A Tale of Two Strangers:Three shots-3 last shot


A Tale of Two Strangers: last shot
Hai guyzzzz… I’m back with the new part.
A summary to the story; Ragini’s introduction, her meeting with a stranger who had the same nick name –san- which her best buddy- sanskar maheswari had.
So the story begins……………

Ragini was lost in her thoughts , she came into sense by hearing the horn of the bus. Ragini and San entered into the bus, as thought he sat beside her. Usually she just get hate talking to much today she just loved his company. She was starring at his way of talking(actually, she was starring him). He asked about her likes and dislikes, her hobby, etc. he was talking like a non-stop bus. They doesn’t get to know that their stop is getting. Everyday, when she is in the bus , she feels like the time isn’t moving but today she just wnt to tlk to him. The conductor yells that barrackpor is getting closer. She said to him that she needs to out after some minutes. He replied see you soon and she stand up that time she sees that her bracelet get struck with his wrist watch. The bus stooped at her stop . she just said that give her bracelet when we sees next time saying that took away the bracelet and gave it to him(b’cuz there was no time to get it separated if she does so , she need to get out in the stop and from there she had to come back). He said with a smile on his face” surely and see you soon”.
In the night:
Both were both were thinking about each other and a smile appears on theirs face. Thinking about eachother they slept hugging a cussion.
After 1 week:

The y both met at a café. San saw her 1st he wave hands to her she saw him went to his table. They ordered. They talked for morethan 1 hr and suddenly she saw the time she said I ‘ve to go now its getting late. They say bye to each other and went. She was eagerly waiting to hear his words like her thought he said see you soon . she felt that she is in cloud 9.
After 2-3 days they met in a shopping mall. This time I saw him 1st. he was talking to somerbody in the phone. I tand behind him. When I’m going to tap him on his shoulder . he cut the call and turn back. They hit eachother and fall down san was top of rags .they have an intense eyelock. It was disturbed by the talking of the people standing near to them. They all said “ look, they are publically romancing”.they heard this and compose themselves. They doesn’t talk much because he want to go somewhere. When he was going to say bye I was eagerly waiting for him to say his daily dialogue but to my surprise he asked me my no: we exchanged our no:s and he said see you soon. He went was standing there watching him going ,he turned back and smiled at me. I felt butter flies In my stomach. Then I suddenly saw something his hanky lying on the floor. I took it and kept it securely in my hand bag like I’m keeping gold. I returned to my home.
In the night he called me we talked for morethan 2 hrs. like this each day passed. Weboth knows that we loves eachother very much but we keep quite , thinking about our family. One day we decied to meet . we met at a café near to my school where I studied(not the school where I’m working).i said to him that I used to study there in childhood. When I said this I saw that he get shocked. Then he asked me what is my full name I replied that I’m ragini gadodia . now he was super shocked he asked me did you know my full name is sanskar maheswari. I was shocked. There was silent for minutes. Then, I started
Rags: I think we need to go now.

Both were crying badly. After so many years 2 besties are meet and we didn’t said anything other than crying.
San: I also think so…………
After a pause he said : we need to stop this daily calling and meeting . otherwise we will fall for each other. And it is easy to fall for you so…………………
Rags; you stole my words and was crying badly.
He cupped my face and said: we need to stop this.

And my bracelet which is with him is now totally wet with my tears and his hands also. And I bought his hanky also to give him back I rubbed my face with the hanky, without my knowledge. He rubbed his with his hands which is full of my tears , our tears become 1 but we cannot. We smiled to each other and went to different direction. Now, there was no see you soon. We forget to give each other what we bought to exchange. But for our whole life, we had some memories.
I thought this kolkatta give me my best buddy and took it away and again and give it again took it away. Afterwards, I was afraid to make besties.

After that we doesn’t meet. When I stand in the bus stand waiting for the bus to came. I remember this moment and cries, again music became my company when I’m waiting 4 bus.
LOVE is a four letter word, but it is magical which is only felt by lovers. when we fall for someone we are getting into an another world which is full of love. It can change theirs life. So guyz, if your 1st love get broken don’t think that your life ends there. If we wait for sometime we will get more suitable lover. somebody said that love happens 1000 times if we are ready for loving.
The story ends.

Guyzzzzz, every love stories doesn’t have perfect ending , b’cauz destiny always plays a game by separating 2 lovers, but the god itself feel bad so surely, god will give them a rebirth to fulfill theirs love story.
Guyzzzzz I thought to write it as part by part . then , I feel like that I’m lagging so I end in 1 episode. Thank you 4 reading my fan fiction and I thought to write anew fiction , its not at all my creation it’s a novel which I like. I’ll give a summary and character sketch and I need your suggestion also for character and songs.

And guyz, if any body feels to write the remaining part then you can do it. I know I gave senti ending, but guyz every love stories doesn’t have perfect ending.
So bye guyzzzzzzzzzz…

Credit to: Neena Raichel

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  1. Is he mad or what why this seperation

    1. he is not mad. his family will never allow for love marriage so they got seperated. if they started to fall for each other , they can’t leave without each other and if their parent doesn’t allow to marry, the pain they have to suffer. so, they seperate

  2. very painful ending but it was damn good…….

  3. Why they got seperated?so sad.BTW it’s a nice story.but feeling very sad for ragsan as if in real they got seperated.

  4. Yes i agree vth u neena dat every love story has not end happily.waiting 4 ur nxt epiasode

  5. Yes i agree vth u neena dat every love story has not end happily.waiting 4 ur nxt ff

  6. WOW!!!!!AWESOME i just loved it n waiting for ua new ff

  7. Superb..crying

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