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~ Talk ~


‘… to save her, I took seven rounds with her.’
Omkara completed his story. He knows that it wasn’t only solution to save Gauri but at that instance he had just one solution ,i.e, marriage. He was Guilty. Guilty, to hide this truth from his brothers. It required lot of courage to speak. And he finally did muster up the courage to speak. Here, he was saying the truth about his marriage to his brothers.

‘Arre wah O, tumhaari shaadi toh 90s wali filmo ki tarah ho gayi.’
Rudra tried to lighten the mood. But he only recieved glares from his two brothers. Only if they know, what he did to them. It wasn’t easy to smile and make others smile when your broken from inside. They saw him as the little boy who usually cracks joke and had fun in it. It wasn’t truth. Maybe , this was best for them to not know.

‘What if??? What if the truth is different. Ek sikke ke do pehlo hote hai Om… yeh tumne hi mujhe kaha tha, Roop Bua ke case mei.’
Shivaay said. He was known as ‘The Great Wall of Shivaay’. Only if they know, the wall have cracks. Cracks that cannot be fixed. But he need to stay calm so that his brother don’t worry for him and he can protect them. And it was best if they dont know about it.

‘Hote hai Shivaay. But yaha… nahi hai. Yaha glass ki tarah saaf hai sab kuch’
Omkara too wish that what he was saying is proven wrong. Alas, it was the only truth and truth cannot be changed. Truth was his weak point and he could always choose the truth. Thats what he liked to believe. But deep down he knew that he was a hypocrite. And this was the truth, he wasn’t ready to accept.

‘Agar. Maine kaha agar yeh sach nahi hai aur sach kuch aur hai. Jaise ki, KT ne force kiya ho usse. Ya phir kuch aur kamzoori ho uski??? Tab tu kya karega Om???’
Shivaay wanted the answer. He wasn’t ‘The Truthful HarishChandra’ like Om to say truth always. He lied or most probably hid the truth from Om. He did the background check of Gauri and got the know the whole truth. He didnot what to say the truth to Om because he know… this was Om’s duty to know the truth and mostly Om dont like others to interfere in his matter . He did not want to upset Om.

‘Hmmm… kabhi socha nahi. Kyuki yeh sach nahi hone wala. Lekin Agar jo tu keh raha hai sach hai toh… I will mostly be Guilty and sympethetic. Guilty because of my words. And sympathetic for her condition. Thats the most I can do.’
Omkara know this was limit. And in no way the limit can be crossed even if he tried to. Maybe he can. Be her friend like he was with Chulbul. Thats all. It won’t be more than this. Never , Ever.

‘Aur Pyaar???’
Shivaay already knew the answer. But still, he wanted to ask. Ask, for Omkara & Gauri’s sake. That girl need Love and care the most. Being Guilty, that cannot do anything for her. Shivaay was a practical man . Thats what he like to all himself. Guilty and sympethy won’t do anything. She need the care and love which only Om can provide her. And in return, she can bring him back. Thats the simple practical deal here. The most useful deal also.

‘I don’t believe in love, Shivaay. I saw enough love in my life and I’m sick of it. Never wanna be in that road. I’m happy with friendship.’
Omkara saw his parent, who was said to have Love marriage, fight everyday. His mother cried all night because of love. She even tried to kill herself. Mr.Oberoi was busy with his mistress leaving his mom to die. If thats whats called love, then no… he don’ wanna fall in love. He is ready to become Shivaay 2.0 but never 1/4 of Tej. He hated Mr.oberoi at that level.

‘Accha Chalo kuch khate hai. Mujhe bahut bhook lagi hai. Aap dono ko bhook nahi lagi hogi lekin mujhe bahut bhook lagi hai. Agar kuch der mei khana nahi milega toh Mai behosh ho jaunga. Ahh!!! Mai behosh hone waala ho… jaldi chalo…’
And at again Rudra diverted the topic. And he was successful at that. He knows this topic won’t do anything but spoil the mood. And he was surely good at making everyone’s mood change. And make everyone happy at its antiques. It was his little magic power that he hid from the world and his life , i.e, his brother.


‘… aur hame baccha ne ke liye unhone hamse shaadi ki.’
Gauri said her marriage truth to Anika. She said everything from start to end of her marriage history. Even the great MUs … OmkaraJi have. She recently got to know about the MUs. She tried to clear it but couldnot complete this mission. Why??? Because OmkaraJi was too angry to listen to her. And OmkaraJi is right in his place. OmkaraJi need to trust me first to listen to me. And trust was the thing that betrayed OmkaraJi each time. So Now… how can he trust me??.

‘O beti ki??? Itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi tum Omkara se Pyaar karti ho???’
Anika wondered. Wondered??? Who was she lying to??? She had a crush and then fell in love with the one who literally blackmailed her and threatened to kill her brother if she not married him. Destiny is so cruel, so is heart. Destiny kept us together and Heart dint listen to me & fell for him.

‘Pyaar nahi karte hum, Pooja karte hai. Pyaar tab hota hai… jab hum usnse kuch Umeed lagate hai. Jab hum unse rutte hai… Gussa hote hai. Lekin hum toh unki Pooja karte hai jaha yeh sab nahi hota.’
Gauri expressed her POV. People often mistake her. She want to say something and people understand something else. She have to explain each and everything to them. Sometimes, she hated it. That sometimes was her and Omkara’s situation. She wanted him to understand her without her saying anything. She wanted him to believer her , trust her… but na… here also she have to explain. Why was Life so cruel to her. The sad smile crept her face thinking this.

‘Samaj Gayi. Chal kuch kha the hai. Mujhe na Bahut Harharaike bhook lagi hai. Chalo Aloo Parate khaate hai.’
Anika said. No, diverted the topic using her language. That surely did work. Never wonder… she was the perfect partner in Crime Of Rudra. She didn’t want Gauri to be more sad thinking this. She did care for her Devraani who was like her small sister to her. She hoped Gauri to get her peice of Love from Omkara. Maybe, thats what Destiny is… Anika thought.


-The End

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