A Tale of Two Strangers:Three shots-1


A Tale of Two Strangers: Three shots -1

Hai, friends this is my first fan fiction and I’m writing it for my time pass as my classes are closed. So friends , it’s a story about two strangers.

Sometimes strangers are not strangers!
Sounds insane, right? Well here goes the explanation………………
It was mid- November last year. A very cold evening in Kolkata. An unmarried twenty-something woman, a school teacher by profession, struggling to board an overcrowded bus during rush hour-that’s me! Ragini Gadodia. Although it was cold I was sweating and panting as I ran almost half mile from the school gate, not to miss the bus which I took to my house daily.
But that day, for some reason the bus was unusually crowded. Also, I could not come out of school on time due to extra work, for which I had to run the half- mile.
A distance which, I used to walk slowly, enjoying the children’s chaotic scramble and their eagerness to go home while their mothers were busy in gossiping about their daily lives and their favorite serials and, of course, not to forget, indulged in a bit of b*t*hing about women they didn’t like- which we call ’PNPC’! Women, I tell you! So predictable………………..
As I’d anticipated, I missed the bus. Quite irritated-as I hate to wait for buses or trains or anything- I stood in the shade waiting for the next bus, when a male voice quite surprised me.
‘can you please tell me which bus I should board to reach Barrackpore ?’
he was standing behind me- a handsome man, almost my age. I must say in that state of distress, together with the irritation of having lost the bus, the presence of a handsome guy gave me some relif!he was dressed in a white shirt with blue jeans- the attire I feel guys look best in –and with his hair done perfectly. He looked stunned.
‘I’m going in the same way, you can board the same bus which I ‘m getting.’ I don’t konow why I gave aweird reply rather than telling him the bus number. May be I don’t want to lose his company so soon. Loneliness can make you do unusal things sometimes, I tell you.
‘oh! Thankyou so much!’ he replied gratefully.’ Actually, I’m just 1 month old in this city’, he added.
I hadn’t asked for the explanation! Butwhatever it was, I liked that he told me. I don,t know why.
‘oh! so you are not from Kolkata? Well in that case , welcome to the city of joy’, I added with a sweet smile.
‘actually, I was born here but I left kolkatta when I was 8 years old as my dad shifted to hyderabd on account of his job,’ he corrected hastily.
‘then let me correct myself . welcome back…!’
‘ya thanks! Bt he way, I’m san,’ he extents his hands towards me.
I was stunned for a few seconds. This was my usual reaction whenever I came across this name. ’san’ as it was very close to my heart
And you? He asked quite surprised by my action.
Oh! Hai , I’m rags,’ I replied quickly and shook his hands. I don’t know why I hid my full name. maybe because he is a stranger. Nice name’. I added.
‘I think that should been my line ,’ he winked and we smiled

Precap: to be continued(the past)

Tanq 4 bearing my story . I no I am not a good writer

Credit to: Neena Raichel

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