The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 10


so hiiii guys .. what’s up . enjoying my ff na .. good ..enjoy karo . all are excited to know about akshay’s story …so let’s go will no recap also. directly entry to today’s episode …so come fast but wait …before entry . forget about all goodness of the mirror ghost …he was good but not now . he is now our only villain …OK ..let’s start ..

Viplav is on bed ..sitting. all are sitting …papaji says all want to know about na ..then listen ..

( areh sablog khare kyu ho ..niche baith jao re …sorry no chair is available for us . .dadi itni kanjoos hae ki chair bhi nahi kharidti ….chalo koi nahi ..adjust little …listen the story carefully ..sit and enjoy …and I will not interrupt anymore in middle with my silly punches jokes :P. so hear it silently …shhhhhhh )

it is the year 1993 .. akshay stayed here in this house …mom and dad were in Delhi .. I was 24 years old then and akhsay was 30 years old …here he and his wife meghana stayed . I came Jaipur for my business project …so I was there for two months …. stayed with my brother and sister in law ….
now the flash back scenes starts …..

it was 3rd June ,1993 …
Raj was sitting on the chair …and working in his project …then akshay entered with a big antic mirror and called his wife and raj to see it …they came to see it …meghana,akshay’s wife came there and said wow akki good it is ..your choice is always awesome …raj said yes bhabi . that’s why he chose you …. she blushed …akshay and raj laughed ..raj said yes Bhai ..this is good really ..from where you bought it …akshay said ..from the nearby antic shop ” mata ki duwa antic shop” … raj said oh that’s shop …really cool mirror Bhai …akshay said yes but where I should hang it ?? ..raj said let’s hang it to common room where guests …can also see it 🙂 ..akshay said yes good idea … 😉 ..he went to the common room and hanged it … and he was happy …the mirror ghost saw akki and all things …then akshay went from there ..
scene end …..

In night ..all completed their dinner and went to their rooms to sleep . akshay and meghana was sleeping in their room ..akshay heard a slow and spooky voice …it was saying ..akshayyyy……akshayyyy….wake up my child .. akshay woke up and ask in shivering voice …. who ? who is there .. light started flicking …slow cold breeze blows …the voice again said come akshay….. come to the common room …come beta …akshay saw meghana …she was sleeping …and seeing her he slowly went to common room. reaching there he was searching that from where the voice is coming …the voice again said don’t search beta ..come in front of the mirror ..comeeeeee …akshay’s leg was trembling . he was scared .. he slowly went to the mirror …and stand in front of the mirror …a white mist appeared in the mirror and formed the ghost’s real face before he died ….akshay was very scared and the ghost said akshay ..don’t scared of me ..I am your well wisher …I am grand father’s best friend …. when he died ..he told me to take care of you every time ….but because of a deadly creature ….I died and because of his curse I was captured in this mirror ..I thought I will never meet you ..but humara kismat ke wajah se hum milgaye …my name is Atul ..akshay said oh …akshay’s fear little decreased …and said but why you call me at this night …all are sleeping …raj also will be happy knowing about you ..the mirror said ….raj . ..hmmmm…..I called you because of him …
akshay said what!! because of raj. ..I don’t understand ..say clearly ….the mirror said you will not believe but this Will be truth .. see it ….a scene start is the mirror. ..

Raj and meghana are in relationship from a month …..they are enjoying .. roaming …eating ice cream together .. doing parties …..
bol do na Zara song plays from azhar film ….
in a park raj saying I love you meghana …I love you ….meghana also said I love you raj too ..they were coming close …….slowly ..slowly………………. and hugged each other tightly. … the short film ends 😛 ..
akshay was angry but his heart cries loudly . .the mirror said I know this is very depressing but ..this is truth. . I came to know all about this today … I thought you should know this truth. . akshay loved meghana very much …but seeing this he was broken very much … the mirror said don’t be sad …you have time till now …akshay said no uncle …everything is over now. nothing can happen . he cried and fell on his knees …the ghost said don’t lose hope…. be strong. akshay said thank you .and sadly went from there …..then the good face of the ghost turned into a spooky evil face and said ae to fas gaya ….hahahaha …. nahi bachega …..koi nahi bachega ..hahahaha ….
akshay reached to his room …he came to the bed and saw meghana sadly ..he come close to her and kissed on her forehead and cryingly slept …

Next morning ….
Meghana woke up from sleep and start her work ..but because of lots of work she forget to make morning tea for akshay. …akshay woke up some time later and he didn’t see tea ..he gets sad …meghana came there and said sorry akki … I forgot about your tea because of lots of work ..adjust please ….akshay forcefully smiled and said its OK . meghana said thank you and went from there ….akshay silently said ab mera dhyan kyu rakhogi . mae kon hu akhir ….tumhara bewakoof pati .. :/ …. 🙁 …akshay then changed his dress and went for breakfast ….raj was there on dining table …seeing him akshay got angry .. he came there and angrily sit …meghana was serving foods to them …they started eating . but while eating little jam fell on raj’s shirt …meghana stand up to clear it . but raj stopped her and said its OK .. I will clear it sit ….he took out a handkerchief from his pocket and cleared the jam ..akshay ignored it but he suddenly saw the handkerchief carefully and remember that this is that handkerchief which he gifted meghana on their first date …he thought how could she give my gift to him .. he got angry and went from there . raj asked what happened to him bhabi. meghana said don’t know 🙁 …raj said oh sorry bhabi I forgot to return this handkerchief …and you helped me that day ..thank you … meghana said its OK bhai …scene end ….
akshay was in his room ….and thinking about all ..he was angry and sad also ….
Episode end …

Precap: meghana came to akshay and asked about his problem …he said nothing problem ..
at night he is in front of the mirror again …standing …..

so how was this . hope all are liking this flash back …I thought I will complete the flash back in one episode but while writing it become big 😛 … next episode will be full of thrill ..drama …emotion …so be ready …
and sorry for the late update … I will be busy for some days I will post the next part as soon as I can .. bye guys …see you in comment box 🙂

Credit to: AM

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  1. Avijit bhai it was again very nice. Go on bro. Keep it up.

    1. thank u …keep reading my ff 🙂

  2. avi bhaiya its rocking as usual………

    1. thank u sis . keep reading my ff 🙂

  3. Good going bade 😉

    Par I don’t think so Raj is so bad yaar, and in the end I was convinced that he is not wrong at all…

    Post the next part soon and all the best for your result… 🙂

    1. that was mirror plan .. false illusion by the mirror ….isliye ghost ne kaha …fas gaya .. . this is not a secret so I clear it …. the scene made by the mirror …..keep reading my ff …thank u 🙂

  4. Superb avijit..!!
    It was scary today.. When akshay was going to mirror..i was like if i had been there i would have fainted.. 😛

    1. thank u arshi …keep reading my ff 🙂

    2. And main to dhani or mammi ji ke sath hi baith gyi thi??
      Dar laga to unko hug kr lia??

      1. hahaha …good …jorse hug karke rakho …next episode will be more scaring 😛

  5. Hi avi its too gud stry yaar .mein tho tumahra jabra fan hogay avi .sry some confusion for me.Is that stry shown by mirror is really happened before akki n meghna marriage. Or its just drama shown by mirror to create MU BT three of them.
    Any way stry was thrilling.n also waiting for viplav n dhaani scene.

    1. it is just a drama created by mirror ..for MU

  6. all have little confusion …so I want to clear it that … whatever the mirror said about him and relationship of raj and meghana are all false illusion made by mirror for MU …all are false …nothing true …so enjoy it freely ..

  7. Superb one Bhaia… U have everything nicely.. Especially Akki gng near the mirror ?

    Good ff Bhaia?

    1. thank u swetha ….keep reading my ff

  8. Nice… Once again u rocked it…
    Kajoos dadi hahaha ..
    interesting …

    1. hahaha ..sachme kanjoos hae 😛 …thank u ..keep reading my ff 🙂

  9. Go on Avi…..loving it…..waiting 🙂

    1. thanks di …keep reading my ff

  10. Chhote thanks for another amazing episode.really loved it .waiting for next episode.

    1. you are welcome dadi …thank u and keep reading my ff

  11. Oh….chotte u rocked….hahah…nice shop name……its superb episode. ..

    1. jai mata di 😛

  12. Arey Chotte,maaf karna for this very late comment.woh kya haina,ur ff was n’t opening,and when it opened my comments got stuck for some reasons.
    Coming to today’s epi it rocked as usual and i realized that u are a master writer like our Kaviya.i am enjoying this story very very seems like a horror romantic blockbuster in which vimi,vidha and of course avidha rockz.thank u so much for this super story with a unique narrative style.

    1. its OK di …
      and thank you for giving the jodi’s name ….super rocking jodi. .keep reading my ff 🙂

  13. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Chotte maaf kar dena I m late kya mujhe entry milega sir anyways ur ff is awesome as always

    1. its OK joyee ….mera ff ka door humesha khula rehta hae ..jab chaho entry mar sakti ho …. 😛 … thank u and keep reading my ff 🙂

  14. AM bhai sorry for the late coming . episode as usual superb n interesting

    1. thank u di …keep reading my ff

  15. wow very good episode.
    I was surprised when song from azar was played in 1993 -:)) jokes apart..

    supee thriller yaar.. Very good. .

    1. hahaha ..kya karu …that song suits best in that situation ….so that is perfect ..areh story 1993 ka hae but mera ff 2016 ka na
      thanks for commenting . keep reading my ff

  16. Finally finished reading all the episodes. All r amazing, full paisa vasool.The story is pathetic & scary but your comic narration is making it more interesting & entertaining. I love dhani & avi bonding.punches on prachi,the care taker r very funny.
    But one doubt dhani’s family is Punjabi na then how come her grt grand father is rajput??? Kuch toh gadbad hai avijit!!!
    Avi u r extremely talented. May god bless u bro!

    1. thank you rajee mam …keep enjoying my ….and that mystery will reveal in next episode ….. be ready … stay tuned … 🙂

  17. Super!!?

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