The Talking Mirror:: destroyer of all..IKRS..Last Episode


Hiii guys again I come I am going to free all from reading my ff it is the last episode ..after 1 and half month I am ending my journey with you all …I will try to give the best and different ending ..let’s see recap …last episode hae na 😛

Episode starts …..

The ghost is ready to kill avi ,pointing the sword towards avi ..from other side avi is also running towards the ghost …coming ..coming slow motion …the ghost start yelling in slow motion ..Avi is coming close to the ghost ..viplav is tensed ..dhani also tensed seeing this …avi just come in front of the ghost ..the ghost is going to kill avi ..avi stop and with his all force tries to jump to break the mirror ..the trisul goes through the ghost body ..and break the mirror ..fully ..but the sword hit avi’s leg and make a deep wound ..the mirror breaks by the trisul fully into pieces …the ghost is shocked and screams very loudly….ahhhhhhhhhh ..small pieces of the ghost body is going up and light flashed ..slowly slowly ..full body start vanishing ..mirror pieces hit avi ..avi’s face is bleeding ..mouth is full of blood ..screaming sound decreasing slowly slowly …the ghost body finally vanished fully …some ashes left on the floor ..viplav was shocked ..he see avi standing …dhani smiles cryingly ..viplav also smiles ..Avi turns and smiles ..his teeth become red fully for blood .. he is injured very badly ..his leg is badly cut ..face is bleeding …he smiles but he faints and fell on the ground in slow motion..viplav shockingly see it and says aviii ….and run towards him ..he takes avi on his lap and shaking his head ..dhani also comes there ….avi open his eyes with his least energy and smilingly says bhaiya ..maine kar diya …kar diya ..viplav says ha ..bhai ..and avi close his eyes …all become dark ..scene ends…
( So all the revenge finally end..finally na ..ufff..chalo ajao )

It is morning ..but all is dark.. avi slowly opening his ..everything is blur ..then it is clearing slowly …all members are there …viplav and dhani and mammiji are sitting beside him ..avi see all ..and says aise kyu dekh rahe ho ..abhibi hu mai ..everyone laughs ..mammiji hug him tightly and say you are very brave son ..avi says areh mammiji ..choro ..dard ho raha hae ..waise bhi bohot chote he sarir me 😛 😛 ..mammiji says oh sorry.. sorry beta ..avi says areh I am joking mom and hug her..she smiles …raj says so for this happiness I will give a party to all…sara ..avi and dhani yells yeahhhhhhhh…..  …raj says viplav should come..ha ..ok ..Viplav says ,,..areh no no uncle’s ok ..raj says no no have to come..viplav smilingly says areh ..dhani hold viplav’s hand and see him lovingly ..viplav also see dhani…his heart starts beating fast ..and.. smiles ..dhani says please come ..viplav turn and frees his hand from dhani …and see raj and says uncle I will come..ok ..I am going now ..see you at night ok..and smiles ..shyly goes from there ..dhani smiles ..avi see it and hit dhani with his elbow and says ohoo ..carry on 😛 😛 ..dhani smiles shyly also ( ae ladka aur ladki dono hi itna sharmate hae na 😛 ..but really made for each other ..  ) ..scene ends
( lets go to viplav home ..chalo dekhte hae kya soch raha hae ..dhani ke bareme hi soch raha hoga 😛 )

Viplav is in his room ..roaming and smiling …Bolna song plays …song playing ..viplav smiling and thinking about their first he fall in love with her from his first sight..the beating scene ..the ice cream scene..all …he says dhani ..humari mulakat to jyada lambi nahi thi ..but pata nahi kya hogaya ..he sit on his bed ..and says to himself….kya tumhe bol dena chahiye use ..viplav says first time ..I fall in love with someone ..he smiles .. but if she refuse …thik hae,,I will try once ..scene end…
It is evening ..all are set for party ..all guest come already ..dhani wears a beautiful pink gown ( sorry mera dress choice jyada achcha nahi hae 😛 )..avi also comes wearing yellow t-shirt and dark green blazer..and blue jeans..his head is bandaged.. ..all enjoying ..but dhani is waiting for viplav ..avi go to dhani and ask kya di ..waiting ha ..and smiles ..dhani says chup chotte .. 😛 ..
In viplav’s house ..viplav wear a black suit..he takes a rose and keep it in pocket ..and take a deep breath ..but become sad ..and says ..kya yaar..itna dar to ghost bhagane wact bhi nahi laga..ufff ..but be confident viplav ..and I should practice again ..ok ..he kneels down and lifts his hand …and smilingly tries to says…I..I…I..lo…..v….viplav hit his head and says kya duffer ..itna bhi nahi bolsakte ..viplav stand up ..and says what to do ..but he become confident ..and says you have to do okay lets go ..otherwise it will be late ..he come out and goes for the party,,..

Viplav reach there ..but he is tensed ..he is sweating ..avi see him and goes to him..he see the rose in his pocket and tell viplav ..kya bhaiya ..propose ha …viplav shyly says yes ..but can you help me little ..ya ofcourse.. viplav say something in his ear ..avi says ok done ..viplav says please ..avi goes to papaji and mammiji and say the all things ..they gets happy and give thumbs up .. 

In the party all are enjoying ..dhani is still finding viplav ..avi go to meter box and down the meter ..all fear ..avi then up the meter ..but light doesn’t come ..then light beam fall upon dhani ..dhani is shocked more light beam fall on the door ..the door open ..viplav enter in style …he start walking towards dhani ..dhani shies ..viplav come and kneel down and hold dhani’s hand and takes a deep breath and smilingly says.. dhani pata nahi kyse ae hogaya ..humari mulakat bohot choti thi ..lekin ..firbhi ae hogaya .. I want to say just .. I love you dhani you want to become my love forever ..dhani shyly says ..yes ..of course ..everyone claps …lights come ..mammiji and papaji come … and says areh viplav tum to chuparustom nikle .. haha ..viplav hit his head and smiles .. papaji says so ..guys enjoy together this happiness ladki beautiful ..kar gayi chull … all dance .avi cant dance because of the injury ..but he also ..enjoying ,..viplav and dhani also dancing together …
( so this is partially end of my story …now lets go and enjoy with them ..ok ..aur ae bracket me bat nahi ..all are visible now ..chalo)

Oh’s our hero …go to him . I pat on his shoulder ..viplav turn and gets happy to see me ..dhani also smiles ..areh viplav so how was this journey with me … all right na ..viplav says yes ofcourse sir . I say …and you dhani …dhani says areh sir are great ..really enjoyed with you are superb sir ..and the story is really good . I say areh ..nahi nahi ..viplav says areh sir ..but please take us also for your next story ..we will glad to become part of your another journey .. I say of course …yaar ..definitely ..and meet my all friend ..they are our audience ..or fan ..viplav and dhani says areh ..thank you for watching us and be with our writer ..thank you all .. I says chalo ab bye …enjoy the party ok …lets nacho …yaaaaaa …..viplav and dhani jumped and enjoy …chalo tumlog bhi nacho ..lets nacho . 

Fan Fiction End ….

So guys thank you for all your support ,,many ones to thank ..thank You ..Kaviya…Kavitha ..Prachi..Swara…Josh..Joyee..swetha…meghana…Arshdeep..Lakshmi..Shruthy..Saras…Areeb..Nima..Varsha …Rajee..Nimisha…Renu..Louella..and all the silent readers ..kabhi socha nahi tha ff likhunga..thank you to all the fb friends for encouraging me to write a ff .. I will come again or not that is not sure…..bohot dukh horaha hae ..end kar raha hu ..but koi nahi be happy.. but thank you again for being part of my journey…  

Credit to: Avijit( AM )

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  1. mera naam toh likha hi nahi….koi nahi….
    Chotey….so proud of you…… Come soon with another dose of entertainment ……. God bless you Baccha 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. very sorry ..very very sorry ..koi nahi …you commented in every episode of my ff …thank u very much di …thank you .. 🙂 ..

  2. Avijit bhai aapne end kar diya woh bhi itni jaldi? Koi nahi. Phirse toh aap jarur aaoge na. But your ff was just mind blowing. No words to say. It was just amazing. Thank u for mentioning my name. Don’t forget to come back with a new ff.

    1. I am not sure that I will come back or not …but koi nahi …thank u for loving my ff sis …and all the best for your ffs also …. thank u for giving so much love 🙂

  3. Wow avijit wonderful and lovely ending? Really great work bro……you have so many talents writing, drawing etc…etc… Happy to see your all avatars ?, I wish u to come back with another ff….. Amazing bro keep rocking….????

    1. thank u very much di …but before me you should come back ..please come again with a new ff di .. I am waiting …

      1. Ya sure avijit I will, keep waiting…..? all the best for next one…..?

    2. thank u di 🙂

  4. Wow nice and avijit I have a request can you write ff on naagin?

    1. thank u siddhi for reading my ff …and if I come back with a new ff then it will surely on naagin 🙂 thank u 🙂

  5. Hey chotte my chota bheem ur last episode was memorable too good Areh bah Tum toh Dhaani ke bahadoor bhai Ho 😛 shabash Chotte will miss ur ff and it’s from my heart

    1. thank u and thank u …and chota bheem hahahaha …thank you for reading my ff from first ..thank u very much joyee 🙂

  6. avijit it was awesome .. ending was wonderful and lovely .. great work please come up with a new story.. we will miss ur ff because it was the only ff based on ghost story and ur narrating style was mind blowing
    u know when i was a silent reader i thought u r a girl qk tum AM k naam se comment post karty thy and that time u were posting spoilers tw mai apne sister ko kehte thi k AM spoilers post kary ge tw pta chaly ga baad mai pta chala that u r a boy and ur name is avijit lol abhi tak mai sochte hn tw mujhe hansi ajate hai .. sorry if i hurt you 😀

    1. hahahaha ..many people also confused in TU …..actually I had some restriction from giving my real name I gave AM…but I am just 17 years old boy … 😛 ..thank u for living my ff 🙂

  7. Horror story se love story ban gayi teri kahani! ???? Anyways! It was really nice Avi, I really enjoyed reading. True that I am already missing it so much. And try your level best to come back soon. We all will be waiting for another great imagination of yours. Until then, see you soon!

    1. thank u very much shruthy ff is comedy ..horror ..all in one 😛 😛 ..I am missing my ff too yaar 🙁 ..but koi nahi …if possible then I will comeback again with a new story and different writing style from this 🙂 happy always 🙂

      1. I can see that indeed xD Haan if possible then come and entertain us soon 🙂
        You also stay happy

  8. Oh…chotte…superb ending. ..different ending of a horror story. .wah…what an proposal was tht…ur story was different one..nd written in different style….we will wait for ur next fan fiction. ..

    1. my story is different then I should give different ending na ..thank u di .. 🙂

  9. Swara varsha

    U rocked it…..thank u so much for giving such a nice story chotte….all the best chotte for next ff….

    1. thank u …jai mata di 🙂

  10. Ohhhj….great ending…so last episode. …im going to miss it….it was superb story…keep writing. …

    1. thanku ..thanku 🙂

  11. Chhote itna jaldi q end krdiye:-(:-(:-(.I luv ur ff yar.plz come with another’s a request. In d whole story u r an incredible. Narrator n writer…dats why we all can enjoy ur ff.thanks for entertaining us by ur creativity..

    1. kaha jaldi end kiya ..der mahine tak shataya sabko .. 😛 ..everything has an end this ff also ends ..but I will really miss my ff very much ..thank u for being part of my journey ..

  12. arre hamar commentwa kaha chali gayi????kal raat ko hi story read kiya tha aur meri comment nahi hai???strange ?

    ha! yaad aaya kal tumne party di thi na aur vidhani se introduce v karwa di thi toh bas Mishal ko dekha to aisa laga jaise khilta gulaab,
    jaise shaayr ka khwaab,
    jaise ujli Kiran,
    jaise ban me hiran,
    jaise chadani raat,
    jaise mandir me ho ek jalta diya..???
    and Mishal k sath dance v jyada karliya tha toh feel sooo tired n soh ? gaye ?? SORRY☺

    nice,unique n happy ending loved it???
    thank you for the mentioning my name I love my name????
    aur ha! chotte, 2nd ff lekar kab aaoge? jaldi aana tab tak k liye khush raho☺

    1. hahaha ..very nice song di … 😛 ..seems you are jabra fan of mishal 😛 😛 …haha …I will try to come but not sure …but let’s see ….tabtak ke liye khus raho ..and fb me to ho …to milenga woha bhi …be happy 🙂

      1. aisa hi samajhlo ☺?
        jab se ikrs k promos dekha tha tb se lkr aaj tak Mishal hi Mishal hai ????

  13. thank u di 🙂

  14. Ary yaar pori story hansty hwy parhi lekin woh last ki line parhty hi realize hua, ary yeh to khtam. ?

    Anyways, loved the ending! ?? That proposal was kinda cute one! ?

    Will miss the funny punches of story guide more than the story. ?

    Lastly, wanted to ask Story wala Avi writer Avijit ka kuch lagta hai kya? ?

    1. hahaha ..yes I will miss my funny punches too .. 😛 😛 ..haha… and avi and me has same quality …his character and name are similar to me ..nothing more than … 😛 😛 …thank u for reading my ff from first 🙂

  15. avi.. nice ending. . But feeling heavy hearted ki ff end hogaya. ..
    Sorry off late I couldn’t comment much but offcourse I read the episodes. .

    wish you all the best avi..

    1. thank u saras mam …I also become little sad when I was writing the last part of this episode …thank u 🙂

  16. Thanksss bhaia for such a unique ff and for such a good story.. U nailed all the episode’s I never thought my bhaia have such a great writer inside him?
    I am sad that the bst ff has came to an end…
    U freed us from reading the ff.. Bt most is u r freed from writing the ff…

    All the episode’s were best … This ff will be remembered by all…

    Hope could again see ur name near credits another time……

    1. thank you so much sis ..and you told me that how can I write a ff ..then see I become one of the famous writer here ..thank u …I also never thought that I can write so well 😛 ..hahaha …but thank u for reading my ff from first 🙂

  17. Wow bade loved it as always!! From the start to end you entertained us!! Keep rocking!! Come soon with a new one.. Sorry for not commenting on the previous one as I told you I was out… Waiting for another rocking one!!

    1. thank u choti 😉 ..thank u for being part of my journey ..try to come again with new ff … 🙂

  18. thank u for supporting me guys in this ff … will miss you all … thank u ..

  19. The talking mirror/arshi..destroyer of all??
    I know i am very very late
    So i will speak much now
    I know avi is very courageous so you will bear me easily na??

  20. Episode 15
    Scary flashback??
    You are expert in creating horror scenes in front of us?

    Episode 16
    Finally some vidhani moments ?❤
    And avi ko new smart phone zarur dilwana
    And mujhe bhi iphone 6s??
    And ur sketch??

    1. thik hae ..avi ko dedunga new mobile ..and tume bhi chahiye na …
      then give me first iPhone 6s ..then I will gift you .. 😛 …

  21. Last episode
    Gandii baat hume bahar hi chod gye??
    And ek baat btao avi ke kitne hath h???
    Ek me trishul..ek viplav ne pakda..ek dhani ne????

    Serious mode now?
    My hand was for full time on my mouth..i was scared badly … omg… you created an amazing horrifying scene..hats off to you seriously✌

    Proposing scene was cute?❤

    1. bahar isliye chor diya ..kyuki agar kisiko bhut ne pakar liya hota to …tab…
      and that time avi dropped the trisul they hold his hands …he has only two hands like us 😛 ..hahaha

      1. Hehehe i thought he is superhuman 😀 😛

  22. Avijit your ff was realy awesome
    Enjoyed every bit of it?

    First your narration was wonderful..
    Enjoyed the jaipur tour fully
    Thank you for that..?

    Then brother sister relationship was so lovely to watch?

    It was full of comedy..suspense..thrill..adventure..fear…all in one..!!!

    Comedy in your narration and those typical points you used to give in between gave us all doses of laughter in a horror story????

    And horror while the death of meghana..akshay…rajendran…his wife…when viplav got injured..and the last epic scene??

    Great job??
    God bless you?
    Thanks for reading till here???

    1. yes ..kitna bakti ho yaar 😛 😛 ..hahaha ..nahi nahi ..just joking .. thank u for reading my ff 🙂

      1. Tumhe khush karne ke liye hi itna baka hai..

  23. Bdw my gift??

    1. hahaha . aur nahi to kya …question tha ff ke time then gift also ff time pe milega …achcha hua ..mera kharcha Bach gaya … 😛 😛 …..hahaha 😛 😛 😛 😛 .thank u for giving so much comments to complete half century 😛 ..

      1. I was actually going to give complete one commnt only..then cut them out just to increase commnts only?

        Fir bhi kadar nhi h meri??

    2. hahaha ..areh I am not bhukkad …I eat less 😛 .but I am kanjoos little that’s why ff khatam..prize bhi khatam ..hahaha 😛 😛 ..thank u to bola comment increase karne ke liye …sukriya madam ji 😛 😛

      1. Your most welcome kanjoos sir ji?

  24. you didn’t come from many episodes na .so forgot … 😛 😛 ..episode ke time ati to de deta 😛 my ff end so gift also end period offer 😛

    1. Hawwww….cheater… 🙁

  25. Offo meri kerala jane ke din hi tumara ff katham huva . Chotte tune tho bahut jaldi ff katam kiya naa…. Arre mein to teek se comments tak nahi kiya aur itna der baad comments kara rahi hu..

    Acha ye sab chodo tumara ff k baa karte h ..

    Tumara ff ki writing style muje bahut pasand h
    Aur tum to batane wala tha na style ka naam lst prt mein bola q nahi…

    Ek aur ff liko naa chotte bahut acha lagta h ghost aur horror ki stry tumari style pe..

  26. Aur ha meri cousins dono ki bare mein kaha tha naa… Wo dono sirf do epi pad k tumare fan bane the .. Aur muje pucha kal stry ki kahani kal full stry sunkar unhone comments ki jo unki taraf mein kehra hi hu suno…

    Krish n kaha ki use tumare stry mast laga… Different script h..

    Devu ko tumare ff mein heroine aur avi ki role pasand h bahut…

    Dono ki taraf se request h nxt ff likne ko… Aur meri vi ek aur ff pls…

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