The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 14

Hiii ..guys ..what’s up ..good ha .. so all are enjoying my ff ? ..good . aj bhi late hu ..thora jyada hi late hu …gussa mat hona …OK ..ajkal bohot sare ff agaye hae ..but insabme mere ff ko bhul mat Jana …aur episode baki hae ..padte raho …and ajao firse mere sath ..
In the last you all saw that …viplav took the address of the man who sell the mirror …viplav says so rajendran . ha …Dhani ..avi …chalo mere sath jaldi ..they come out of the shop …
Episode starts ….
viplav ..Dhani …and avi come out of the shop …they all sit In the car .viplav again shifts the gear and start the car in full speed ( areh chalo ..chalo …jaldi …but swara di isbar ap drive mat karoge kon karega ..hmm ..areh abhi chinta ka time nahi hae karta hu drive ..traffic police bhi nahi hae eha. baith jao …OK ..then get . .set …gooooo ) ..viplav styles his hair and wear his sunglass …Dhani is mesmerized seeing viplav’s handsome look .continuously staring at him …..avi is getting bore seeing Dhani’s pagalpanti … 😛 ..avi says bhaiya some songs ..I am getting bore ..viplav says ya too ..and he switch on the music system …song play …
Na jiya jindegi …ek pal bhi …
tujse hoke juda ..sun jarahhhh…
bin tere mujhse naraz tha dil mera ….
tu mila to hae kahe rahaaa ..
Mae to tere rang me rang chukahu …
bas tera ban chuka hu ….
mera mujme kuch nahiiiii…sab teraa ha …..
sab teraa …sab tera ahaa …sabb ..teraaaahhh……

Dhani goes to her dream land with viplav …in her dream.
viplav is coming in a heroic style walking …take dhani’s hand and pull her closer .. and they start their very romantic dance. …dream ends …
Dhani is smiling closing her eyes ..viplav see Dhani smiling and asks Dhani. Dhani. ..what happen .. Dhani come out of the dream and says ha ..ha ..I am alright ..viplav asks are you sure ?? Dhani says yes ..mujhe kya hoga ..viplav says OK ..avi smilingly says Jo hona tha to ho gaya ..abhi aur kya hoga 😛 😛 ..viplav don’t understand it but Dhani get it and says shut up chotte …viplav smiles cutely … ( hehehe . nice scene ..avi is great :P. areh woha to arshi hae na avi ke pas ..kab gayi uha ..wo ..haa ..pichle episode me chali gayi thi ..but ajana wapas .. OK ) ..their car is going. after some time …they Cross a milestone ..on the milestone it is written …” Pratapgar…00 KM” …they reach to the small village ..viplav stops the car and come out the car …. Dhani and avi also come out of the car …( so our car also stops ..chalo utro car se …and one thing ..humesha Dhani and viplav and avi ke piche hi rehna ..idhar udhar bhatak mat Jana …arshi . us gari se utro and ajao eha you come …let’s go but stay together OK ) ….viplav see the village .small village …cow and goats and chickens are roaming ….people are passing ..viplav see some people together under a tree …viplav goes to them and ask do you know Rajendran rathore ji..and where he live .. ..everyone shocked and in fear goes from there …Dhani and avi comes…viplav strangely look them …he ask Dhani …why they run hearing about Rajendran…?? Dhani says don’t know …avi says ya what happened to all ?? ….viplav says let me ask other also ..he goes to some men and ask but all ignores and goes from there . ..he ask a passing by woman but she frightens and says mujhe kuch nahi pata sahedji. .mujhe maf kijiye …and run from there . he asks here and there to all but all run ..viplav gets angry and kick the ground and says damn it man…damn it … dhani and avi go to viplav and console him. says calm down viplav. calm. avi says ya …Bhai .. viplav says ya you are right …but if all will run then how can I help you all. …Dhani keep her hand on his shoulder and says calm down ..viplav …koi na koi rasta jarur niklega ..have patience okay and smiles …viplav see Dhani …they look each other ….mild wind start blowing. …humming sound of “bolna” song plays …. cute scene( ae pyar ke parindo ..kaha bhi start mat hojao ..sab dekhrehe hae 😛 😛 Sab choro aur kam pe dhyan do 😛 😛 ) ..avi see it and says ahemmm ..ahemmm ..bhaiaaaaaa 😛 😛 ..they come out of it .. Dhani shy ..viplav says yess ..chalo ..let’s find someone…avi smilingly says yesss …hehe ….he start finding some people …but again fail one agree …all run hearing that name …viplav become sad …suddenly a small boy comes and pull viplav’s blazer ….viplav notice it and see the boy and kneel down …and asks what happen beta ? …the boy says uncle ..uncle …are you finding someone ? Dhani and avi also comes …Dhani says oh cho sweet …viplav says yes beta …but first tell your name beta ..the boy says cutely akash ….and can I help you uncle..avi says how can he help and areh ae to tab paida bhi nahi hoga !! hehe ..viplav says one minute avi …and tell akash …so beta do you know rajendran rathore uncle …akash says ya I know …my dadaji told me his story …viplav says story ?? did he leave from here …akash says nahi ..WO to mar gaye bohot sal pehle ..everyone shocked …Dhani says what ?? ..viplav asks do you know the story ?? akash says ya . but I forgot little but my grandpa can tell you ..come to my house uncles and aunty …viplav says chalo beta …they all follow the boy ..Dhani is thinking mera aur viplav ka bhi aisa hi ek cute baby hoga ( areh Dhani pehle shadi to hone do … 😛 ..hahaha) ..they reach to a house …a woman is drying clothes ..akash run and says mammi ..dekho kuch uncle aur Aunty aye hae …the woman welcome them and says what you want to know sir ?? ..viplav says about rajendran rathore ..she says oh come ..they enter in the house …a old man was reading newspaper ( dadi ae uncle 75+ ke hae ..bat chalo kya inke sath apka 😛 ) …akash comes and hug the old man and says dadaji log rajendran rathore ke bareme janna chahte hae ..the old man says oh …sit …sit ..they all sit …
Episode ends …

Precap:all three of them are sitting with a old tantrik is burning in middle …..he give a trisul to viplav and saying some mantras ..

so how was this guys ..i am dragging it little but I will complete my ff on 4th June read ..and ae mirror ne bohot jagah matam machaya ..keep reading my ff to know every thing ..and today I use more Hindi sorry . but from next I will give it in full English ..and in this episode Hindi is needed because it is a village na …so keep reading and keep commenting …thank you 🙂

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  1. Chhotey…..lovely episode…… Precap Se toh lag raja hai tantra mantra would be helping our hero… bhi hai keep rocking bro…. ?????????????

    1. yes ..little tantra mantra is needed. ..when all road of hope closed then only god is there I am writing this ..keep reading my ff 🙂 ..



  3. trisul is lord Shiva’s main weapon .. OK :). 🙂 ..keep reading my ff sis … 🙂 thank u 🙂

  4. Chotte first part to itna funny tha…
    Par tumne traffic rule thoda under 18 gadi chala rah h… Mein bataungi traffic police ko … Hehehe

    Aaj ka part to bahut maza aya… Good going keep it up..

    1. nahi mat batana ke traffic rule tora ..fine aplogoko bharna padega … 😛 .thank u And keep reading my ff di ..

  5. Wow bade mast episode tha keep writing aur jaldi post karo although I know promises are meant to be broken?? tum mat break karna!!

    1. thank u choti 😉 .. ab koi promise hi nahi karunga 😛 . keep reading my ff

  6. Nice one re! On one hand, the adventure, on the other habd, Dhaani and her fantasy. ? But both are excellent. Cant wait for next part. Keep up the good work re. ???

    1. thank u shruthy and surely I will post the next soon. ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  7. Good one Bhaia… Keep writing… Avi’s character is good one… Loved it..
    Bhaia June 4th ko khatham Ho jaye ga?
    All the bst for the cmng episode’s?

    1. thank u sis ..keep reading my ff .and .yes ..I am ending this journey on June 4 ..bohot din pehle suru kiya tha . ab climax ka time hogaya …

  8. very interesting go on bro……like it so much, keep rocking

    1. thank u di …..keep reading my ff 🙂 🙂

  9. No one can forgot ur ff itna mitha jo hai chocolate ki tarah 🙂
    episode was awesome. old man k sath Dadi ki shaadi ki baat chedi…:-D
    AM bhai tum shaadiya v karwate ho? 😉
    dhani’s dreams cute n nice.
    next episode se hum logo k liye v surakxa kawach ready rakhna 🙂
    tantrik hai to obviously bhoot v aayenge haina na ?

    1. yes ..full of ghost ..hehehe .. and mae shadi nahi karwata re ..dadi ko ladka chahiye finding our dadaji as her groom .. 😛 😉 😛 ..hahaha .. thank u and keep reading my ff di ..

  10. hi moderators ji ?
    aaj to meri comment 4 5 hrs tak stuck nahi hogi na☺

    1. today moderators accepted your request . aur kuch manglo moderators de denge 😛 😛

      1. Mishal ko maagu toh?????

    2. mishal to serial me hae ..eisha ko wapas mango ..sayad ajaye wapas 😛 .

  11. arre aaj toh meri comments jaldi post ho gayi ???
    Shukriya ☺

    1. yes ..thank you moderators for posting my di’s comment fast 😉 🙂

  12. Again one blockbuster episode. Waitng for next part.plz update soon

    1. thank u very much dadi 🙂 …

  13. an epic one avi bhaiya………loved this but no horror scenes…..but mujhe patha hai aap agle epi main zaroor denge

    1. this is a horror story it is must ..thank u 🙂

  14. miss u my ff and all

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