The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 13

Hiiii guys .. this time really I tried to come on time ..mere holidays hae firbi bohot alsi kisam ka banda hu 😛 ..maf kar dena apne Bhai ko ..bohot bak bak karliya let’s go to today’s episode but uske pehle recap dekhle thora …bohot Hindi bhi bol diya English ..come ..join our actors ….

In the last episode you all saw the horrifying death of akshay …but I liked that scene … Flash back ends now ..viplav asked for the antic shop’s address …. raj gave it ..viplav said that’s our last hope now …

Episode starts …
Everyone go from the room ….
viplav tries to get up from bed but he feels pain in his arms ..he silently screams ahhhh … Dhani see it and go to viplav …she goes and help him to get up …viplav stares at Dhani ..mild wind start blowing is flying …they stares each other …song plays ..hmmmmmm….
hmmmmm mhhhh …hmmm..mmh
.chute ya na chute muh se …
rang teraaa dolna ..ek tere baju duja ..
mera koi molna ..
bolnaa ..mahi bolnaaaa ….
bolna ..mahi ..bolnaaaa …
they gets shy and stop staring ..viplav says thank you ..and goes from there for changing his dress … Dhani lovingly smiles ….
viplav take shower and changed his dress and reach to the hall where all are sitting ….he wear a blue blazer and T-shirt …he says uncle don’t worry … nothing will happen ..let me find some help ..then I can start my way to finish all revenge ..OK ..don’t worry ..and gave a cute smile ..raj also smiles little …viplav sees avi and says do you want to come with me ??? avi smilingly says ..ya ya ..sure ..why not ..let’s go ..and gets up to get ready .. Dhani hesitantly asks can I also join you .. and avi ko akele kaise chor sakti hu ..abhi bi chota hae na 😛 .. 😛 ( hai re Dhani …Bhai ko bachcha bana diya . koi ni…pyar me to sab jayez hae 😛 ) ..avi turn his head towards Dhani and silently asks what ?? are you cracked ? viplav was silent first but then agrees and said ..ha ..chalo tumbhi ..Dhani gets excited .. everyone stares Dhani ..Dhani stop and shyly goes from there ..viplav smiles ….
everyone gets ready …everyone says all the best ..Sara hug all ..they take blessing from dadi and come out the house ( buzurk ke ashirbad jaruri hae na 😛 …. ) viplav open his car door and sit on driving seat …avi is going to sit with viplav but Dhani comes and stop him and requests him ..please brother ..let me sit ..please are my good brother na ..avi agrees and says ha ..ha ..OK ..sit ..and smiles …Dhani pull his cheek and says cho ..sweet …and happily sit ..avi sit on the back seat ..viplav stare at Dhani … Dhani tied her seat belt and see viplav ..they are staring each other …avi see it and says ahem ..ahemm ..smilingly says …Bhaiya hume aj Jana hae ..kal nahi ..start the car ..they come out of it …viplav silently turn his head ..close hus eyes and says silently …. focus and tells ..yeah …so all the ready na ..then let’s go ..he shifts the gear and drives the car in full speed ..
( areh unlogo dekhte hi rahoge kya ..eha baith ke kuch nahi hoga …come and sit in my car ….but drive kon karega ..I am not 18 years old … so ..arshi ..nahi tumbhi choti ho ..prachi di ..nahi apko dunga hi nahi thok diya toh …areh swara mata you gave the answer first in last episode .. . so this is prize the car ..OK ..chalo bhagao car…weeeee 😛 ) ..viplav is driving the car ..Dhani is still staring viplav ( areh mata ji ko viplav kae side me lo ..dikh nahi raha humara hero ..) … viplav driving the car in style ..avi is playing game in his mobile ….then after few minutes they reach to the antic shop…he stops the car in front of the store …( our car also stop ..utro car se jaldi .. aur ajao ) …
viplav ..Dhani ..avi come out the car and close the doors .. they see the board …” Mata ki duwa antic shop” ..they enter together in the shop ..Dhani and avi is amazed seeing all the collection of the shop ..they have all things really ..Dhani and avi says wow ….viplav smiles because they are behaving like kids .. 😛 ..then viplav goes to the counter and ring the bell …and asked is anyone here ?? ..a mid aged man come out of a room and says yess can I help you sir ?? viplav says hiii …I am Viplav ..Viplav Joshi exorcist …the man said you are the famous exorcist ..nice to meet you ..they shake hands .. so why you cone here …can I help you ..viplav says yes ..did you remember about a mirror … 23 years back … a man named akshay bought that mirror from you .. ?? the man thinks and says oh ..ya ya ..I can never forget it ..first time I got fear by that thing …that was really spooky … viplav says yes ..yes ..that mirror … I need some info about that … the man says where is akshay now ?? he did not came here after that day ..viplav sadly says he is no more ..the man says oh sorry ..but how …viplav tells ..because of the mirror ..he died after buying that mirror ..all finished but it again come back to finish his family ..he introduce Dhani and avi and tells this are his brother’s children ..the mirror want to kill them all ..Dhani and avi says yes uncle …the man says oh ..the mirror ..I heard many noises from it ..shobing of a lady …sometime screaming sound ..many things … viplav ask did you remember from where you bring that mirror …the man said .. someone sell this mirror to me ….but I forgot the name ..let me check ..viplav say ya ya ..check please ..the man goes and bring an old dirty register ..1993 is written on it . . he open it and starts searching about the mirror ..searching and searching ..but he is not finding it . but finally he find that name and the mirror ..and says yes I find it …his name was Rajendran Rathore ..and he was from Pratapgar ..oh it is outside of the city ..just 29 km away from here ..he gives the name and address to viplav ..he sees it …so ..Rahendran ..thank you uncle for your help …Dhani and avi also say thank you uncle ..sukriya …. 🙂 🙂 .. viplav says . Dhani ..avi …chalo mere sath jaldi ….. again thank you uncle …the man smiles …they come out of the shop …
Episode end….

Precap: their car is on the road ..they cross a milestone ..on the milestone it is written ..” Pratapgar”
00 KM

so how was this guys ..hope all liked it ..aj ka episode sirf humare leads ek duje ko tar rahe the 😛 ..kysa laga ajka little funny and pyar bhara episode …bohot kuch hoga age. .dekhte raho ..thank you 🙂 🙂

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  1. Good one Bhaia… Vidha eyelocks good one… Only one problem swara Mata’s driving was a little rash.. ??
    Keep gng bhaia?

    1. hehehe ….dusri bar kisi or ko dunga 🙂 ..thank u sis and keep reading my ff 🙂

  2. avi bhaiya its very superb……..and swara di liked ur adventurous drive….toh ye the bhaiya ka gift ;P 😛
    and loved the song bolna…..great fan of arijit and now avijit….

    1. thank u ..and thanks to swara mata also for safe driving 😛 ..mere ff me kam karne se bara or koi gift nahi ho sakta ….. 😛 😛 ..asalme mera gift ka paisa bhi Bach gaya 😛 😛 😛 …ek ka to ho gaya . ab sirf arshi baki hae ..

      keep reading my ff 🙂

  3. avi bhaiya i invite u specially to read my new ff……it will be really fun….i assure u
    “Love is Everywhere”

    1. OK done ..I will read 🙂

  4. awesome episode

    1. thank u ..keep reading and keep commenting …but your name was Maya na … then who is karan

  5. Episode ka bhi mazza le liya….
    Drive bhi enjoy kiya….
    Viplav Dhaani ko ek dusre ko tadte hue bhi dekhliya…… Loved it …..
    Go on Chhotey…… 🙂

    1. thank u di ..keep reading my ff . 🙂 ..sab chiz ka maja dunga 😛 ..hehehe ..keep reading 🙂

  6. OMG todays’ episode was super duper awesome..??Maze aa gaye?☺

    First of all.. Mujhe chalani thi car..? I agree licence nhi h..but chalani aati h..? Koi na main to viplav ki car me hi avi ke sath baith gayi thi… Viplav dhani ko tar rha tha…dhani viplav ko… And main unn dono ko..???

    And your comedy to mashallah..! ??????

    I am actually waiting how exorcist viplav will do that..
    How will that address be helpful..
    Post the next one soon lazy lad??

  7. Too good writing skills

    1. thanks for liking my writing style
      .keep reading my ff and keep commenting 🙂

  8. Hahaha chotte aaj to muje itna maza araha tha ki pucho math hasi contol nahi hora h …
    Kya kya scenes tha dadi se ashirvad hahaha bacha achanak sudar gaya..
    Aur wah humare swara mata car chala rahi h …

    Aur jo song tumne choose ki h was my one of fav

    Its minblowing epi … Funny and interesting

    1. thank u di ..keep reading my ff … 🙂 aur kuch episodes hi baki hae 🙂

  9. Aur batana bul gayi muje mata ki dua antic shop ka name acha laga ….

    1. heh heh heh …mujhe bhi bohot pasand hae wo name 😛 😛

  10. Today episode was mind blowing and too funny avi is too cute and funny and their eye lock were so cute?

    1. thank u maha for reading my ff ..keep loving it and keep commenting 🙂

  11. hehehe ..I know I am lazy ..that’s why reply bhi late deta hu ..but abse try karunga time pe ane ke …areh driving mujhe bhi ata hae ..but rules nahi torna chahiye 😛 .. thank u and keep reading my ff ..

    and tum sab mujse party mang rahe ho but party to tume dena hae ..tumhe marks bohot jyada mila mujhse …board alag hae hum dono ke … firbhi marks to marks hae tum do party ab nahi 😛

    1. arshi …ae tumhara comment ka reply hae ..but eha post hogaya .. 🙂

  12. Chotte tuse great ho

    1. thank u Jo ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  13. AM bhai, awesome episode agr Anil kapoor k style me kahu to JHAKAAAAAS??
    start to end bahoot enjoy kiya specially wo scene Bolna….wala dono ko ishq ka rang dheere dheere chad raha hai?
    bhaiya aaj Jana hai kal nahi…? ye dialogue funny laga honewala jija ko bhaiya kehdiya ?

  14. OMG? again stuck Nooooooooo?????

    1. this time my comments stuck also ..moderators sabse dusmani nikal rahe hae sayad 😛

      1. hamare moderators ko yaisa mat bolo they r doing great job.sab ki comments ko 1st me read Karo then post bahoot thakte honge hats off them✋???☺

    2. ya ..u r right di ..sorry moderators …thank u for your hard work 🙂

  15. hehehe I loved that song too …and abhi jiju nahi bolsakta but bolega ..jarur bolega … 😛 😛 ….ishq ..ishq ..rang rang …ishq ka rang lal …ishq …ishq ..ishq 😛 😛 ..ishq ka rang lal hae baba ..ishq ka ranggg laaalllll… 😛 ..

  16. Wow bade loved the episode Vidhaa romance!! ?? keep going… Post it soon.. Waiting for it…

    1. thank u … keep reading my ff …romance nahi but thora pyar jarur tha … chalo dekhte hae kya hota hae 😛

  17. Chhote ur last episode n did one is awesome. In previous epi it narration was mind blowing. I really appreciate to ur writing skill.n u monkey u guess me right.hahaha I cannt drive d car.n der ll b more chance of accident. Bcoz I m careless driver.heheh

    1. thank u dadi writing style is really different …. 😛 .. khud ke muh se khudka tarif achcha nahi but mae karta hu ..hehehe ..keep reading my ff 😉 ..
      and apka bhai hu ..apka driving janta hu ..isliye nahi diya … hahaha ..and you are not careless driver are very reckless driver 😛

  18. Oho,,what an episode was that,,,superb,,,, are all enjoyed my driving na,,,chotte thank u so much for this gift,,,,u r awesome,,,,,

    1. hahaha ..I know I am awesome …. 😛 😛 .. nahi re majak kar raha hu ….
      and some complaint about your driving ..but almost everyone liked this . hehehe ….
      thank u and keep reading my ff .. jaii mata diii 😛

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