The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all … IKRS… Episode 2


so hi guys .. hope all are liking my FF
.. your comment will decide the length of my ff … in this episode swara di is doing a cameo role ….
And from now I will be your narrator or guide ..everything …until my ff end ..we will be invisible viewer for them ..let’s begin this journey with me …come 🙂
so in last episode you read that Dhani and avi decided to go to their ancestral house in Rajasthan …but the scary past horrified her dad ..but because of our sweet mammiji he agreed …

in this episode now I will tell what happens ..let’s see …
Everyone completes their breakfast and go to their room … after completing eating Dhani take the utensils and start washing … mammiji say that’s not your work ..go to your room and pack your luggage … Dhani say oh come on mom ..I can do it go and get ready … mom say OK OK ..but come fast and get ready ..she says yes mom … after cleaning she goes to her room .. papaji is little sad … he goes to his room and sit on the bed …closely thinking of the past .. scary wind is blowing are rattling … cat ki daraoni awaz … slow scary music is hearing … suddenly a sound of broken mirror is heard ..someone saying ..” hahaha ..nahi bachohe tumlog ..haha” and he frightened and screams ahhhhh ..kavitha come hurriedly and says what happened ..he keeps silent … she goes to him and sit next to him ..and keep her hand on his shoulder and says what happened ..plz tell name .. he says the past ..the past is scaring me ..we should not go there ..if anything happen to our kids then I can never forgive me ..she says smilingly oh come on raj ..don’t think about that much …past is past …and that’s not your fault also .. so forget about it … and softly says raj nothing will happen … no one can harm them ..waheguru Ji hae humare raksha karne ke liye …okay … 🙂 ..raj also smiles ( no husband can deny his sweet wife …and our mammiji is too sweet then how can papaji deny ..itna himmat nahi 😛 )…scene end

unlogoko akela chordo …let’s go to our heroine’s room ..see what she is doing ..come with me …
so now we reach ..let’s enter ….

Dhani is humming high heels from ki & ka and dancing and packing luggage ( nice song na but look at this room dirty … kapre idhar udhar bikhre pare ..bed pe ..niche ..everywhere ..I think she can deciding which one to choose …let’s help her ) …she takes two dresses is pink and one is blue ..which one I will take ( I choose pink one ..that suits her) .. OK I decided ..I will take this pink one ..( dekha mera bat sunli 😛 ) .. she keeps the dress in suitcase ..then she turn back to pick another …when she turns ..she do not see the pink dress she bow down to find it but could not find it …she keep another and again turns back ..same incident happen … she yells ..ahhhhh ( areh gussa mat ho re ) … then she do it again and acts to turn back …she sees a hand is coming from under her bed ..seeing it she holds the hand and pull him …( he is none other than our naughty avi 😛 ) …so you are this little ghost .naughty ..every time only masti ..avi gave a weird funny face and run from there …she smiles 🙂 ( hahaha ..this is called a sweet brother sister relationship )

so this scene also end ..wait …… all are getting ready for trip … areh this is my ff so intezar jaruri nahi …. 30 minute is over …next scene mae jate hae 😛 😛 …

Papaji and mammiji is ready …Dhani and avi come from their room screaming hip hip hurrah … Dhani say ..we are ready ..let’s go … mammiji says OK you two go ..we are coming …she says OK … papaji is still sad ..mammiji prays ..waheguru ji ..please protect us from all bad things …after it they go out …
( guys let’s pray for them ……areh hogaya to chalo ..all are going )

taxi is waiting for them outside … they good bye their neighbours …dhani’s best friend swara come from her house ( very loving personality …dhani’s childhood friend but avi ke sath 36 ka akhara hae ..actually avi hates her 😛 ) … and she says you are going to jaipur …enjoy ..but don’t forget to bring gifts for me ..Dhani says yes of course ..avi says yes yes ..hogaya to chale … we are getting late …swara says oho ..chotte ..go go … they sit in the taxi to go to railway station ..swara bids them good bye )

( Areh all are going …stop saying goodbye to them … story dekhna hae na age ..let’s go ..our taxi also come
agaye humlog Delhi station big na … so guys let’s to our heroine’s family ..all will not see us only 😛 … so story starts again ) …

Dhani and her family reach Delhi railway station ..papaji confirms their ticket and go to the train … and check their sit numbers and sit on their reserved berth ( chalo humlog bhi baith jate hae ) .. papaji is still serious ..mammiji says ..don’t think of that much … it was bad past … don’t spoil your lovely present for the bad past … enjoy with your children ..he smiles ( sweet na )

Precap: they reach Jaipur … their taxi stopped in front of an old house in a deserted place … they enter in the house and says how big it is dad ….wow …

precap is short but don’t think of that will begin soon. ..stay tuned … hope all enjoy with me 🙂

Credit to: AM

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  1. Now ur narration is excellent n unique one.I love it.eagerly waiting for next part.

    1. thank u for loving it … 🙂 🙂

  2. Nice chotte… U rocked ha.. Way of describing too good..
    Dhani choosing her dress prt was nicely described

    1. thank u .. I too love the part ..

  3. Areyyy….chotee u nailed it…..hahaha. …my part tooo….u done it perfectly. ..

    1. thank u di but sorry apka aur avi ka 36 ka akhara likha ..that was added for fun only 😛 😛

  4. Chotte mera comment galati se Mahira ke ff main publish hogaya do check it out there 😛

    1. yeah ..I saw it and copied here also .. thank you 🙂 🙂

  5. Arey Avijit bhai aapne kamaal kar daala. Kya narration kiya hai. Kamaal kar diya.

    1. thank u Louella … age aur bhi kamal hoga so be ready … 🙂

  6. Very nice narration avijit

    1. thank u ..maria … your ff is also very good ..sorry could not comment in your ff .. busy in writing and improving my ff .. first time I am writing a story …

      1. Thanks avijit, it’s OK you comment whenever you get time.. All the best for your ff

  7. Avi ur going smooth n soft superb it shows abig imagination of horror movie.u nailed it pin to pin so .I heartly wish u for god success to ur ff.and really my character is gud iam happy to being part of this ff.thank u.let’s see how how others also will take part in this n who all r there. Everything is interesting.

    1. thank u mam ..
      your character is very loving and caring … nice na … defines your personality … 🙂

  8. N sry for late com avi.u know iam busy now a days but I’ll be there for u even it may be last but not least so happy for u always my bro.all the best.

    1. its OK mam .. late chalega but time mile to comment jarur karna

  9. Avi hindi ka upyog in perticular special h

    1. thank u bhai

  10. good morning avi
    and epi extremely superb

    1. thank u 😀 😀

  11. this is joyee’s comment which was in mahira’s ff ..

    April 24, 2016 at 8:52 pm –
    Hahahahahahahajaj chotte tumhara ff ka nam hona Chaye Ishq ka rang Kaala ;P XD horror wala Ishq but loved it yaar Areh maath tan karo Teri behan Ko

  12. this is jyoti di’s comment which was posted on ikrs episode of 23rd April

    April 24, 2016 at 11:25 pm – Reply
    really awesome yaar

  13. so I copy the comment actually to increase the no of comments but it is for my ff …so copied … 😛 😛

  14. Good one Bhaai …waiting for next one

    1. thank u di ..keep loving it

  15. Amazing Am bhaiyya…..loved the way you write your ff……just love it….. 🙂

    1. thanks di ..keep loving it

      1. Shahid aap mujhse bade hein kyunki I am 15…… waise aap ki umar kya hein…… Am bhaiyya

    2. oh sorry ..mujhe laga tum mujse bari ho ..sorry 😛 … I am 17 🙂

  16. Avijit i liked ur narration very much yaar aur tumhare horror ke saath comedy bhi 🙂

    1. yeah ..story horror hae but … I am your comedy guide … horror ke sath comedy free 😛 …. thank u very much for reading it 🙂 🙂

  17. Nice one bhia… Narration unique ? hai… Nice concept… Go ahead…

    1. thank u sis ..keep reading it

  18. Chalo is bahany, itny dino bad train ka safar bh kar liya meney. ? loved you narration! ?

    1. thank u so much … keep reading this and train ke safar bohot maja ayega 😛

  19. avijit wow ur narration was so good and mind blowing each and every scenes are perfect and lovely, superb writing skills, keep it up with u bro and just now i read ur first part thats also too good, keep rocking, may my comment come little late but i am following u, okay☺?? all the best….. i just love it….. ?

    1. thank u so much di ..keep reading it

  20. arre avijit really liked ur live writing style dear its really really different from others

    mein intuzaar karungi……

    1. thanks di ..jarur intezar karna …jald hi aunga

  21. thanks di ..jarur intezar karna …jald hi aunga

  22. WOW ! AM bhai what a lovely ff.hum logo ko v kavi taxi me toh kavi train me safar karwaya ☺ thank God TTE nahi aaya ?? ab next episode me old house me ja rahe hai ? bt hum sath sath haina darni kya bat hai ?

    1. areh humlog invisible hae story Mae … ghost bhi nahi dekh sakte Hume 😛 😛 … and I am your guide .. mae hu to kya gam 😛 😛

  23. Aaye haye waheguru ji hmari raksha karenge.. so sweet mummi ji ??
    Your narration super awesome.. enjoyed being invisible viewers ??

    1. thank u 🙂 …keep reading it

  24. Plz I can’t understand the hindi words so can u plz use less hindi words? nice one waiting for the next one 🙂 🙂

  25. hi avi..
    tum to badiya story teller nikale..
    lovely. . ye horror kam humor jyada lagta hai…

    your casual narration makes it really different. . keep it up. .
    looking fwd to next episode

    1. thank u mam .. actually … story horror lekin but aplogoka guide funny hae … ayega bohot kuch

  26. thank u ..keep reading … yes try to use less Hindi words … 🙂 🙂

  27. yeah … 50 comments thank u 🙂

  28. Montage toh bhayankar hai!!! Tere narration se toh hasi nikal rahi hai..good job..entertaining & funny.. Achha Avi tu sabko role de raha hai tere ff mein toh mujhe bhi ek role se dena…bhootni ka!!?.
    Maza ayega tujhe,Teri Behan ko ,tere jeeja ko & pure familyko darane mein..??

    1. hahahahaha .. ha jarur role dunga apko ..jarur … bhutni ka to nahin hae dayan final 😛 😛

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