The Talking Mirror: destroyer of all..IKRS…last episode–Part 1


Hii ..guys ..How are you all ..good na ?? so this is the second last part of my ff .. pyar to viplav aur dhani ko hogaya tha first sight se ..i did not show much love scenes because this is a comedy horror ff ..ok ..sorry ..but all are writing love stories , I thought to write different story with different writing style ..and all liked my ff also ..ok ..abhi jyada nahi bakunga ..last episode me bohot kuch bolna hae ..ok let’s go today’s episode…and this episode will long with patience ..
In the last episode you saw some light moments of viplav and dhani …it was very cute scene ..specially the chor wala part .. 😛 😛

Episode start ..
It is morning ..sun rises with chirping sound of birds ..all woke up ..and come for breakfast ..but all are worried ..because today is the final night ..raj says viplav ..everything will be ok na ..if something happen to avi ..viplav says areh don’t worry uncle and dhani also with him ..mammiji tensely says dhani? Dhani says ..yes ..I will also go with him relax ma .. mammiji says but ..viplav says don’t worry all finish your breakfast ..we will talk about the plan later to all..ok ..everyone agrees ..scene ends ..
Next all are in their rooms ..dhani and viplav is together ..avi is in another room, resting and playing video games …viplav and dhani roaming together ..dhani everything will be alright na ….the mirror ghost is really dangerous …viplav says yes .. I know ..i also faced the mirror na …dhani says sab sambhal loge na ..viplav says I will try my best don’t think ..and he smiles ..dhani also smiles ..scene ends ..
Next it is evening all are ready to go ..viplav take the trisul and rudraksh mala with him ..they all gathered in the living room ..avi ..dhani ..viplav goes to all and take blessing ..mammiji hugs avi and says all the best beta can do ..viplav smiles seeing this ..dhani and viplav also take blessings from dadi and all they are all set to go and come out the house..viplav and dhani …avi sit in the car ..they say goodbye to all ..all also goodbye them ..all’s face is full of tension ..dadi ..mammiji..papaji..Sara all are tensed ..
( chalo guys….. sablog chalo mere sath  )
Their car reached to the old house .. they come out of it …’s scary sound is heard..all is quite outside ..viplav says to avi are ready na …we will be with you always ..ok ..don’t scare ..avi says ok bhaiya ..viplav give the trisul to avi and says lets go ..viplav hold avi’s hand ..and dhani hold avi’s another hand ..they take a deep breath and enter in the house
(guys only I will go with them.. you guys stay here ..Something will happen ..ok stay)

…they open the door opens with a cracking sound … lights flickering ..horrifying atmosphere there ..they all enter together..a voice is heard ..viplav come again ..gaye nahi abhitak ..oho ..dhani and avi also came all came together to die ..hahahaha ..avi scared ..viplav says silently just hold the trisul tightly …don’t worry ..viplav says ..see ..stop this mad things ..leave them ..the voice yells…how can I leave ..never ..sab maroge …sabbb ..hahaah..viplav says ae galatfaimi chordo ….the voice says you leave viplav ..and heavy wind start blowing,..thunder striking more loudly ..many things start coming towards them …viplav says dodge and come with me ..they dodge it but one vase hit dhani’s head from back ..dhani screams ahhhhh and fell there ..but viplav and avi already goes upstairs…viplav see it and screams dhani … dhani says with pain.. ya ..i am coming don’t tensed .. I am alright hold avi ..dhani comes quickly to viplav …viplav hold dhani ..and says you are okay na ? dhani says leave me now ..see avi ..avi says I am here ..things are still coming up also ….viplav hold dhani and avi and hide in a room ..they hide behind a table ..avi holds the trisul tightly ..dhani and viplav hold eachother tightly ,,dhani says viplav eha kabtak rahenge ..hume sab khatam karna hae …viplav says I know but wo abhi gusse me hae ,..thora shant hone do … everything becoming silent ..avi says bhaiya ..seems all stopped ..viplav says ya ..but stay little here ..dhani is scaring ..she is peeking outside ..she lifts her head and sees .. she sees nothing ..she turns her head ..but she again peeks outside and sees everything silent but don’t know from where ….a spooky fiery ghost face appear in front her and open his face ..and loudly laughs ..dhani screams ahhhhhhhhhh…..viplav and avi shocked and lift up and see the face ..viplav hold dhani and avi ..and start running …the face also float behind them …the face is becoming into a ghost body ,,.leg ..hand ..everything ..and start running …avi sees it and very much scared ..they all are running very speedily …viplav see the ghost body and throw gangajal to the body .where the water contacted the ghost body ..the part start burning ..the ghost scream and stop ..but viplav and dhani and avi don’t stop ..they keep running ..dhani see the room where the mirror was ..and she says viplav there was the mirror that room ..viplav says oh ok..lets go …viplav ..dhani and avi enters in the room …( they thinks they are safe but alas ..  ) dhani .avi and viplav are very tired ..viplav says where the mirror…dhani says ahi to tha ..they start searching ..searching everywhere …finally dhani finds it ..but then the door is broken by the ghost ..everyone scares ..viplav says don’t worry …the ghost says kabtak bhagoge ..hahaha …they go far from the mirror slowly ..but avi thinks if he beaks the mirror now then all will end avi goes behind and run toward the mirror to break it … viplav says abhi nahi ..avi ….but he is too late ..the ghost see it and vanishes in air ..avi is just going to break the mirror but the ghost come between and hold avi’s throat tightly and slowly lifting him … avi is trying to free ..viplav and dhani shocks ..viplav says leave him please ..ghost says never ..but the avi tries to lift his hand and hit the ghost with the trisul ..the ghost screams ahh and throw avi …avi fell on the ground..viplav uske pas daurke gaya ..avi jor jor se kas raha tha ..dhani asks avi thiik ho na ..avi nods his head ..the ghost recover quickly and yells ,..nahi bachoge ..kabhi nahi ..he start saying mantras and lifting his hand slowly ..all things lift up ..and come towards them ..but viplav ..dhani ..cant dodge ..all thing hitting them ..they all are getting wounded ..viplav’s hand is bleeding ..blood coming from mouth ..dhani also gets hurt ..suddenly a knife come and goes through dhani’s hand ..dhani screams ahhhhh ….viplav see it ..scene paused and screams dhaniiiiii ..and hold dhani …dhani says viplav I am ok ..and viplav take dhani behind a table ..the things coming till now ..the ghost is laughing ..dhani asks ..where is avi ..viplav says ..he is behind the chair lay down here ..time come to finish all …he goes to avi crawling ..and tell him ..avi ..when I say go ..just run towards the mirror and break it ..avi says are you sure ? viplav says ya .. I will distract him ..then when I say…. you will go… ok… avi says ok ..viplav stand up and goes from avi …and yells.. hey.. you ..agar himmat ho to maro mujhe ..the ghost says hahaha ..marna to sabko hi padega ..a sword appear in ghost hand and runs towards viplav …viplav see avi and screams ..aviiiiiii …nowwwwww …avi stand up and lift the trisul and start running ..dhani is seeing this and very tensed ..the ghost shockingly see it and vanishes in air and come infront of the mirror with sword ..ready to stop avi ….avi runs as fast as he can …the ghost is also ready ..avi coming with anger and in all force and going to hit the mirror ..the ghost also ready and goes to kill avi with the sword ..scene freezes …everyone shocked……

Episode end….

Precap: no precap..viewer choice … 😛

So guys …I am asking what type of end you want ..tragic end with death or a happy ending .. I like to give a tragic ending ..because all ghost stories have a tragic end ..but it depends on you fully ..comment what you want to see in the last episode tomorrow ..tragic or happy ..thank you 

Credit to: AM(chotte)

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  1. We need happy ending yar and what happened to avi? post next part soon….. I am waiting……?

    1. suspense ..suspense …wait till night ..thank u di and must read the last episode

  2. wow chotte, full of horror episode?
    when u said -you guys stay here ..Something will happen ..that time my heartbeat stopped for a second n darr gayi? jaise hi story aage read kar rahi thi to bich me Viber msg ki sound ne again dara diya??
    I love happy ending☺

    1. hahaha ..viber message se dar gayi …thank u di …and must read the last episode tonight 🙂

  3. chotte can you provide me your ikrs group’s link ☺


      I am also there can see my post also name is Avijit 🙂

      1. chotte, accept my request on Fb☺

    2. what is your name on fb ?? Mishu Mishalian ??

  4. episode was full of horror.. waiting for the next part .. i love happy ending

    1. thank u maha ..and must read the last part

  5. SO SCARY! It was really nice and well written as horror stories are not really easy to write. Keep up the good work <3
    And the ending… Honestly telling, as a reader, I think you can only decide what might happen. First of all because it's your story, so you have certainly thought its starting and its ending before writing it. So you must have one ending. And if you ask fans, they will certainly wish a happy ending. Buy who knows? May be the sad one will suit more the storyline and make it look much better.
    Anyways! I just wanted to share my opinion but then it's all up to you <3

    1. thank u shruthy ..actually I already decided the ending ..just asking all …don’t worry will be a good ending …so wait till tonight …must read the last episode …

  6. Chotte…it was scary..oho…what happen to avi…?? This ghosts r too much na….u narrated it nicely…superb yarr…

    1. all is suspense ..wait till tonight will be a rocking end …thank u and must read the last part 🙂

  7. Am u r too good I leave it to u whatever you giv I lyk dt

    1. Thank u Josh Bhai .and must read the last part tonight 🙂

  8. Swara varsha

    Abt ending. ..write according to ur will give u more confidence chotte…keep writing. ..

    1. jai mata di 😛

  9. Swara varsha

    Chotte…it was scary..oho…what happen to avi…?? This ghosts r too much na….u narrated it nicely…superb yarr…

  10. Waiting for next episode ….ubr rocking it

    1. mae tera haire jabra ..hoi re jabra hogaya ..
      wo tujhe dekhte hi dil me dhantanan ho gaya 😛 ..hehehe ..thank u

  11. Chotey……. It was damn scary….. But I read it before sleeping… clap for me ????
    Comment bhi kiya tha but moderation might have swallowed it…..
    And regarding ending…. Jo bhi suitable ho story ke hisab Se…that would be acceptable ???????
    Keep rocking like this…..

    1. hahaha ..really big clap … 😛 ..thank u for reading at night … 😛 ..must read the last part tonight 🙂

  12. Bhaia… Scary ? one…
    Swara di… Josh Bhaia… Main aaa rahi hoon tum logon ko khane keliye…. Bhaia ke ff Mein cmnt behen Ki nahi.. Ahhh!!! s*x discrimination ? smpy bola tha..?
    Veise bhaia ff Kamal ka tha….
    Post the nxt ff soon….
    All the best ?

    Tragic or happy ending ….. I prefer any bt make sure that ending is the best ending with a punch dialogue ?

    1. hahaha .. kha mat lena undonoko .. 😛 .. all the best 😛 😛 anyways ..thank u sis and must read the last part tonight 🙂

  13. Ufhh! Itna Khoon khraba. ? Want happy ending of course! ?

    1. hahaha ..ook di .. 😛 ..and nice dp ..thank u and must read the last episode tonight 🙂

  14. Chhote too scarcy episode.but it’s a lively one.I m enjoying every scene of ii as if I m der n watvhnh all d scenes. Too gud episode. Keep writing

    1. thank u dadi 🙂

  15. Miss u all guys 🙂

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