The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 12

Hiiii… I promised to post my ff daily ..but sorry for not keeping my promise ..koi nahi episode se try karunga …in last episode I asked a question to all …only arshdeep and swara mata gave the correct answer …but swara di gave me answer first in fb she is first and arshdeep is second ..but I will give gift both of them ..but wait ..I will give it later …now come to the story flash back will end …
In the last episode we all saw the deadly murdering scene of meghana . when akshay was beating raj …light start flickering ….the evil voice is heard.
now come to today’s episode …chalo mammiji aur Dhani ke sath baith jao aur suno ae kahani .

The voice was saying ..I am not your uncle foolish . I am your destroyer . mout . mouutttt .. hahahaha ….akshay freed raj ….raj asked who are you . akshay said in anger who are you ?? why you did this to me ?? who are you ???? … the voice again silently but in spooky voice said …..mouutttt …hahahahaha and why I am doing this ha !!! it’s all because of your grandfather ….. he snatched my happiness ..destroyed my life …now its my turn ..wo Buddha to mar gaya ( that oldy died ) but you all still alive …until I will not kill your whole family revenge would not completed ..then you ready to die …hahaha .. akshay yelled what ???? but the scene which I saw in mirror …dating …relation ….raj .. meghana ….all false or true …was it false ??… the voice said ha re bewakoof !!( fool ) … you didn’t trust your love ..that’s why you so simply trapped in my false illusion …bewakoof …hahaha…. . akshay was fully shocked .. its like a heavy stone fell on his head …he was thinking what he had done and watched his killer hands …his hands were shivering … he raised his hand and started continuously slapping his face .. and crying loudly … saying what you did ..what you …. 🙁 🙁 .. raj tried to stop him but he pushed raj and continuously punching …slapping his face hard ..his face became red ..blood was coming from nose .. raj saw it and stop akshay and yelled stop broo …stop . calm little …the voice said how much you will protect all will die .. all … hahahaha … heavy wind started blowing ….thunder was striking … lights were gone fully …cat’s scary sound was hearing .. totally horrifying atmosphere … the loud evil laughing sound started …akshay was sitting on the floor … body was trembling ..he bowed down his head …crushing his teeth ..pura body jor jor se hil raha tha ….he slowly stand up and looked at the nearby rod and took it …his hand was shivering ….he was tightening his fist more and more ..raj was watching and shocked and said brotherr …..he was scared of this deadly look of akshay ….he was looking like a wounded lion ..silent but furious ……head was till bowed down …. Eyes were closed…. He suddenly opened His eyes …eyeball became big ..he was very angry ….eyes becoming red . he quickly lifted his hand and head and in full anger he roared …and ran towards the common room ..raj also went behind him. . wind blowing . thunder striking .. akshay reached there and ran towards the mirror and hit the mirror with his all force ( this scene is in slow motion ) ..all mirror broke into pieces . scene freezes for some seconds …raj came there running . .he was fully shocked. ..again scene freezes ..mirror pieces hit akshay invisible force pushed akshay and he fell on the ground …he was bleeding little .. all become silent …little more silent …wind stopped . .everything .. suddenly again the evil loud laughing sound started …a big piece of mirror lifted up and came towards akshay in high speed ..and went through his heart …scene paused .. akshay was fully shocked ..his mouth opened …the mirror piece stopped and again came towards akshay again …and gone through his body again …and again. …and again ….full body was holed …body became full red … cloths were wet because of blood …raj screamed brotherrrrrrr ….and ran towards akshay …and took his body on his lap ..and shaking His head ..akshay opened his eyes slowly and pointed his hand upon … raj saw his hand in fear and watched the blooded piece of mirror floating and pointing towards him ..suddenly it quickly come towards raj ..but he jumped in a second …. the piece hit the floor and broke fully …. raj quickly took that rod and started saying hanuman chalisha loudly . suddenly all pieces lifted up and came towards raj but he protected him with a table and ran towards the mirror in slow motion …some pieces hitting him but he did not care and broke the mirror fully …its frame all …. all stopped fully again ….a spooky smiling face of ghost come out of the mirror and vanished in the air …all stopped ..everywhere was blood …raj was trembling till now in fear…. dropped the rod and fell in ground ..he was very tired ..he went to akshay crawling and hold his hand and start crying …the night ended …scene ended …..

The next morning the two body of akshay and meghana were taken by police ….all neighbours came there wearing white cloths. raj was crying in front of the photos of akshay and meghana ….later in evening raj brought a tantrik and sealed the mirror pieces and locked it in a almirah and said not to open it ever ….flash back ends ….
Raj is saying after that I reached Delhi died in heart attack hearing that news . dad also died after few months . I changed my surname ..and remove the whole past from my mind and my name and shifted to new Delhi and start new business . he ends it with a sigh …. viplav is seriously thinking of that ..Dhani ..avi ..Sara and mammiji are fully shocked …prachi di knew it all …she was caretaker of that house after the incident …viplav says don’t worry uncle but can you give the address of that antic shop from where akshay Ji brought the mirror …..raj says hmmmm …and give the address . viplav take it and says now that’s our last hope ….
Episode ends …

Precap: viplav ..Dhani and avi reach to the antic shop …” mata ki duwa antic shop” .. they enter together ..viplav wear a blue blazer and white T-shirt .. avi wear viplav style dress of ikrs and Dhani wear jeans and top ( ae log antic shop me ja rahe hae ya fashion show me …koi nahi leads hae… mere ff ke to achche to dikhenge hi ..and Farah khan ad deti hae na TV me …..jaha moka mile woha fashion karo karo humesha fashion 😛 😛 😛 😛 )

so how was this guys . .bohot hogaya serious writing ..ab wapas comedy romantic chalu hoga little thrill ke sath be ready guys … thank you 🙂 🙂

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  1. Good one bhaia?

    1. thank u sis ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  2. Wow chotte again a mindblwing part …
    Iss stry keliye kabse wait kar rahe the… Zyada wait math karvavo…
    Precap mast h … Tumara stry interesting to h hi abb aur vi maza araha h…

    1. thank u di ….precap was just for fun only ..and jyada wait nahi karwaunga …aj hi post hoga next part …keep reading my ff 🙂

  3. Maza aa raha hai, lekin akshay ka death seen bohot bura tha, mujhe padhne bhi nhi ho raha tha…
    Zyada wait mat karwao.. Jaldi post karna…

    1. thank u maria .. but I liked akshay’s death scene … its a Hollywood style death ..Hollywood me khatarnak tarikhe ki death dikhate hae … that’s why I gave it .. but koi nahi next episode fun bhi hoga ..thrill kam hoga 🙂 ..keep reading my ff

  4. chhotey…go on Avi…. loving it ….maza aana toh confirm hai 🙂

    1. yes ..maza to confirm hae ..thank u and keep reading my ff 🙂

  5. Wahhh…chottee…u rocked it..ur narrating style is too different. .wahh..wht a slow motion scene was tht…keep going chotte

    1. thank u di narrating style is different from others .. when I start this narrating style .. I had fear that all like it or not ..but all really liked it . ab yakin huya duniya me alag chizo ki itni kimat kyu hae 😛 ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  6. avi bhaiya such a scary epi….emotional too……and abt the precap…..did u give us an ad??? hahaha bhura math mann na….sorry…bdw aap ke sub kya thi? science?

    1. hahaha ..isme buda kya man na ..and thora comedy ke liye precap waisa diya ..3 episode se sirf serious and emotional cheze likh raha tha to socha thora comedy dedu .. hahaha 😛 :P.
      and yes ..I am a science student .. and I had computer science ,not biology

      1. Lakshmi (Viplav)

        yep…… 🙂 😉 😀 😛
        i’m commerce

    2. oh ..good 🙂 🙂

  7. Avijit its soo gooood…!!? The description of akshay’s death was amazing..
    Keep going?
    Eagerly waiting for next.. Boht hogya rona.. ab aur nahi??

    1. yes ..bohot hogaya rona dhona …ab no more rona …ab hoga sirf hasna with love 😉 ..thank u and keep reading my ff , arshi 🙂 🙂

  8. Waqae scariest & horrifying death! ?

    HAHA! Precap is just so wow! ?? Waiting, Waiting & and yes Waiting! ?

    1. yes ..death scene was scary ..but now scary ness kam and comedy ..romantic barega …and precap was just for fun only … bohot serious hogaya tha isliye comedy diya precap ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  9. spooky?
    so interesting

    1. yes is a spooky love story on IKRS … thank u Maya ..keep reading my ff and keep commenting 🙂 🙂

  10. Spooky… But I loved the way u write sorry for late comment

    1. yes is spooky little comedy bhi milega mere story me …thank u for reading my ff ..and liking my writing style ..keep commenting 🙂 🙂

  11. very interesting, go on bro……i am waiting for next part…..

    1. thank u di ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  12. I’m trying to read at night bt..can’t???? nywy episode was so scary agar raat ko read karte to kasam se so nahi pate???

    1. hehehe ..correct this episode was scary ..aur bhi scary episode ayenge so be ready and I submitted the next part also will post soon read that is not scary ..aur rat ko bhi next episode par sakti ho di 😛 😛

  13. my 1st comment which i post at 10:54am still moderating ???

    1. hehehe ..but this comment posted first …koi nahi .. 😛 😛 ..thank u and keep reading di 🙂

  14. chalo 30 comments to pure huye ..

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