran from his room but door closed …he slapping and kicking the door but it was not opening ..his wife also woke up and come there and asked what happened rajen ..why you are running .and making too much noise .. rajen screamed juhiiii go ..go fast ……but it was too late .. a rod came from behind and went through her belly ..juhi was shocked ,…scene freezes …bleeding very badly rajen shocked and screamed …the voice said aise hi maroge sab …hahaha ..a black spirit come from the mirror and went into rajendran’s body ..everything stopped,…rajen opened his eyes quickly eye ..white eyeball …totally scary …rajen started laughing loudly ..hahah …ahahaha ..he come out of the house ..and put petrol around his house and burnt it ..he started yelling ..he screamed and call everyone to come out …ajao ..ajao .sab ao …hahaha ..everyone comes and my dad also come out of the house and went to rajen and said what you were doing ..? were you ok ..but he pushed my dad ..and said I am not rajen .. I am atul ..sab maroge ..sabke sab maroge ..hahaha ..

he started to killing ..he went to an old man and kick on his belly ..his hand nails went into the old man’s belly and he was bleeding and fell on the ground …everyone scared and ran from there .. my dad understand that it was that mirror…he hurriedly went to a monk in the nearby temple ..he found him and said please help us baba ..please ..the ghost ..baba said I knew everything ..and gave a sword to him ..and closed his eyes again .. he took that and ran from there and goes to his village .. no one is there ..two more houses were burning …some men and women were lying dead …he went to his house mom was also there ..he went to mom and asked was she ok and where was rajen said..he was there ..roaming and killing ..I ran from there ..and hide in my house ..rajen come in between of the village and yelled kab tak bachoge saw that and screamed and quickly take that sword and ran towards rajen and the sword went throught rajen’s belly ..everything stopped ..and shocked ..rajen fell on the ground ..a spooky smiling face come out of it and vanished in air ….everyone came and thanks my dad day my father sold the mirror to an antic shop ..fb ends ..

Viplav says that was his big mistake …he should not did that …dadaji says yes …. You are right …viplav says but uncle ..can you say where is the temple where the monk stays ..dadaji says it was very near ..go straight from here walking .. it is 5 minute distance from here ..viplav says thank you uncle for giving time …dadaji says it’s ok ..viplav says dhani ..avi chalo …they says good bye to all..akash come and hug viplav ..and says bhaiya ana wapas .. dhani says yes of course beta .. viplav also says yes beta .. I will definitely come …and gave a cute smile and goes from there ..( areh sab log chalo vipav ke piche .ok ..come ) viplav ..dhani ..avi start walking ..they saw a big temple ..they reach there ..viplav goes upstairs ..dhani and also goes behind him ..dhani is going to fall and screams but viplav hears it and hold dhani …humming sound of bolna song plays ..wind blowing .. avi says ahem ,..ahem ..bhaiya ..jaldi sab badme hoga ( ae log bhi na kaha bhi start hojate he .. ) viplav says ya …ya ..and goes …dhani shy and smiles ..a monk is there ..dhyan me baithe the ..viplav sees and goes there ..and says baba ..baba .. please us ..the monk open his eyes and see them ..

viplav is going to say their problem ..but he stops him and said I knew …come .. I am waiting for you… avi and dhani shocks ..viplav says thank you..please ..they follow the monk ..they reach to a dark room is burning in middle ..he says all to sit ..the monk also sits ..the monk hold a trisul(lord shiva’s weapon) and start saying mantras …and tell all to hold the trisul ..they all holds ..the monk saying mantras …dhani and avi is scared little … the monk stops and put a sindoor tilak on the trisul ..and says whoever broke the seal ..only he can use the trisul to finish the ghost ..avi get scared and says me?? The monk says yes ..viplav says don’t worry avi ..we all will be with you ..don’t worry ..dhani says but ..if anything happen to him ..viplav says dhaniii ..dont worry .. I will be with him always … and says thank you to the monk and join hands …the monk says bless you can do it .. I know you …they all take blessing and goes from there ..
Episode end

Precap: viplav ..dhani ..avi are in dadi’s house ..they says everything ..all get scared hearing that avi will do that ..
They all set to go to the old house …

How was this guys ..i explained the fb very shortly ..because it is not important ..only the monk is needed there ..asli action ab ayega ..dekhte rahe mera ff… thank you 

Credit to: AM

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  1. too good avijit, and you well explained fb, and its not at all dragging bro, so don’t say that okay…..keep rocking…..

    1. thank you very much di …keep reading my ff .. yes ..i will not say it boring ..actually agar action nahi ho to mujhe boring hi lagta hae 😛 ..hahaha ..

  2. I liked it bade, not at all boring, keep writing…

    1. thank you choti ..keep reading my ff 🙂 🙂

  3. waah chhotey….keep rocking 🙂

    1. sukriya di ..keep reading my ff..

  4. Scary flashback, an upcoming adventure, a very small spoon of ViDha… Not bad! Loved it ??❤️
    Waiting to see how Avi will fight with that spooky athma! Well his honewala jeeju is with him so… ?

    1. thank you shruthy ..i know you all want little more romance ..i will try ..actually i can only write comedy and action 😛 😛 ..but next episode me wo bhi try karunga ..keep reading my ff 🙂 🙂

  5. Hahahaha,Avi,first of all i want to say u one thing,u said that u only know to write comedy and action.arey thoda romance bhi seekho,u are going to clg na.
    Coming to the point,it was as usual super,super and our cute Avi is going to kill that Spooky guy.all the best Avi,go and kill,vijayi bhava.hahahaha.i also need some romance of jaldi jaldi action aur comedy ke saath saath romance bhi seekh lena,ok bye.

    1. I am still under 18 learning romance … 😛 ..kya karu …bachcha hu to comedy and action hi to hoga … but I will definitely try …. don’t tensed .. thank u and keep reading my ff

  6. very scary fb .. and episode was superb waiting for the next one

    1. oh ..thank you maha ..keep reading my ff …

  7. Chotte sorry for late comment I read ur previous episodes together yaar u r giving me sleepless nights not only nights sleepless days 😛

    1. hehehehe …its OK ..thank u and keep writing my ff

      1. sorry keep reading , not writing 😛 😛

  8. Good one Bhaia… Last epi was not much dragging one? Fb is well explained….?
    Keep writing ?

    1. thank you sis …keep reading my ff 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. fb was so scary….in coming episode Avi maut k kuye me jaane se paehle take bless from all the members n BIJAY hokar aana☺

    1. thank you nima di ..ashirbad granted 😛 ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  10. hey am.. Sorry I couldn’t comment fire all previous episodes.. Your writing is very good. . story is sooper complicated. . but avi is very cute..
    very funny too…

    1. ya story is little complicated ..actally many stories and mysteries unfolding in just 15 episodes ….but don’t worry ..only think about our vidhani ..thank you and keep reading my ff

  11. thanks to all guys 🙂

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