A Tale of Two Strangers:Three shots-2


A Tale of Two Strangers:3 shot- 2
Hai, guyzzzz..i’m back with another part.i could not relpy to all . I’m sorry. I didn’t know that it got published, now only I get to know that. The story…………..
Precap: the past

Ragini getting shocked to know the name of the stranger.
The story…… Ragini remebering

‘san’- MY BEST BUDDY AT SCHOOL. Sanskar Maheswari. It’s a very common story. It all started with a big fight on the first day itself owing a seat. He had occupied my usual seat on the first bench and I had, quite predictable, started fighting with him. But he had to give up in due to the my popularity in the class and also my position as the monitor. But it didn’t end there. After that we became regular fighters. We used to fight with eachother for big or small things. Our fight didn’t seem to be ended till the teachers vowed to end it and put us together in the same science project. No one could convince us to work together until the project was made compulsory for everyone. Our destiny had made us work together but still there was no end for the fights. Our views and ideas contradictory, quite obviously. It was only when the last date of submission approached That we realized it was time to work more fight less. To everyone’s surprise – and mostly to both of ours- we achived the highest score in the project!

Everyone congratulated us. It was then we realized that we could be friend too if we stopped fighting. Quite surprisingly, and unexpectedly, we became friends . our fights stopped. The teachers heaved sighs of relif. Within a few months we became very good friend. We used to sit together share our tiffins, notes, go home together, walk together, have fun together as if there was no one else in the class. My old friends were very jealous of him. Slowly we become the best friends – the inseperable ones. So much so that the whole class started teasing us for our’chemistry’-some jokingky and some out of jealously. But we didn’t care. Actually we had no time to care about such silly things; ours only concern was us( me and san) and our friendship.
It was going well till the news of our unbreakable bond reached his parents. It is worth mentioning here that he came from a very consecutive family. So his parents took our relationship- rather than our friendship- too seriously. Very shockingly he left the school- infact, he was forced to leave- in the very next session. 4 years of fighting, working , sharing , having fun- all came to an end at once,and that too without any prior warning. I lost my best buddy. It changed me and my life totally. Thereafter I had friends, but no best friends. I was quite scared to be so close again to anyone else as the feeling of separation always scared me.

I lost all my contacts with him since, 20 years ago, we didn’t have phones nor any social networks to be touch with our friends . I even didn’t know where he went and for how many days, or even whether he woul come back somedayor not. I had so many answers to get, but ther was no one to answer me……………
Precap: theirs chit- chat

Tanq guyzzzzzzzzzz 4 liking it. The last shot will be a larger one so I’ll post it part by part.
I’ m silent reader so I’m little bit afraid. If there is any mistake I’m sorry.

Credit to: Neena Raichel

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