The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 11


Hiii guys …how are you all ..bhul to nahi gaye mere ff ko ?? … very sorry for it ..I was very busy ..but now I am free in this month … I will post my ff everyday …happy ….OK let’s come to the episode .
so in the last episode you all saw that past of akshay .. fb is just begin …the mirror tried to create rift between akshay and meghana …and misleading him . by showing false illusion of raj and meghana …akshay believed also …and after seeing his gifted handkerchief to raj ..he got angry and went to his room . now watch what will happen next …areh we are listening this story from papaji …come ..come….. sit again …

akshay was in his room ..thinking about the beautiful past of him and meghana …how he proposed her in filmy style ..he cryingly smiled… and she accepted …they were very happy …he resembled all sweet moments of them and crying ..just then meghana entered in the room ..he rubbed his eyes and asked why you came here meghana …she asked why you went from breakfast angrily akki ..he forcibly smiled and said nothing ..some business problem .. just give me few days to overcome it .. I will be OK .. and sadly said you don’t think of me much. … go … and eat …she asked you are okay na akki ?? .. sure ?? ..he said ya ya fully …you go . meghana said love you akki ..bye .. get ready for office soon. .he forcibly smiled ….scene end ..
akshay went for office ..he was very sad every time ..he did not understand what should he do ?? ..

In the evening when akshay came back from his work he saw raj and meghana were cleaning utensils together in kitchen ..they are laughing ….but akki took it in a negative way …and got angry and went to his room. he was fuming in anger …scene ends ..
at night all eating their dinner ..akshay was still little angry ..he was thinking about raj and meghana all time . they completed their dinner and went to their rooms for sleep … akshay and meghana was in bed …meghana was sleeping .. but akshay was sitting on bed and thinking all things .. again light start flicking …winds started blowing …the voice is heard …akshay …akshayy .. come child ..come to me …akshay heard it and silently went to the mirror in common room ..he reached in front of the mirror …again the mist formed a face and said how are you beta . akshay said bas jee raha hu 🙁 … the face said hmmm ..but sorry to say .. you should go from here and start a new life .. leave raj and meghana together ..akshay said aur kya hogaya uncle 🙁 ..??? the face said hold your heart son. don’t be broken too much ..start a new life after seeing this scene …see …a scene starts in the mirror ….
meghana and raj dating in park …doing candle light dinner ..dancing …again bol do na Zara songs plays 😛 ..they are spending some romantic times together …raj saying I will be with you forever meghana …she said me too raj …pata nahi kyse akshay mere gale par gaya ..but now only you Raj .. you you …love you very much …they hold hands tightly and hugged ..scene ends … ( this is a false illusion made by the mirror … all are false ..OK ..see the next horrifying scene ) .. akshay fell on his knees and started crying silently …said what I did meghana ..what’s my fault …is my fault that I love you …I …..I ….I …. 🙁 .. why you ……and he bowed down his head ..tears were falling from his eyes on the floor … but suddenly tears stopped …his full body was shivering in anger …he tightened his fist …. and said crushing his teeth ..meghana ..bohot jee li jindagi ..ab aur nahi .. I will start new life uncle but after killing her and gave a evil smile .. he slowly stand up and walked like a zombie ..slowly …… the face turned into a spooky face .. and said aj hae kayamat ki rat …hahahaha …..hahahaha …
akshay entered in the room where meghana was sleeping …with full of dark purpose which he had determined to kill his wife ….when he saw her asleep he thought he would not shed blood …but she should die because she betrayed me …then he went near to him and kneeled down side of her bed and kissed on his fore head and cheeks for the last time …and he wept but said that this were cruel tears …
meghana was awakened by his kisses …she looked upon akshay …and saw him gnaw his lips and roll his eyes ..she saw this type of expression before when a friend betrayed him ..he was always fatal when he looked like this … he told her to prepare for death darling ..and gave a evil smile ..and said her to say her last wish ..meghana said in fear what happened akki ..and begged for mercy ..and wanted to know his fault …he told in anger what you have done ha betrayed me ..I knew what’s your relation with raj .. meghana said what?? you are misunderstanding Me… she was proceeding to clear all that suddenly he would hear no more and covering her up in the bed sheet ..stifled her till death …she tried to free hard but all went in vain . and screamed very loudly …raj woke up and went for water and then he heard the scream and ran towards the room ..
he reached there and saw akshay was shedding tears holding the bed sheet …meghana was lying like a dead body ..he said what you have done Bhai …what Bhai …he went near to akshay astonishingly …he was fully shocked . he touched akshay’s shoulder and said brotherrr … tumne ae kya kiya …akshay angrily stánd up and hold his shirt front and said what I did … you said na what you did .. dhokebazz ..gaddar ****** .. you used my simple wife …you ******** ( gali to nahi likh sakta …kuch bhi gali soch lo 😛 ) raj said what ?? I did nothing brother .. akshay said nothing ha and pushed him with his all his force .. raj smashed against the wall … he went and hold his shirt again and pulled him. ..blood was coming from Raj’s head ….the light started flicking frequently … two of them were watching …raj surprisingly watching all …a voice is heard …. hahahahs ….uhahaha …all will destroy tonight . finally my revenge would complete … hahaha … aj hoga kayamat ki rat …akshay was surprised …and asked uncle ..what you are saying …???? the voice said uncle ….hahaha …kon tera koi uncle nahi ..I am your destroyer hu tumlogoka mout …hahaha …
episode ends ….

Precap: Raj ends the story …viplav is thinking ..Dhani ..avi .. mammiji are very scared …viplav says OK uncle …now I know all…. I will definitely help you .

so how was this friends … little flash back is left …it will be in next episode .. and can you all guess that murdering scene of meghana , was little copied from which Shakespeare’s tale …winner will be gifted a secret gift …let’s see you all know it or not … thank you …. 🙂 🙂

Credit to: AM

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  1. good one bhaia!!! Loved it…. Nice discription…. Keep writing

    1. thank u sis
      .keep reading my ff

  2. Awesome avijit?? kayamat ki raat
    Poor meghana?
    Waiting for the next

    1. thank u arshi ..keep reading my ff … and answer my question what I asked in ff … let’s see knew it or not

      1. Is it macbeth??

    2. no ..wrong answer ..but you are close ..guess karte raho 😛

      1. Othello??

    3. areh say it confidently … 😛 ..chalo koi nahi …absolutely correct answer was Othello .murdering scene of Desdemona by Othello ….

      1. I was not sure yaar.. So not confident.. A bit confused actually.. 😛
        Anyways i won…yeah…!!! 😀 😀

        So i will get the secret gift and the party too 😛 😀

  3. avi bhaiya u nailed it……missed ur ff really…….but now happy that u r back… i never read even my textbooks properly…..then how can i know about shakespeare’s novel…..don’t laugh at me but this is the truth………..then ur results came bhaiya?????

    1. yes ..16 may ko agaya tha result … I read in west Bengal board … result was good … 🙂 .. A+ grade 🙂

      1. congrats party toh banthi hai

    2. first answer my question ..then I will give party 😛

      1. Party iss liye kyunki aapko A+ grade mila hai……maine toh apna answer batha diya tha….upper mein pado ek bar phir…..hahaha

  4. avi bhaiya u nailed it….missed ur ff really….but now happy that u r back…no i never read even my textbooks properly…then how can i know about shakespeare’s novel??……don’t laugh at me but this is the truth….then ur results came bhaiya????

    1. sorry for double post i thought it got deleted

    2. thank you lakshmi …keep reading my ff … and now I will post my ff daily ..because I am free in this month … keep loving my ff ..

      1. will read and waiting

  5. Woah! Going to get a daily dose of thrill and horror! Cool! ??

    HAHA! Your narration!! Superb punches! ? wasn’t sure if I’m reading a thriller story or a comic one. ? Enjoyed! ?

    1. I can’t write proper romance story … I watch only comedy shows … so comedy show influence hae 😛 … I am a two in one writer .. comedy and thrill together 😛 … thank u and keep reading my ff

  6. Good chotte again most amazing epi .. Aisa laga jaise sach mein us scene dekrahi hu bahut dar lag raha h… Tumne kamal kiya… Aaj to bolna padega mein tumara fan hogayi…

    1. hehe ..thank u di ..keep reading my ff .. and all the best for tomorrow’s exam …

  7. Maria and Naomi

    Wow bade, u nailed it.. So sad meghana died… And I am not at all interested in story books so I have no idea???
    But loved today’s episode..

    1. hehehe ..thank u ..I will tell the answer in the next episode … I had a book of Shakespeare’s tales … 11 ke syllabus me tha kuch story …exam me bhi questions ata tha us book se .. isliye mene pada hae .. …
      and who is “Naomi” … but Jo bhi ho keep reading my ff ..

      1. Are she is my friend I wrote her name by mistake as she was with me..

  8. Superb..chotte…i was missing it…thank u for update…wah..ohh murder scene was superbly narrated. ….u rocked it….

    1. thank u di ..keep reading my ff ..oho new logo logo … 🙂 .. jai mata diii 😛

  9. loved it. Bhai …..superb…..but feeling sad for meghana…..

    1. thank u di ..keep reading my ff … and wait for next part …

  10. hlw AM bhai, episode was as usual superb ???

    1. thank u di …keep reading my ff ..areh read it in late night hi jyada maja ayega ..real ghost feeling ayega 😛

      1. kasam se…kal raat ko half stoy read kiya tha BT darr k mare? reading stop karke soh gayi aur subah complete kiya ?

    2. hehehe ..areh rat ko paro ..jyada maja ayega .. ab se mae ff late night hi post karunga . to rat me paro di .. 😛 … 😛

      1. OK done??

  11. OK milega ..thora intezar karna.. jaldhi milega ……but party kisliye ?? …

    1. Waiting for the gift and party you told to viplav na..result ki jo guess krega use milegi..

      1. Haha fas gaya avi bhaiya

      2. hahaha … fas gaya …koi nahi party bhi hoga …gift bhi milega… but last episode me .. OK .. tabtak mera ff padte raho ..aur 3-4 episode hi baki hae

      3. Bas 3-4?? want moree

        Anyways mujhe last episode ka intezar rhega gift lene ke liye

      4. And u called me shaitan??
        Itni bhooli bachi ko tumne shaitan kaha?

        I just posted her ff so she gave me credits..
        Likhne me mera koi hath nhi tha

      5. sorry ..I was just joking … dil pe mat lo mera bat ….sorry again arshi …chalo kan bhi pakad liya ab mene …maf kardo … . sorry bholi bachchi 😛 😛

      6. Hehe chalo itni maafi maang rhe ho to maaf kia??
        Khush raho

      7. sukriya arshi madam Ji :’D 😛 😛 😛 ..

  12. Superb chhote. Waitng for d next episode ..

    1. thank u dadi …keep reading my ff 😛

  13. superb bro, very good one request from my side, give some sub title for hindi words i can’t understand that much hindi okay…. otherwise rocking….

    1. thanks di for reading ..OK done ..I will give sub titles from next episode …keep reading my ff 🙂

  14. Chotte kamal kar diya yaar sorry for the late comment busy Thi aur IKRS PE gussa Thi isliye 😛

    1. areh koi nahi ..mera ff he ..jab chahe comment kar sakti ho …. no sorry ..jab tumhe time Mile tab hi comment karna …no problem 😉 ..
      and thank u and keep reading my ff . 🙂 🙂

  15. wow ..though I posted my ff after a week … here is 50 comments ..thank u all for your support ..keep loving my ff 🙂 🙂

    1. I’m waiting for next episode

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