A Tale Of Two Beautiful Sisters – Swabhiman (Epi – 18)

Hey guys I m back sorry for the late update actually there was a small problem in my phone that’s why I wasn’t able to upload it sooon…. Here we go
Naina nd Karan met guests they both were quite happy nd then finally party ended…..
Vishal got a phone call from police station……
Police Officer – Mr. Vishal..
Vishal – yes sir..
Police Officer – If u r free can you come to police station
Vishal – yeah sir sure I will be there in 15 minutes

@ Police Station
Police Officer – Vishal sir…..Vo actually this Sashank was behind Anuj and Priyanka’s murder
Vishal – What???
Police Officer – Yess…. He killed them because they tried to harm Naina….. It was all his plan against Karan…. He wants Naina.
Vishal – Hmmmm…. Thank u so much sir…. Sir please I request you to not tell all this to nobody…. Please sir…
Police Officer – Ok Mr. Vishal we will not….
Vishal – Thanku so much sir…
Vishal left the police station…..

@ Kapoor Mansion….
Everyone was sitting in living area… Karan nd Naina were standing

Sandhya – Nirmala ji…. I want my chhoti bahu as fast as possible
Nirmala – Sandhya ji it is quite early…. We want her to do her masters first….
Daddu – We too want the same for Karan too….
Rakesh – I have an Idea….
NK – ji please
Rakesh – Why not they just got married nd start their masters at home only…. Nd they will able to work at my company along with studies…
Nirmala – Gr8 idea Bhaisahab….
Naina nd Karan were too happy with this decision….
Karan – Uncle… I want to ask you something….
NK – no Karan…. I m not ur uncle…

Karan was looking at him confusingly…
Karan – But…
NK cut his words
NK – I m ur dad now….
Everyone laughed
Karan – I want something from you dad…. Vo dad
NK – Son don’t hesitate just ask..
Karan – I want to take Naina out for tonight…. I promise I’ll not cross my limits….. Just tonight….

NK nodded….
NK Nirmala nd Vishal went to the guest house as they all decided to stay here till Nairan’s Marriage date fixation Saxena’s went back to their home…. Sandhya Daddu nd Rakesh went to their respective rooms….
Naina was standing with Meghna… Then Karan went to her nd gave her a packet
Naina – Karan what is this…
Meghna – Come with me Nainu…
Naina – Didu but….
Karan – No if no but… Just go with bhabi
Naina nodded nd went with Meghna…

Karan – Bhai today I m really happy…
Kunal hugged Karan
Kunal – Me too Karan I m really happy for you…..
Karan nd Kunal talked for a while then Meghna came down with Naina…. Our beautiful princess…. Karan’s heart beats became faster nd faster she was looking like an angel…. (The packet which Karan gave to Naina that have a beautiful dress)
Naina’s outfit –


Karan hold Naina’s hand nd they leave…
Kunal too hold Meghna’s hand…
Kunal – How cute….
Meghna – Yes young love…
They smiled….. Kunal kissed Meghna’s head…
They both went to their Room

@ Nairan’s side….
Karan was driving the car Naina was sitting next to him
Naina – Karan where r we going?
Karan – Wait my love….
Naina – Offo Karan please tell na..
Karan puts his hand on the Naina’s lips..
Karan – Offo Naina…. U speak a lot
Naina looks at him with her innocent face…
Karan – vese Naina u r really looking very pretty today
Naina – No Answer
She pretended as she is angry from him
Karan – Ohoo so My love is Angry from me…

Naina – No Answer
Karan – Ok so I’ll go on date with Kaayinaat…… Oh My God she was beautiful….
Naina – Who is she? I hate u… I don’t wanna talk to you
Karan laughed
Karan – Naina….. She is no one…. U r my whole Kaayinaat…. I love you..
Naina smiled
Naina – I Love you too…
They finally reached their destination
It was a garden which was beautiful decorated by orchids….
Naina – Orchids….
Karan – Yess ur favorite

Garden Decoration –


(It has centre table nd two chairs…)
Naina – Karan it is really very beautiful..
Karan – Not more than ur heart Naina….
Naina smiled – Karan ur heart is too very pure…. That’s why I love you…. I love you Karan….
Karan hugged Naina…
Karan – Let’s have food now
Naina nodded…

Karan – Just for u
All Naina’s favorites – makke ki roti sarson ka saag, Chholdle Bhature,Lassi,nd finally so many chocolates….
Naina – Karan wowwww….. All this for me…
Karan nodded with a smile on his face then they ate food drank lassi…. Ate so many chocolates….
Karan – Naina u don’t just don’t move from here I m coming in two minutes
Naina – Ok Karan but where r u going…
Karan – Naina just wait for two minutes..

Naina nodded
Karan went somewhere nd came after two minutes with his guitar…. Nd start singing…. Nd he was roaming around Naina

Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya
Sambhalo mujhko o mere yaaron
Sambhalna mushqil ho gaya

Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya

Dil mein mere khwaab tere
Tasveer jaise ho deewar pe
Tujhpe fidaa main kyun hua
Aata hai gussa mujhe pyar pe

Main lut gaya
Maan ke dil ka kaha
Main kahin ka na raha
Kya kahu main dilruba

Bura ye jaadu
Teri aankhon ka
Ye mera qaatil ho gaya

Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya

Maine sada chaha yahi
Daaman bacha lu haseeno se main
Teri kasam khwabon mein bhi
Bachta firaa naazneeno se main

Tauba magar
Mill gayi tujhse nazar
Mill gaya dard-e-jigar
Sun zara oh bekhabar

Zara sa hans ke jo dekha tune
Main tera bismil ho gaya

Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya
Sambhalo mujhko o mere yaaron
Sambhalna mushqil ho gaya


Naina was looking at him with so much of love nd with a big smile on her face…. Nd finally she hugged Karan…..Karan too hugged her back…

Naina – Karan Promise me that u’ll love me like this only for whole life….
Karan – I promise Naina….
Naina – Karan…..
Karan – Yes Naina
Naina – Karan… Vo I want Know about ur mom
Karan broke the hug

Guys I know that this chapter is lil bit short.. But I promise that the next chapter will be longer nd guys a new big twist is going to come but after Nairan’s Marriage so please stay tuned nd cmnt….

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